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SSB Interview for CDS, Check Interview Date of IMA, INA ,AFA

The Combined Defence Services examination is conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) to select candidates for admission into various defense academies in India, including the Indian Military Academy (IMA), Indian Naval Academy (INA), Air Force Academy (AFA), and Officers Training Academy (OTA). The selection process includes a written examination followed by a Service Selection Board (SSB) interview.

CDS SSB Interview 2024

The SSB Interview for 2024, a crucial phase in the selection process, evaluates candidates’ aptitude, awareness, personality, and presentation skills. Administered by UPSC, the exam acts as a gateway to Indian Military, Naval, and Air Force Academies, offering opportunities in the Indian Army, Navy, and Air Force. Aspirants must prepare diligently for this rigorous evaluation, which plays a pivotal role in their journey towards a career in defense services.

SSB Interview 2024 Overview

CDS Interview 2024 Overview

Organization Union Public Service Commission
Exam Name CDS 1
Vacancies 457
Mode of Application Online
Selection Process Written Test – Interview – Medical Examination
Language of Written Exam Bilingual
Mode of Examination Offline
Type of Questions MCQ
CDS 2 Exam Duration 2 hours (Each Paper)
Marking Scheme 1/3 for Each Incorrect Answer
Job Location All Over India
Official Website upsc.gov.in
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CDS SSB Interview Process 2024

Stage 1: Screening Test

    • Officer Intelligence Rating (OIR): Candidates will undergo intelligence tests to assess their logical and analytical skills.
    • Picture Perception & Description Test (PP & DT): Candidates will be shown a picture for a short duration and then asked to write a story based on their perception of the image.

Stage 2: Psychological Testing

    • Thematic Apperception Test (TAT): Candidates will be shown ambiguous pictures and asked to write a story based on them.
    • Word Association Test (WAT): Candidates will be given a word and asked to write the first thought or idea that comes to their mind.
    • Situation Reaction Test (SRT): Candidates will be presented with various situations and asked to respond to them.
    • Self Description Test (SDT): Candidates will be required to describe themselves in written form.

Group Testing (GTO Tasks) – Conducted on Day 3 & 4

    • Group Discussion: Candidates will participate in group discussions on various topics.
    • Group Planning Exercise: Candidates will be given a problem-solving task to plan and execute within a group.
    • Progressive Group Tasks (PGT): Candidates will undertake a series of progressively challenging group tasks.
    • Half Group Tasks: Similar to PGT but conducted with half the group.
    • Individual Obstacles: Candidates will navigate through a set of obstacles individually.
    • Group Obstacles Race or Snake Race: Group-based obstacle race.
    • Command Task: Candidates will be appointed as commanders to lead a group in completing a task.
    • Lecturette: Candidates will deliver a short impromptu talk on a given topic.
    • Final Group Task: Final group task to assess teamwork and leadership skills.

Day 5: Conference

    • After completion of all the tasks, a conference is held where candidates’ overall performance is discussed.
    • Results are announced on the same day, and selected candidates proceed for medical examination.
    • A final merit list of recommended candidates is prepared after the medical examination.

CDS OTA Selection Process 2024

For candidates opting for the Officers Training Academy (OTA), the selection process is similar to the regular CDS selection process, comprising two stages: screening test and psychological testing. The CDS OTA (Officers Training Academy) selection process for 2024 involves:

  1. Written Examination by UPSC.
  2. SSB Interview in two stages: Screening and Psychological Tests, Group Testing, and Interview.
  3. Medical Examination.
  4. Final Merit List based on performance.
  5. Training at Officers Training Academy, Chennai.
  6. Commissioning as officers in the Indian Army.

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CDS SSB Interview Dates

The specific dates for the SSB interviews for 2024 are typically announced by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) after the results of the written examination are declared. Qualified candidates will receive notification about their interview dates through the official website of UPSC or other communication channels provided during the application process. It’s essential for candidates to regularly check the UPSC website for updates regarding the SSB interview dates.

CDS 1 Final Merit List

Once the SSB interviews are completed for all candidates, UPSC will prepare the final merit list based on candidates’ performance in the written examination and the SSB interview. Candidates who clear both cutoffs individually will be included in the final merit list, and they will be assigned to various defense academies based on their preferences and availability of vacancies.

Candidates should prepare thoroughly for each stage of the selection process to maximize their chances of success in the CDS examination and SSB interview.

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CDS SSB Interview FAQs

How many stages are there in CDS Exam?

It’s a three-stage process- Written Test, SSB Interview, and Medical examination.

What is your response to the SSB Interview question, "Why do you want to join the Armed Forces?"

When the SSB Interviewing Officer asks, 'Why do you want to join the Armed Forces?' The candidate should have a clear response to this question. The candidate should understand why they want to join the armed forces.

How is the CDS merit list prepared?

In order to be invited for an SSB interview, a candidate must receive the required minimum marks in the written examination.

What happened during the CDS SSB interview?

The CDS SSB Interview is divided into two stages: Stage 1 consists of Officer Intelligence Rating (OIR) tests and Picture Perception Description Test (PP&DT), and Stage 2 consists of an interview, group testing officer tasks, psychology tests, and a conference.

How many years is CDS training?

While the training for CDS is scheduled to last 74 months for Air Force cadets, 37 to 40 months for Navy cadets, and 1.5 years for Army cadets.

Is there a time limit for the CDS SSB Personal Interview?

No, the length of the SSB Personal Interview varies from candidate to candidate. On average, it could last 45 minutes to an hour.

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