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National Handloom Day 2023, Theme, History, Significance and Activities

National Handloom Day 2023

National Handloom Day 2023: National Handloom Day is celebrated on August 7 every year. On this day, the nation remembers its long history of handloom weaving and pays tribute to the role that weavers have played in preserving the nation’s cultural legacy. In this article, we will provide you with complete information about National Handloom Day 2023, its theme, significance and its history to commemorate this day.

National Handloom Day 2023 Overview

The eighth National Handloom Day celebration will take place this year. The primary goal of the day will be to increase the revenue of Indian weavers. This time, the emphasis is still on growing the selling volume of handloom products on e-commerce websites because of the broad COVID-19 in 2022. National Handloom Day 2023 would encourage all citizens to work together to support handloom weavers who face challenges.

The day increases their income and promotes the popularity of Indian woven goods. The best thing you can do to support National Handloom Day is to support more individuals in buying handcrafted goods. To encourage and assist weavers, consumers should purchase their handcrafted goods in addition to purchasing items on National Handloom Day.

The handloom industry in India is a significant contributor to the country’s economy. Below given is the overview of National handloom day 2023.

National Handloom Day 2023 Overview
Name of the day National Handloom Day
Date 7th August 2023
Day Monday
First celebrated in the year 2015
Established by Prime Minister Narendra Modi
Frequency Annual
Aim To encourage indigenous industries including handloom weavers
Theme Handlooms for Sustainable Fashion

National Handloom Day Theme 2023

National Handloom Day Theme 2023 is “Handlooms for Sustainable Fashion”. This year’s theme emphasises the significance of handloom weaving as an environmentally friendly and sustainable substitute for machine-made fabrics.

National Handloom Day Purpose

Additionally, the Swadeshi movement, which began in 1905, is remembered on this day. Millions of weavers and artisans all throughout India rely on the handloom industry for their livelihoods, which has contributed significantly to the country’s economy.

On this day, a number of exhibitions and events are held to highlight the beauty of handcrafted goods and to entice consumers to purchase them. It’s important to reflect on the significance of National Handloom Day and the part that handloom weavers play in maintaining India’s indigenous culture as we get closer to 2023. It aims to acknowledge and honour the textile industry’s contribution to the socioeconomic development of India.

India celebrates National Handloom Day to educate the public about the handloom industry and its importance to the socioeconomic growth of the country. The objective also remains to safeguard the long-term viability of the Indian textile sector, thereby economically strengthening handloom artisans and fostering pride in their fine artistry. It also aims to preserve India’s handloom tradition and to offer more opportunities for those involved in the handloom industry.

National Handloom Day Significance

A prime example of the nation’s extensive cultural legacy is the handloom industry. For those that live there, it is a crucial source of income. The second-largest economic pillar in India after agriculture is the textile and handloom industry, which provides employment for citizens.

  • Women make up 70% of the workforce for handloom weavers and related industries in India. As a result, it is crucial to the emancipation of women.
  • In addition, the Fourth All India Handloom Census 2019–20 reports that around 31.45 lakh families derive their income from handloom, weaving, and related activities.
  • By putting in a lot of effort and ensuring money flow, India’s handloom and artisan industries have traditionally supported soft power.
  • Saree diplomacy and Khadi diplomacy are two notable examples.
  • The Textile Ministry established Handloom Craft Villages in three states to commemorate National Handloom Day: Mohpara Village in Assam’s Golaghat district; Kovalam in Kerala’s Thiruvananthapuram district; and Kanihama in Srinagar’s Budgam district.

National Handloom Day Objectives

National Handloom Day highlights the current issues facing this industry in addition to celebrating the handweaver community. Governments need to emphasise the importance of the handloom sector by addressing issues including inadequate infrastructure, ageing looms, and restricted access to important markets. The government should support initiatives like Make in India, Vocal for Local, and Atma Nirbhar Bharat to increase demand for locally produced goods from the handloom sector.

National Handloom Day Celebration

People need to make an effort to appreciate the goods made by Indian weavers and employees on the impending National Handloom Day in 2023. Indians can participate in any of the following activities on this unique occasion:

  • Attend Handloom Fairs: On National Handloom Day 2023, spend some time attending a handloom fair in your city or online.
  • Help Local Weavers Obtain Raw Materials and Market Access: You may also assist a local weaver by providing some volunteer work or financial support.
  • Raise Awareness About Indian Handloom: On National Handloom Day, anyone with a social media presence can do this. It will make other citizens more aware of why handcrafted goods are superior to manufactured ones.

National Handloom Day & Government Scheme

The Indian government has been implementing numerous programmes to aid small-scale industries, particularly handloom workers. Here are some of the most important plans:

Mahatma Gandhi Bunkar Bima Yojana: When accidents or natural disasters occur, this programme offers handloom weavers insurance coverage.

Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana (PMMY): This programme offers small enterprises loans of up to Rs. 10 lakhs as financial support. The goal is to aid in these companies’ expansion and development.

National Handloom Development Programme (NHDP): The purpose of this programme is to give handloom weavers financial support so they may improve their technology, promote their goods, and develop their talents.

Skill India: This plan aims to provide the young of the country with skills training, particularly in the handloom and small industries sectors.

Credit Guarantee Fund Trust for Micro and Small Enterprises (CGTMSE): This programme aims to give micro and small businesses access to operating capital and term loans without the need for collateral.

National Handloom Day 2023 UPSC

India observes National Handloom Day on August 7. The purpose of the day is to honour the handloom weaving community for their great contribution to the social and economic growth of the nation. National Handloom Day honours and celebrates all of the artisans who have contributed to the country’s traditional handicrafts.

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National Handloom Day 2023 FAQs

When did National Handloom Day2023 start?

National Handloom Day was first celebrated on 7th August 2015 to mark the 1905 Swadeshi movement.

Is August 7th National Handloom Day 2023?

August 7 was chosen as the National Handloom Day to commemorate the Swadeshi Movement which was launched on this day in 1905 in Calcutta Town Hall to protest against the partition of Bengal by the British Government.

Why National Handloom Day is celebrated?

The Swadeshi Movement which was launched on 7th August, 1905 had encouraged indigenous industries and in particular handloom weavers. In 2015, the Government of India decided to designate the 7th August every year, as the National Handloom Day.

Why National Handloom Day is celebrated on 7 August?

National Handloom Day is observed on August 7 to commemorate the launch of the Swadeshi Movement in 1905.

What is the date of National Handloom Day?

In India, the National Handloom Day is observed annually on the 7th of August to honour the handloom weavers.

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