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Parsi New Year 2023, Date, History and Significance

Parsi New Year 2023

The Parsi New Year, also referred to as Navroz or Nowruz, is a joyous occasion celebrated between July and August, this year Parsi New Year marked on 16th August.

August 16th, 2023 will mark the celebration of the Parsi New Year. On the first day of the Farvardin (the first solar month in the Persian calendar), this important holiday is observed. Additionally, the Persian word for a new day, Navroz, also refers to the Parsi New Year. People celebrate the Parsi New Year by donning new clothes, cleaning their homes, giving gifts, and other activities.

On this happy day, people typically go to religious sites to pray. In addition, individuals prepare a variety of Parsi foods, such as Egg Patties, Jardaloo Chicken, Mithu Dahi, etc., and share them with their loved ones. In order to welcome visitors, many people also adorn their homes with interesting artefacts.

Origin of Parsi New Year

While Navroz is observed worldwide on March 21, which is the Spring Equinox, the Parsi community in India uses the Shahenshahi calendar. Due to this unusual calendar’s disregard for leap years, the date of the holiday is 200 days later than planned.

History and Cultural Significance

The celebration has roots in Zorostrianism, one of the oldest monotheistic religions in the world. More than 3,500 years ago, Prophet Zarathustra, a great man from ancient Iran, first preached this doctrine. The bliss of Zorostrianism persisted until the 7th century, when the introduction of Islam ended it, 1,400 years ago. Numerous Zorostrianisms fled Iran for India and Pakistan as a result of this development. A new ethnic group known as the Parsis established there and found protection.

The origin of the festival can be traced to the legendary monarch Jamshed, who prevented the world from being destroyed by a devastating winter.

What is the significance of Nowruz?

The oldest religion in the world celebrates Nowruz as one of its major holidays. Originally from ancient Persia, it is a cultural holiday. The equinox of spring is represented by the day, which also stands for rebirth, rejuvenation, and the triumph of good over evil. Extensive feasts, cultural customs, and rituals are used to mark this momentous event.

Along with encouraging harmony, hope, and unity among varied communities, Nowruz also serves as a reminder to practice kindness. India’s states of Gujarat and Maharashtra are where the day is primarily observed.

Celebration of Parsi New Year

Parsis are the largest single group in India, with the largest Parsi communities located in the states of Gujarat and Maharashtra. People clean their homes and decorate them with flowers and rangolis on this day, during which they offer prayers for wealth and good health. They dress in costume and go to the fire temple, or “Agiary,” where they make offerings to the sacred fire of milk, flowers, fruits, and sandalwood.

The Four Fs—fire, fragrance, food, and friendship—center the celebrations. Enjoying wonderful Parsi food, asking for pardon for the mistakes of the previous year, purging one’s mind, and starting the New Year with love and peace are all part of the occasion.

For a complete feast, Parsis prepare dishes like prawn patio, mori dar, patra ni macchi, haleem, akoori, sali boti, saffron pulao, and falooda. Parsis decorate their tables or place unique items on them, such as a holy book, a mirror, fragrant sticks, fruits, lovely flowers, bright coins, candles, a bowl with a goldfish, and a portrait of Zarathustra.

Parsi New Year Wishes 2023

Many people all throughout the world place a high emphasis on the Parsi New Year. Ten days prior to the Parsi New Year, individuals pray to their departed relatives and ancestors. They think that the ancestors and members of their family come to visit to bless them. On this day, folks wish their visitors Navroz Mubarak as they welcome them. In addition, wealthy people often donate to charity to aid the less fortunate.

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Parsi New Year 2023 FAQs

What is Parsi New Year 2023?

The Parsi New Year, or Navroz, will be celebrated on August 16, 2023, and holds deep cultural and historical importance for the Parsi community worldwide.

What is Parsi New Year known as?

Parsi New Year, also known as Nowruz, is the celebration of spring and the renewal of nature. It is celebrated across the world by Parsis and Zoroastrians, including in India.

Who founded Parsi New Year?

Jamshed, a monarch of the ancient Sasanian Empire, is credited with introducing the Parsi calendar. Hence, this holiday is also called Jamshed-i-Nouroz. Nowruz is made up of the words "now" and "ruz," which respectively denote "new" and "day".

Is Navroz and parsi New Year same?

The Parsi New Year, also known as the festival of Navroz or Nowruz, falls between July and August in India.


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