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CDS Syllabus, UPSC CDS Syllabus 2023 PDF Subject Wise

CDS Syllabus

CDS Syllabus: The CDS exam is conducted by UPSC twice a year for recruitment in the Indian Defence Services such as the Indian Military Academy, Indian Naval Academy, Air Force Academy and Officers’ Training Academy. The CDS 2 2023 Syllabus is released by UPSC along with the CDS 2 2023 Notification PDF on its official website which is released on May 17, 2023.

CDS Syllabus 2023 consists mainly of English, General Knowledge, and Elementary Mathematics for the admission to  Indian Naval Academy, Indian Military Academy and Air Force Academy while for admission to the Officers’ Training Academy, only English and General Knowledge subjects are included. For detailed topic-wise coverage, refer to the following article.

CDS Syllabus 2023 PDF

CDS Syllabus 2023 PDF: A thorough understanding of the CDS syllabus 2023 will help the candidates create a vision and action plan that will be successful in preparing them to take the examination. The SSB Interview stage is only accessible to those who pass the written test. This article will help the applicants fully understand the curriculum and move them one step closer to realising their goals. Download the CDS Syllabus PDF format for subjects including General Knowledge, English, and Mathematics.

CDS Syllabus 2023 for English

CDS Syllabus English: To score better in this section, candidates should read newspapers daily and point out the difficult words at a place and find their meaning which will help to improve their vocabulary and understanding of the comprehension passages with ease. The purpose of this paper is to assess the applicants’ command of the English language and their ability to use words in a professional manner.

CDS 2023 Syllabus for English
  • Reading Comprehension Questions.
  • Spotting the Errors Questions.
  • Fill in the Blanks Questions.
  • Synonyms & Antonyms Questions.
  • Idioms and Phrases Questions.
  • Sentence Arrangement or Jumbled Questions.
  • Ordering of words in Sentence Questions.
  • Sentence Improvement or Sentence Correction Questions.

CDS Syllabus 2023 for General Knowledge

CDS Syllabus General Knowledge: General knowledge includes awareness of current affairs and everyday observations and experiences that include a scientific component, as might be anticipated of an educated person who has not specifically studied any scientific field. Additionally, there will be geography and Indian history questions on the examination that any qualified candidate should be able to respond to without additional study.

CDS 2023 Syllabus for General Knowledge
  • Indian History
  • Political Science
  • Economics
  • Geography
  • Environment
  • General Science – Physics, Chemistry, Biology
  • Current Affairs – National & International Awards, Summits, Sports, Conference; Books & Authors etc.
  • Defence Related Questions – Army, Navy, Air Force

CDS Syllabus 2023 for Mathematics

CDS Syllabus for Mathematics: Arithmetic, trigonometry, geometry, measurements, statistics, and other related topics comprise the syllabus of CDS Elementary Mathematics. To improve the preparation and the results, this paper needs constant practice and committed efforts. To answer these questions within the allotted time and provide the necessary outcomes, the applicants must retain accuracy and speed. For the complete syllabus of individual topics of mathematics, follow the given below table for the mathematics syllabus of the CDS 2 2023 exam.

CDS Syllabus for Mathematics
Arithmetic Number System

  • Natural numbers, Integers, Rational and Real numbers.
  • Fundamental operations, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, Square
    roots, Decimal fractions.
  • Unitary method, time and work, time and distance, percentages.
  • Applications of profit and loss, simple and compound interest, ratio and proportion, variation.

Elementary Number Theory

  • Division algorithm.
  • Prime and composite numbers.
  • Tests of divisibility by 2, 3, 4, 5, 9 and 11.
  • Multiples and factors.
  • Factorisation Theorem.
  • H.C.F. and L.C.M.
  • Euclidean algorithm.
  • Logarithms to base 10, use of logarithmic tables, laws of logarithms.
  • Basic operations and Simple factors,
  • Remainder Theorem.
  • H.C.F. and L.C.M.
  • Theory of polynomials, relation between its roots and coefficients (Only real roots to be considered), solutions of quadratic equations.
  • Simultaneous linear equations in two unknowns — analytical & graphical solutions.
  • Simultaneous linear inequations in two variables & their solutions.
  • Practical issues with solutions that result in two simultaneous linear equations, inequalities in two variables, or quadratic equations in one variable.
  • Set notion and set language.
  • Rational expressions and conditional identities.
  • Laws of indices.
  • Sine x, cosine x, Tan x when 0° < x < 90° , Values of sin x, cos x & tan x, for x = 0°, 30°, 45°, 60° & 90°.
  • Simple trigonometric identities.
  • Use of trigonometric tables.
  • Simple cases of heights and distances.
Geometry Plane and plane figures, Lines and angles, Theorems on:

  • Properties of angles at a point
  • Parallel lines
  • Sides and angles of a triangle
  • Congruency of triangles
  • Similar triangles
  • Concurrence of medians and altitudes
  • Properties of sides, angles and diagonals of a rectangle, parallelogram and square
  • Circles and their properties including tangents and normals
  • Loci
  • Areas of parallelograms, squares, rectangles, triangles and circles.
  • Areas of figures can be split up into these figures (Field Book), lateral surface and volume of right circular cones and cylinders, Surface area and volume of cuboids, and surface area and volume of spheres.
  • Collection and tabulation of statistical data.
  • Graphical representation of frequency polygons, bar charts, histograms, pie charts etc.
  • Measures of central tendency.

CDS Syllabus 2023 OTA

The CDS 2023 exam syllabus covers subjects such as General Knowledge, English, and Elementary Mathematics. But those candidates who are going to appear for CDS OTA 2023 do not have to give the Mathematics paper because for CDS 2023 OTA, only English and General Knowledge subjects are included in their syllabus. English and General Knowledge syllabi for both (OTA and IMA, INA, AFA) are the same.

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CDS Syllabus FAQs

What is the syllabus of CDS?

For admission to  INA, IMA and AFA, CDS 2 2023 syllabus consists mainly of English, General Knowledge, and Elementary Mathematics while for admission to OTA, only English and General Knowledge subjects are included.

Who can apply for CDS 2 2023?

For the CDS 2 2023 exam, candidates must have to graduate from any recognised university along with also fulfil the required age limit criteria for the particular positions.

What will be the age limit for CDS 2023?

To be eligible to take the CDS 2023 exam, candidates must meet the UPSC CDS age requirements i.e., 19 to 24 years for IMA & INA, 20 to 24 years for AFA and 19 to 25 years for OTA.

What is the CDS OTA syllabus?

In the CDS 2023 exam, for the admission to OTA (Officers Training Academy), candidates have to pass English and General Knowledge papers.

How many attempts are allowed for CDS?

Although the candidate must be between the ages of 19 and 25 to be eligible for the CDS 2023 exam, there is no defined limit on the number of attempts. Therefore, candidates may attempt as many times as you like providing your age limit.

What is CDS OTA exam syllabus?

CDS Syllabus comprises three papers – General Knowledge, English, and Mathematics. Syllabus is given above in this article.

Is CDS OTA hard to crack?

The CDS exam is one of the tough exams to qualify. But with proper planning and dedication, one can easily crack the exam without coaching as well.

What is the eligibility for OTA?

For IMA and OTA, candidates must have a degree from a recognised University or equivalent.

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