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HPSC Judiciary Syllabus, Check Out Prelims and Mains Syllabus

HPSC Judiciary Syllabus

The Haryana Public Service Commission (HPSC) has recently announced the Haryana Judicial Services notification to appoint 174 candidates for the role of Civil Judge Junior Division. This recruitment drive is accompanied by an official notification released by the Commission. Moreover, the HPSC has also published the HPSC HCS Judiciary Syllabus 2024, accessible in this article. As an added convenience, candidates are provided with the option to download the syllabus PDF for their reference.

Haryana Judiciary Syllabus 2024

For candidates gearing up for the Haryana Judiciary exam in 2024, it’s crucial to familiarize themselves with the prelims syllabus. The preliminary examination covers essential subjects such as Current Affairs, Indian Legal History, Constitutional Development, and Acts associated with Civil Law-I, Civil Law-II, and Criminal Law. These topics serve as foundational knowledge for the Main Examination. Here’s an overview of the HPSC HCS Syllabus 2024.

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Haryana Judiciary Syllabus 2024 Overview

Prospective candidates preparing for the Haryana Judiciary Exam 2023 will find the exam overview particularly valuable. The Haryana PCS J Exam 2024 Pattern consists of three stages:

  1. Preliminary Examination (Objective type)
  2. Mains Examination (Written exam)
  3. Personal Interview
Exam Syllabus Total Marks
Prelims Current Affairs, Indian Legal History, Constitutional Development, Acts related to Civil Law-I, Civil Law-II, and Criminal Law
Mains Civil Law 1 (Code of Civil Procedure, Punjab Courts Act, Indian Contract Act, Indian Partnership Act, Sale of Goods Act, Specific Relief Act, Haryana Urban Act), Civil Law 2, Criminal Law, English, Language 900
Interview Personal qualities, matters of general interest, conducted in English 200

Haryana Judiciary Exam Pattern 2024

The Haryana Civil Judge exam pattern for 2024 comprises three parts: Preliminary Examination (Objective Type), Written Main Examination (Subjective Type), and Interview.

Haryana Judiciary Prelims Exam Pattern 2024

  • The preliminary exam consists of objective-type multiple-choice questions.
  • A total of 125 questions are asked, each carrying four marks, summing up to 500 marks.
  • There is a penalty of 0.8 marks for each incorrect answer, but no points are deducted for unanswered questions.
  • Candidates must score a minimum of 150 marks (or 100 marks for reserved category candidates) out of 500 to qualify for the main examination.
  • Marks obtained in the preliminary examination do not count towards the final result.

Haryana Judiciary Mains Exam Pattern 2024

  • The mains examination consists of subjective written papers with descriptive, narrative, or essay-type questions.
  • Candidates must obtain at least 33% marks in each written paper to be credited with any marks.
  • Each written test lasts for three hours.
  • The main examination comprises six papers: five written papers and one viva-voce test.

Haryana Judiciary Interview Exam Pattern 2024

  • Appearance in the viva-voce is mandatory.
  • To qualify for the interview stage, candidates must achieve an aggregate score of at least 50% in all the written examinations of the mains.
  • The interview carries a weightage of 200 marks.
  • Interviews are conducted in English and aim to evaluate candidates based on their personal characteristics.
  • Qualifying marks for reserved categories are set at 45%.
  • The number of candidates called for the interview does not exceed three times the number of vacancies advertised.

Overall, the Haryana Judiciary Exam 2024 follows a structured pattern consisting of preliminary, mains, and interview stages, each designed to assess different aspects of candidates’ knowledge and skills.

Haryana Judiciary Syllabus 2024

To excel in the Haryana Judiciary Exam 2024, it’s crucial to thoroughly acquaint oneself with the Haryana Civil Judge Syllabus 2024. Familiarity with the course material and strategic time allocation can significantly enhance one’s chances of success. The official syllabus for the exam is released by the Haryana Public Service Commission along with the exam notification. For those aspiring to pursue a career in public judicial services, the Haryana Judicial Service Syllabus 2024 serves as an excellent starting point for comprehensive study in this field. This syllabus provides the necessary knowledge and skills required to ace the Haryana PCS J exam, as it offers a comprehensive analysis of the law with a strong emphasis on skill development.

Haryana Judiciary Prelims 2024 Syllabus 

The preliminary examination for Haryana PCS J consists of objective multiple-choice questions. There are a total of 125 questions in the exam, each carrying four marks, making the total marks 500. The marking scheme includes a penalty of 0.8 marks for each incorrect answer, while no points are deducted for unanswered questions.

The syllabus for the Haryana Judiciary Prelims includes:

  • Current Affairs
  • Indian Legal History
  • Constitutional Development
  • Civil Law-I, Civil Law-II, and Criminal Law

Haryana Judiciary Mains Syllabus 2024 

The mains examination for Haryana PCS J follows a subjective written format with descriptive or narrative/essay-type questions. Each written test segment in the Haryana Judicial Service Mains exam lasts for three hours. The language paper’s benchmark is set by the Matriculation Examination conducted by the Board of School Education in Haryana.

As per the recent notification by the Haryana government, the main written examination consists of six papers (five written and one viva voce test). Here’s the breakdown:

  1. Paper-I Civil Law-I:
    • Code of Civil Procedure
    • Punjab Courts Act
    • Indian Contract Act
    • Indian Partnership Act
    • Sale of Goods Act
    • Specific Relief Act
    • Haryana Urban (Control of Rent and Eviction) Act, 1973
    • Indian Evidence Act (200 marks)
  2. Paper-II Civil Law-II:
    • Hindu Law
    • Mohammadan Law and Customary Law
    • Law of Registration and Limitation (200 marks)
  3. Paper-III–Criminal Law:
    • Indian Penal Code
    • Code of Criminal Procedure
    • Indian Evidence Act (200 marks)
  4. Paper-IV English:
    • English Essays
    • Precis
    • Words and Phrases (making sentences)
    • Comprehension
    • Corrections (100 marks)
  5. Paper-V Language Hindi (in Devnagri Script): (100 marks)
  6. Paper-VI Viva-Voce:
    • To assess personal qualities such as alertness, intelligence, and general outlook
    • Conducted in English (200 marks)

Understanding and mastering these subjects according to the provided syllabus is crucial for success in the Haryana Judiciary Exam 2024.

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HPSC Judiciary Syllabus FAQs

What is the syllabus of Haryana judiciary exam?

The Haryana Judiciary exam syllabus includes: Prelims: Current affairs, Indian legal history, constitutional development, and acts related to civil and criminal law Mains: Civil Law-I, Civil Law-II, Criminal Law, English Paper, and Language

How to crack Haryana judiciary exam?

Know the syllabus & exam pattern. Follow a rigorous study schedule of 10-12 hours daily. Practice 200-250 questions weekly, revise regularly, and allocate time wisely. Stay updated with current affairs and judgment.

How tough is Haryana judiciary exam?

The HJS exam is a rigorous and demanding process that requires thorough preparation, unwavering dedication, and a deep understanding of legal concepts.

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