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CGPSC Salary 2024, Check Job Profile, Allowance and Perks

CGPSC Salary and Job Profile: Applicants who have taken the exam must be familiar with the pay and job description. Group A and Group B Services are both where CGPSC recruits. The salary matrix varies depending on which position was filled. Before registering for this exam, you must be aware of the CGPSC compensation structure.

CGPSC Salary 2024

Grade pay was provided and displayed separately under the seventh pay commission system. It outlines the pay system. The rank increases in direct proportion to grade pay. For Group A and Group B services, CGPSC recruits qualified people. As a result, the pay matrix for CGPSC Group A and B Officers is expected to differ. The CGPSC Salary for 2024 is shown below:

CGPSC Salary 2024
CGPSC Post Pay Scale Pay Matrix Level
Group A
Deputy District Magistrate Rs. 56,100
Level 12 pay matrix
Deputy Superintendent of Police Rs. 56,100
Accounting Officer Rs. 56,100
Superintendent district jail Rs. 56,100
District fighter, city service Rs. 56,100
Assistant registrar, cooperative institutions Rs. 56,100
Chhattisgarh subordinate accounting services Rs. 56,100
Group B
Commercial tax inspector Rs. 36,100
Level 9 in pay matrix
Excise sub-inspector Rs. 28,700
Level 7 in pay matrix
Deputy Registrar Rs. 28,700
Assistant jail superintendent Rs. 28,700
Commercial Tax Officer Rs. 25,300
Level 6 in pay matrix

CGPSC Job Profile

Candidates will hold positions at the sub-divisional, district, divisional, and state levels as a CGPSC officer. Depending on whether a candidate passed the exam, the duties of a CGPSC officer will vary. As a result, you should prepare for a burden or duties that will demand effective work from you. The following describes the duties of a Chattisgarh PSC Officer:

  • To keep the peace and the law.
  • To collect property taxes and represent clients in legal proceedings involving both criminal and tax-related issues.
  • To put state and federal policies into practise at the local level.
  • You will perform block-level work as a CGPSC Officer.
  • To assist the PSC and other civil service officers in carrying out a previously implemented plan.

CGPSC Post wise Salary

The CGPSC, offering positions in Group A and Group B, posts like Deputy District Magistrate, Commercial Tax Inspector. The pay scales range from Rs. 25,300 to Rs. 56,100, with corresponding pay matrix levels varying from Level 6 to Level 12. This diverse salary structure reflects the hierarchical positions within CGPSC, providing individuals with opportunities to contribute to Chhattisgarh’s public service Commission.

CGPSC Post CGPSC Pay Scale CGPSC Pay Matrix Level
CGPSC Deputy District Magistrate Rs. 56,100 Level 12 pay matrix
CGPSC Deputy Superintendent of Police Rs. 56,100
CGPSC Accounting Officer Rs. 56,100
CGPSC Superintendent District jail Rs. 56,100
CGPSC District Fighter, City Service Rs. 56,100
CGPSC Assistant Registrar, Cooperative Institutions Rs. 56,100
CGPSC Chhattisgarh Subordinate Accounting Services Rs. 56,100
CGPSC Commercial Tax Inspector Rs. 36,100 Level 9 in pay matrix
CGPSC Excise Sub-Inspector Rs. 28,700 Level 7 in the pay matrix
CGPSC Deputy Registrar Rs. 28,700
CGPSC Assistant Jail Superintendent Rs. 28,700
CGPSC Commercial Tax Officer Rs. 25,300 Level 6 in the pay matrix

CGPSC Perks and Allowances

A candidate is qualified to enjoy the following perks and privileges once they are appointed as CGPSC Officers:

  • House accommodation
  • Reimbursement of the phone bill
  • Free vehicle for official purposes
  • Free-of-cost conveyance
  • Mediclaim and other medical benefits
  • Accommodation facilities
  • Pension as under the National Pension System
  • Insurance cover
  • Concessions for leave
  • Transport allowances
  • Dearness allowance

CGPSC Job Profile and Career Growth

When you pass the CGPSC, the Chhattisgarh government will offer you a position in a hierarchy. Let’s examine the future employment prospects for the CGPSC:

  • A first-class officer who qualifies for the exam will be placed in Class 1.
  • District employment officers are a position available at the following level. You can sign up for the State Police. The block development officer is another. Following that, there are a number of openings for the positions of Tehsildar, Talukdar, and Collector.
  • The excise and taxes officer, district treasury officer, district welfare officer, assistant registrar of cooperative societies, and district food officer are the next levels in the hierarchy.
  • You must report to the IAS or IPS in order to perform your duties. The executive aspect of the position is the reason behind this.
  • The nice thing about it is that after a few years of employment, you can advance in your position or be promoted to the level of an IAS/IPS officer.
  • The central government is positioned beneath the authority. promotions that are given based on the individual’s seniority and, of course, merit.
  • If you intend to study for the CGPSC, you should start as soon as you can. You can also try our practice exams.

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CGPSC Salary and Job Profile FAQs

What is the salary for CGPSC Group A services?

The CGPSC Salary for the Group A services is Rs. 56,100 in level 12 in the pay matrix.

What is the CGPSC Group B salary?

The salary for the CGPSC Group B Salary is Rs. 36,100 at level 9 in the pay matrix. The salary for CGPSC Group B services varies from post to post.

What are the perks and allowances enjoyed by the CGPSC officers?

The perks and allowances enjoyed by the CGPSC Officers as Transport allowances, Dearness allowance, House accommodation etc.

What are the posts that come under the CGPSC services?

The posts that come under the CGPSC Services as Deputy district magistrate, Deputy Superintendent of Police, Accounting Officer etc.

What is the education qualification of CGPSC?

The candidates must have a graduation degree from a recognised university.

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