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UPSC Interview Date 2023 Out, Check IAS Personality Test Interview Schedule

UPSC Interview Date 2023 Out

UPSC has announced the interview schedule for the Civil Services 2023 examination on 19th December 2023. Candidates can now access the UPSC Interview 2023 or personality test dates on the official UPSC website, upsc.gov.in. The UPSC Interview 2023 is set to commence on January 2 and will continue until February 16, 2024.

The Main examination for UPSC Civil Services 2023 took place on September 15, 16, 17, 23, and 24, 2023. The UPSC Mains Result were declared on December 8, 2023. Only those candidates who qualified for the mains examination are eligible to participate in the upcoming personality test. In this article, candidates will get important information related to UPSC Interview Schedule 2023.

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UPSC Civil Services 2023 Interview Schedule

UPSC Mains Qualified Candidates Please check the UPSC interview schedule 2023 for 1026 candidates. Check for your roll number, date, session, and reporting time (9 AM for mornings, 1 PM for afternoons) between January 2nd and February 16th, 2024. Details for the remaining candidates will be uploaded soon.

The e-Summon Letters for the Personality Tests (Interviews) of the 1026 shortlisted candidates will be made accessible shortly on the Commission’s website at https://www.upsc.gov.in and https://www.upsconline.in. Requests for changes in the date and time of the Personality Test (Interview) will not be entertained unless under exceptional circumstances.

How to Download UPSC Interview 2023 Date?

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to download the UPSC Civil Services 2023 interview schedule:

  1. Visit the official UPSC website at upsc.gov.in.
  2. Look for the UPSC Civil Services 2023 interview schedule link on the home page.
  3. Click on the link, and a new PDF file will open, displaying the interview dates.
  4. Download the page and retain a hard copy for future reference.

UPSC Interview Guidance Program 2023

StudyIQ has recently launched a unique initiative known as the Interview Guidance Program (IGP), specifically designed to support candidates in their preparation for the UPSC Personality Test Board. This program is meticulously crafted for individuals who have successfully cleared the UPSC Civil Services Mains 2023 Examination.

Our primary objective is not only to assist you in crossing the finish line but also to secure a coveted place in the final merit list. Building upon the success of our previous IGP programs, the current IGP is an integral component of our comprehensive P2I offering, provided at no cost to candidates who qualify for Mains 2023. Elevate your chances of success in the UPSC interview with StudyIQ’s expert guidance!

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UPSC Interview 2023 Centre

These Mains-qualified candidates will undergo the UPSC Interview 2023 at the Union Public Service Commission’s office in Dholpur House, on Shahjahan Road in New Delhi, 110069.

UPSC Interview Questions

Candidates must answer questions posed by the UPSC board panellists during this last session. Even smart students who score highly on written examinations are terrified to participate in interviews.

Despite the format’s differences, the recipe for success remains the same. You will discover that overcoming this final obstacle will also be a straightforward process if you work diligently and strategically, don’t neglect preparation, practise for mock interviews, and maintain your composure.

Only those candidates who are well-prepared for the IAS Interview would find passing it simple. Candidates who have taken the exam and passed it may be able to shed some light on the situation. Be modest and realise that you might not have all the answers.

How to Prepare for UPSC Interviews?

A half-hour activity called an IAS interview has the power to alter your life. A good score in the UPSC interview can occasionally separate a candidate from other candidates by more than 100 points in just under 30 minutes. Being the final round, one would have an unbeatable advantage in India’s most difficult competition.

Even though the final rank list is selected by adding the scores from the UPSC mains exam and the interview, it frequently happens that the top interviewers also make the final selection list.

UPSC Interview Panel Members

There are 8–9 different boards for the UPSC interviews. There is a chairman and four other members on each board. Each board’s chairperson is a UPSC member. The other four members are external members that UPSC has invited.

UPSC IAS Interview Important Points

The IAS interview or UPSC Personality Test is the last part of the UPSC Civil Services Exam. Unlike the 2020 IAS Interview, where applicants were required to provide a negative RTPCR report that was four days old, this year’s candidates were not required to do so.

You can download letters from the UPSC website (upsc.gov.in). To ensure safety during the interview, the Personality Test panel and the interviewee will each get a Sealed Kit (facial shield, gloves, and sanitiser). The commission will implement the highest levels of health safety and measures in order to properly conduct the UPSC Interview in 2023.

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UPSC Interview 2023 FAQs

Is the UPSC interview tough?

The UPSC Personality Test is unquestionably difficult and carries a lot of weight when determining the final merit.

How to handle the questions with confidence in front of panel members?

Concentrate on your advantages, adopt an unwaveringly optimistic outlook, and never give up. Be humble and true to yourself. If you don’t know the answer you may reply with ‘I am sorry sir, I am not able to recall it this time.

Is current affairs important for the UPSC interview?

Yes, you should go through the current affairs thoroughly and also attend as many as mocks that you can give to make yourself enough well versed and confident to present yourself in front of board members.

How should I start getting ready for the UPSC interview right away?

Even though the final rank list is created by adding the scores from the UPSC mains exam and the interview, it frequently happens that the top interviewers also make the final selection list. You can surely gain an advantage over other candidates in a 30-minute interview.

What do toppers say about the interview?

Put all of your efforts into interview preparation, and show up to the interview with confidence. Be persistent in your efforts and have the conviction that your hard work is never in vain.

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