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State PSC Exam 2024, Daily Latest Notification Updates

State PSC 2024 Exam

Study IQ welcomes all the aspirants who are preparing for the State PSC Examination, a platform which is dedicated to the preparation of the State PSC Examination covering entire State PSC Courses including Current Affairs as well. Besides national-level competitive examinations taking place across India, each of these states also conducts the civil services examinations for administrative services in their own states. State PSC Exams such as Bihar PSC, Uttar Pradesh PSC, Madhya Pradesh PSC etc. are conducted by respective states annually.

This Study IQ platform ensures that candidates who are doing self-preparation for the State PSC Exams must receive the best possible State PSC Exam Study Materials which have been prepared by the expert team of Study IQ and also State PSC Exam 2024 Job Notifications here.

State PSC Exam Study Materials

A good and concise Study Material for the State PSC exam plays an essential role for the candidates during the preparation stage of the exam. This article includes all important State GK, State Current Affairs, State Budget and many more in a single place. Good Study Materials also save time for the candidates which they can devote to multiple revisions of the syllabus.


The Bihar Public Service Commission conducts the Bihar PCS test each year for qualified recent graduates. Candidates who meet the requirements are hired for Bihar PCS positions including revenue officer, assistant tax commissioner, labour superintendent, block panchayat raj officer, etc. Preliminary, main, and interviews are the three stages of the hiring process. Candidates that pass the preliminary round show up for the main examination, which is followed by the interview. Study IQ for the upcoming BPSC Exam launched a dedicated course for BPSC Prelims and Mains Batch check the link below:


The UP PCS examination is held by the Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission for a variety of gazetted positions, including SDM, BDO, DSP, Assistant Commissioner, and others. Candidates with a domicile in the state of Uttar Pradesh eagerly anticipate the UP PCS exam. For those who want to serve their state and hold a prominent position as a PCS Officer, the UPPSC Recruitment 2024 is a fantastic opportunity. To finally be qualified to hold numerous gazetted positions necessary for running the state of Uttar Pradesh’s administration, candidates must successfully complete a three-stage examination process. Study IQ for the upcoming BPSC Exam launched a dedicated course for UPPSC Prelims and Mains Batch check the link below:

Uttar Pradesh PSC (Pre + Mains) Live Foundation 2024 Batch

Why StudyIQ for State PSC Exams?

StudyIQ is one of the renounced online platforms offering resources that provide thorough study guides, virtual classrooms, practice examinations, and other tools for most State PSC Exams in India, including Bihar PSC, Uttar Pradesh PSC etc. StudyIQ is a popular option for many hopeful candidates because it provides a number of advantages when it comes to GK and Current affairs. Why are we the best and what we provide you for the preparation of the State PSC Exam 2024:

  • A dedicated YouTube Channel StudyIQ PCS and PCS Saarthi for the State PSC Exam 2024.
  • Well-made handouts/notes made by our expert team for the complete syllabus for the State PSC exam.
  • Daily Current Affairs resources from the best sources.
  • Toppers Interviews.
  • Previous Year Question Paper Analysis
  • Daily Current Affairs lectures and
  • Live Batches for the candidates who want a dedicated course on a particular State PSC Exam. The Live Batch link has been provided above for Bihar PSC and Uttar Pradesh PSC.

Tips for Preparing State GK and State Current Affairs  

Any government or competitive examination include current affairs as well as general knowledge. It now counts for a considerable portion of any exam. Its syllabus is so extensive that even if you studied it every day, you still wouldn’t be able to finish it. You cannot excel in it unless you have a passion for knowledge because it is a huge subject and you must study other disciplines as well.

Students attempt to cover general knowledge from numerous websites and use a variety of resources in this independent section. They become confused as a result because it covers a large range of topics that may overlap. Check the Tips for Preparing State GK and State Current Affairs below:

  • Know the Syllabus of the Exam wholeheartedly
  • Go through the Previous Year’s Question Papers
  • Never skip on Current Affairs and try to link it with GK.
  • Prepare notes in relation to the Current Affairs
  • Revise the notes on a regular basis
  • Give mock test


What is PSC qualification?

The educational qualification requirement is Bachelor's degree from a recognized institute.

Which post comes under state PSC?

List of Several Posts under State PCS from the Top to Lowest Rank as Assistant Employment Officer, District Food Marketing officer, Assistant Sugar Commissioner etc.

Which states conduct PSC exam?

Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission (APPSC)
Arunachal Pradesh Public Service Commission.
Assam Public Service Commission (APSC)
Bihar Public Service Commission (BPSC)
Chhattisgarh Public Service Commission.
Goa Public Service Commission.
Uttar Pradesh PSC (UPPSC)
Gujarat Public Service Commission (GPSC) etc

How can I become a PSC officer?

To appear for the PCS exam, it is essential to complete the required graduation degree or an equivalent degree from a recognized university.

What is the salary of PCS officer?

The salary of PCS officer is Rs 56000 to Rs 132000.