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RPSC Salary 2024, RAS In Hand Salary, Post lists and Perks

The RPSC RAS Salary and Job Profile for various positions within the Rajasthan State and Subordinate Services has been published by the Rajasthan Public Service Commission (RPSC). For various civil service positions, the RPSC RAS Salary of the officer varies in terms of pay grade and in-hand Salary. Due to the charitable society services, financial benefits, and allowance, many candidates show up for this state-level administrative Exam in Rajasthan.

RPSC RAS Salary 2024

For a number of positions within the Rajasthan State and Subordinate Services, the Rajasthan Public Service Commission (RPSC) has disclosed the salaries. RPSC RAS (Rajasthan Administrative Service) salaries range from Rs. 56,100 for entry-level positions to Rs. 2,08,700 for higher levels. In addition to the base pay, employees are also entitled to a number of benefits and allowances, such as a housing rent allowance, a travel allowance, access to medical services, and more. One of the most lucrative pay scales for India’s state-level administrative services, the RPSC RAS draws a considerable number of applicants each year.

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RPSC RAS Salary Details

You must be aware that the RPSC RAS Salary is calculated in accordance with the 7th Pay Commission’s calculation framework. To learn more about the RAS Salary & Job Profile in the Rajasthan state/subordinate services test, you must read this page if you plan to take the RAS exam in 2024.Before enrolling in the RPSC RAS Recruitment Process, applicants must also take down their post-specific pay scale and annual salary.

  • According to each post’s pay matrices, the RAS salary in Rajasthan ranges from Rs. 9300 to Rs. 34800 and Rs. 15600 to Rs. 39100.
  • RAS pay for candidates differs depending on whether they are on probation or have a full-time job afterward.
  • Candidates that are shortlisted will receive a variety of benefits in addition to the RAS salary of the officer, along with excellent opportunities for professional progression.

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RPSC RAS Salary Structure 2024

According to the Rajasthan Public Service Commission’s distribution of salaries, the RAS Officer compensation varies according on the position. (RPSC). However, the 7th CPC algorithm is used to determine the RAS wage for any position. See the table below for further information on the RAS compensation structure in Rajasthan, as well as salary estimates, grade pay, and pay scales for all positions.

Posts under RAS Scale of Pay Pay Grade  Salary of RPSC RAS (estimated)
  • Rajasthan Administrative Services
  • Rajasthan Police Service
  • Rajasthan Rural Development Services
  • Rajasthan Women & Child development Service
  • Rajasthan Lekha Seva
  • Rajasthan Insurance Service
Rs. 15600 to Rs. 39100 Rs. 5400 (Level 14 Matrix) Rs. 61000 – Rs. 66000
  • Rajasthan Commercial Tax Service
  • Rajasthan Tourism Service
  • Rajasthan Udyog Seva
  • Rajasthan Jail Service
  • Rajasthan Transport Service
  • Rajasthan Social Justice & Empowerment Service
  • Rajasthan Food & Civil Supplies Services
  • Rajasthan Devasthan Service
  • Rajasthan Co-operative Service
  • Rajasthan Niyojan Karyalaya Seva
  • Rajasthan Shram Kalyan Seva
  • Rajasthan Excise (General) Services
  • Rajasthan Excise (Preventive Officer) Services
Rs. 9300 to Rs. 34800 Rs. 4800 (Level 12 Matrix) Rs. 40000 – Rs. 45500
  • Rajasthan Social Justice & Empowerment Service
  • Rajasthan Social Justice & Empowerment Service
  • Rajasthan Tehsildar Service
  • Rajasthan Employment Subordinate Service
  • Rajasthan women & child development Subordinate Service
  • Rajasthan Alpsankhyak Mamlat Seva
Rs. 9300 to Rs. 34800 Rs. 4200 (Level 11 Matrix) Rs. 35500 – Rs. 42500
  • Rajasthan Subordinate Devasthan Service
  • Rajasthan Excise Subordinate Service
  • Rajasthan Commercial Tax Subordinate Service
  • Rajasthan Food & Civil Supplies Subordinate Services
  • Rajasthan Subordinate Service (Niyojan)
  • Rajasthan Sahakari Adhinasth Seva
  • Rajasthan Shram Kalyan Adhinasth Seva
Rs. 9300 to Rs. 34800 Rs. 3600 (Level 10 Matrix) Rs. 33500 – Rs. 38500

RPSC RAS Salary Slip

Candidates can review the RPSC RAS salary slip of the officer, which includes information on the breakdown of base pay, various allowances, deductions, and pension contribution details. However, the pay stub that is provided below is from a previous recruiting but is still appropriate for your use. RPSC Salary 2024, RAS In Hand Salary, Post lists and Perks_4.1

RPSC RAS In Hand Salary 2024

According to official documentation, the in-hand RAS Officer compensation is made up of various parts, including Basic Pay, City Compensatory Pay, and other Allowances such Dearness & Special Allowance. Additionally, candidates must be aware that a certain sum will be taken each month from the RPSC RAS salary for State Insurance and Contributory Pension Fund. Once you are appointed, review the exact breakdown of the RPSC RAS Salary of the officer every month.

