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Jharkhand Judiciary Eligibility 2023, Age Limit, Education Qualification

Jharkhand Judiciary Eligibility 2023

Understanding the eligibility criteria for the Jharkhand Judiciary examination in 2023 is of utmost importance. The Jharkhand High Court, located in Ranchi, plays a crucial role in establishing these criteria for selecting candidates aiming for the position of Civil Judge (Junior Division) within the state of Jharkhand. To ensure a solid foundation for their journey towards the judiciary recruitment assessment, prospective candidates are strongly recommended to dedicate ample time to comprehensively acquaint themselves with the intricate specifics of the Jharkhand Judiciary exam eligibility standards.

Jharkhand Judiciary Eligibility 2023 Overview 

The notification for Jharkhand Judiciary has come out with 138 job openings. It’s important to understand the qualifications needed for a JKPSC Civil Judge before taking the JKPSC Judge Exam. The Jharkhand Judiciary Exam is organized by the Jharkhand High Court to hire civil judges. This exam happens in two parts:

  • The first stage is a preliminary exam,
  • Followed by the main exam and an interview.
Jharkhand Judiciary Eligibility 2023 Overview
Particulars Details
Exam Conducted by Jharkhand Public Service Commission
Exam Name JPSC Civil Judge (Junior Division) Exam
Posts Name Civil Judge (Junior Division)
Total Vacancy 138 Posts
Official Website jpsc.gov.In

The initial exam has multiple-choice questions, while the main exam has both short-answer and multiple-choice questions. The topics covered include the Indian Contract Act, Indian Penal Code, Civil Procedure Code, Criminal Procedure Code, Indian Evidence Act, and Constitution of India. The final selection also involves a personal interview. Candidates who do well in all these stages get the opportunity to become civil judges in Jharkhand.

Jharkhand Judiciary Exam Age Limit 2023

Candidates who fit within the specified age limits and hold a law degree from a recognized university are eligible to apply for the Jharkhand Judiciary Exam. The acceptable age range for eligibility varies based on the candidate’s category.

Jharkhand Judiciary Eligibility 2023 Age Limit
Category Minimum Age Maximum Age
General/Unreserved 22 years 35 years
Female Candidates 22 years 38 years
Scheduled Caste 22 years 38 years
Scheduled Tribe 22 years 38 years
Person with Disabilities 22 years 45 years

Jharkhand Judiciary Eligibility 2023: Educational Qualification

To become a judge in the Jharkhand judiciary, you need a law degree. However, passing the Jharkhand Judicial Service Exam is also very important. If candidates have a higher law degree, like a post-graduate degree, it could help if there’s a tie in marks. This might get them on the Merit List.

Jharkhand Judiciary Eligibility 2023: Nationality 

If you’re thinking about applying for the Jharkhand Judicial Service Exam in 2023, you might be wondering if you meet the Jharkhand Judiciary exam eligibility criteria. It’s important to know that being an Indian citizen is a basic requirement for applying, which is really important. People with foreign citizenship can’t apply for these positions, and they can’t take part in this recruitment process. So, you need to make sure you’re an Indian citizen as per the Jharkhand Judiciary Exam eligibility criteria for 2023 if you want to apply for the Jharkhand Judiciary Exam in 2023.

Jharkhand Judiciary Exam 2023

Grasping these Jharkhand Judiciary eligibility criteria necessitates a thorough exploration of educational qualifications, age limits, and other essential prerequisites as outlined by the court. Such comprehensive preparation not only reflects a candidate’s dedication and earnestness towards their pursuit but also lays the groundwork for a methodical and well-informed preparation approach.

By proactively immersing themselves in understanding these eligibility benchmarks, candidates can align their efforts in a targeted manner, thereby enhancing their chances of success within the demanding and competitive realm of the Jharkhand Judiciary recruitment process.

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Jharkhand Judiciary Eligibility Criteria FAQs

Who is eligible for Jharkhand judicial services?

Prospective candidates with a law degree and specific age criteria are eligible for the Jharkhand Judiciary Exam.

What is the qualification for Jharkhand PCS J?

The Jharkhand Judiciary Exam requires candidates to hold a law degree and pass the JKPSC Civil Judge Exam.

What is the age limit for up judiciary exam 2023?

The acceptable age limits for eligibility in the Jharkhand Judiciary Exam vary based on the candidate's category.

What is the salary of PCS J in Jharkhand?

The salary of PCS J in Jharkhand varies based on the pay scale and allowances.

Is Jharkhand judiciary exam conducted every year?

The Jharkhand judiciary exam is typically conducted on an annual basis.

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