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Bihar Judiciary Salary, Allowances, Growth and Promotion

The Bihar Public Service Commission (BPSC) has recently announced a notification for the 32nd Bihar Judicial Services Examination in 2023. This annual examination is conducted to select candidates for the role of Civil Judges in the Bihar High Court. For aspiring candidates who wish to join the Bihar Judiciary, it’s important to have a comprehensive understanding of the salary structure and related details. This article aims to provide insights into the salary structure of the Bihar Judiciary, which can be a valuable resource for individuals interested in pursuing a career in this field.

Bihar Judiciary Salary

The Bihar Public Service Commission is responsible for conducting the Bihar Civil Judge examination, which is designed to identify qualified candidates for the role of Civil Judge in Bihar. Aspirants planning to appear for this exam should acquaint themselves with all the relevant details, including eligibility criteria, exam format, syllabus, and more. When it comes to the Bihar Judiciary salary, BPSC Civil Judges can anticipate a salary range spanning from INR 27,700-770 to INR 33,090-920 and INR 40,450-1080 to INR 44,770/-.

Moreover, the position of BPSC Civil Judge comes with a comprehensive package of perks and benefits that further enhance the overall compensation package. To obtain a detailed understanding of the Bihar Judiciary salary and the associated benefits, continue reading this article.

BPSC Civil Judge Salary

Post Current Salary Range Proposed Salary Range
First-class Magistrate/Junior civil judge Rs. 27,700 to Rs. 44,700 Rs. 77,840 to Rs. 1,36,520
Junior civil judge/First class Magistrate, ACP after first 5 years Rs. 33,090 to Rs. 45,850 Rs. 92,960 to Rs. 1,36,520
Junior civil judge/First class Magistrate, II ACP 5 years after first ACP Rs. 39,530 to Rs. 54,010 Rs. 1,11,000 to Rs. 1,63,030
Senior civil judge Rs. 39,530 to Rs. 54,010 Rs. 1,11,000 to Rs. 1,63,030
Senior civil judge, ACP after first 5 years Rs. 43,690 to Rs. 56,470 Rs. 1,22,700 to Rs. 1,80,200
Senior civil judge, II ACP 5 years after first ACP Rs. 51,550 to Rs. 63,010 Rs. 1,44,840 to Rs. 1,94,660
District Judge Rs. 51,550 to Rs. 63,070 Rs. 1,44,840 to Rs. 1,94,660
District Judge Selection Grade after 5 years of Entry Grade Rs. 57,700 to Rs. 70,290 Rs. 1,63,030 to Rs. 2,19,090
District Judge Super Time Scale 3 years after Selection Grade Rs. 70,290 to Rs. 76,450 Rs. 1,99,100 to Rs. 2,24,100

Salary Structure in the Bihar Judiciary

  • Basic Pay: The salary structure for Civil Judges in the Bihar Judiciary includes basic pay. This is the foundation of the salary and can vary depending on the grade and years of service.
  • Dearness Allowance (DA): Civil Judges are entitled to receive a Dearness Allowance, which is adjusted periodically to account for inflation. It is usually a percentage of the basic pay.
  • House Rent Allowance (HRA): HRA is provided to employees to cover their accommodation expenses. The amount of HRA can vary depending on the location of the posting.
  • City Compensatory Allowance (CCA): CCA is an allowance granted to employees working in metropolitan cities to compensate for the higher cost of living in such areas.
  • Travel Allowance (TA): TA is given to cover the expenses of official travel.
  • Conveyance Allowance: This allowance is provided to meet transportation costs associated with commuting to and from work.
  • Medical Allowance: Civil Judges are usually entitled to medical allowances to cover medical expenses for themselves and their families.
  • Other Perks and Benefits: In addition to the above components, there may be other perks and benefits, such as telephone allowances, library allowances, and more, depending on the specific rules and regulations of the Bihar Judiciary.

Bihar Judiciary Salary and Allowance

Aspirants interested in the Bihar Judiciary salary should also be aware of the various allowances that judges receive based on their rank. These allowances are in addition to their basic salary and contribute to their overall compensation package. In addition to financial benefits, judges may also receive non-monetary perks like personal bodyguards, housing, and allowances for the upkeep of their offices and staff residences. Here is a list of allowances received by BPSC Civil Judges in addition to their Bihar Judiciary salary:

  • Conveyance Allowance: Provided to cover transportation expenses.
  • Dearness Allowance: Adjusted periodically to account for inflation and the cost of living.
  • Child Education Allowance: To support the education of judges’ children.
  • Newspaper and Magazine Allowance: For staying informed about current affairs.
  • Electricity and Water Charges: To cover utility expenses.
  • Higher Qualification Allowance: Given to judges with advanced degrees or qualifications.
  • Medical Allowance: To address medical expenses for judges and their families.
  • House Rent Allowance: Provided for accommodation-related costs, especially when not residing in official housing.
  • Specific Location Allowance: Additional compensation for judges serving in specific locations with a higher cost of living.

These allowances contribute to the overall financial security and well-being of judicial officers, ensuring that they can focus on their roles without concerns about financial matters.

Bihar Judiciary Career Growth

In the Bihar Judiciary, career growth and promotion opportunities include:

  • Starting as a Junior Civil Judge after clearing the BPSC Civil Judge exam.
  • Progressing to the position of Senior Civil Judge.
  • Advancing through Assured Career Progression (ACP) based on service and performance.
  • Aspiring to become a District Judge with additional experience and competitive exams.
  • Achieving selection grade and super time scale promotions.
  • Serving as Chief Judicial Magistrate or in other judicial service roles.
  • For exceptional individuals, the possibility of High Court appointments.

Promotions are based on performance, experience, competitive exams, and vacancies. Dedication and competence are key to advancing in this rewarding legal career.

 BPSC Judiciary Job Profile

  • A BPSC Civil Judge’s role is to adjudicate civil and criminal cases, ensuring justice and upholding the law.
  • Responsibilities include presiding over court proceedings, hearing and deciding cases, analyzing legal documents and evidence, issuing rulings, and managing court records.
  • Key skills required are legal expertise, critical thinking, communication, and impartiality.
  • Work primarily occurs in courts and legal chambers, often involving a high caseload and requiring travel to different court locations.
  • The job can be stressful due to the nature of cases and may entail long working hours.
  • Career growth opportunities include progression to Senior Civil Judge and promotions via Assured Career Progression (ACP).
  • Civil Judges play a critical role in upholding the rule of law, protecting individual rights, ensuring fairness, and contributing to the resolution of legal disputes in society.

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Bihar Judiciary Salary FAQs

What is the Bihar Judiciary salary for BPSC Civil Judges?

The salary for BPSC Civil Judges ranges from INR 27,700-770 to INR 44,770, with different pay scales based on experience and promotions.

What are the additional benefits and allowances for Bihar Judiciary employees?

Bihar Judiciary employees receive various allowances such as conveyance allowance, dearness allowance, child education allowance, and more, in addition to their basic salary.

How can one advance in their career within the Bihar Judiciary?

Career growth involves starting as a Junior Civil Judge, advancing to Senior Civil Judge, and potentially becoming a District Judge. Promotions are based on performance, experience, and competitive exams.

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