Salary Components of RAS  Amount of Pay
Basic Pay Rs. 56,100
Dearness Allowance (28%) Rs. 15,708
Special Allowance Rs. 380
City Compensatory Pay Rs. 1000
Contributory Pension Fund (deduction) Rs. 6,563
State Insurance (deduction) Rs. 3000
Total In-hand Emoluments Rs. 63,625

RPSC RAS In-Hand Salary in Probation Period 2024

An RPSC RAS officer’s In-Hand Salary fluctuates while they are on probation. RPSC RAS officers are not given an allowance during their probationary period, and only 10% of their pay will be taken from the government pension fund.

Particulars Amount
Basic Pay INR 39,300
After Deduction
Contributory Pension Fund INR 3,930 (deducted)
Total Emoluments INR 35,370

RPSC RAS Salary Allowances 2024

The chosen candidates receive several allowances in addition to their salaries. Below are a few of the allowances:

  • Transport Allowance: An employee may receive a transport allowance as a stipend to help with personal expenses or with the cost of their commute to work.
  • Dearness Allowance: To counteract the effects of inflation, the government pays dearness allowance to both its employees and pensioners.
  • House Rent Allowance (HRA): An employee who rents an apartment receives a portion of their salary from their company as HRA.
  • Employees are given a leave travel allowance (LTA) to cover their travel expenses. The exemption is only applicable to the costs associated with touring in India.

RPSC RAS Perks & Allowances 2024

The chosen candidates receive several allowances in addition to their salaries. Other bonuses and privileges are provided to RPSC RAS Officers in addition to the attractive wage structure and other allowances. The following are those:

Name of Allowance Perks
Transport Allowance (T.A) It is a travelling expenditure that is taken care by the State Government wherein a RAS officer gets a govt. vehicle to travel between home and office.
D.A – Dearness Allowance To hedge against or mitigate the impact of inflation, starting in July 2022, RAS Officers and pensioners will get 28% DA of their present basic pay.
HRA – House Rent Allowance Here, the State Government reimburses its employees’ travel or fare expenditures for trips across India.
LTA – Leave Travel Allowance Here, the State Government take care of the travelling expenses or fare costs to its employees for touring across India.
Medical Allowance It functions much like state government-provided health insurance for staff workers to use on themselves or their families.

RPSC RAS Job Profile 2024

RAS, or Rajasthan Administrative Services and Subordinate Services officers, have a wide range of duties and responsibilities. The RPSC Rajasthan Administrative Services is one of the most difficult occupations for Rajasthan PSC candidates. Candidates who have been shortlisted by RAS currently hold various State/Subordinate positions at the district or sub-district level. After the probationary period, the RPSC RAS job profile varies by post. A RAS officer’s main duties include some of the following:

  • They are accountable for State Secretarial Assistance, State Public Administration, State Policy Formulation, State Bureaucratic Governance, etc. according to various State and Subordinate Service posts of RAS.
  • In addition to carrying out revenue administration and upholding law and order, RAS personnel are also expected to carry out a number of other government tasks.
  • They are in charge of maintaining both the integrity of the court system and state justice.
  • Top-level bureaucrats’ government estates are under their management.
  • They are also inextricably linked to the formulation of regulations and guidelines for hiring governmental employees.
  • They serve as government counsellors for service transfers and promotions.

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RPSC RAS Promotion and Career Growth 2024

The compensation of an RPSC RAS officer grows with advancement, position, and numerous other considerations. The state government establishes the promotion’s time frame. Nine to ten years of service are required for the first promotion. Increases in the officers’ pay and benefits go hand in hand with rank advancement.

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RPSC RAS Salary and Job Profile FAQs

What is the highest salary of a RAS Officer?

The highest RAS salary ranges from Rs. 61000 to Rs. 66000 in the pay scale of Rs. 15600 to Rs. 39100 with Grade Pay of Rs. 5,400 as per the Level-14 pay matrix.

What is the monthly in-hand salary of the RAS Officer?

The RPSC RAS salary differs from post to post. However, after deductions and the addition of allowances, an employee receives around Rs. Rs. 63,625.

Can RAS become SDM?

RAS officers begin their careers as Assistant Collectors and Executive Magistrates. They are promoted to SDM after a two-year training or probation period.

Can RAS be promoted to IAS?

Usually, RAS officers are given a lower designation of rank than IAS officers during their initial days of joining. However, after 15-20 years of service, they retire as Additional Commissioner, an equivalent post of IAS Rank

What perks and allowances are given to RAS Officers?

All full-time RAS officers are given Transport Allowance (T.A), Dearness Allowance (D.A), House Rent Allowance (H.R.A), Leave Travel Allowance (LTA), Medical Allowance and other reimbursements of day-to-day bills, accommodation, and travelling expenses borne by Rajasthan State government.

What is the RPSC RAS Job Profile?

The RAS job profile varies for each post. In general, they are responsible for the following duties as Supervising respective departments with state rules and regulations
Maintenance of law, order and justice of the state etc.

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