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69th BPSC CCE Cut Off 2023, Check Category-wise Cut-Off PDF

69th BPSC CCE Prelims Cut Off

BPSC 69th Prelims CCE result was released on 10th November, and the cut-off provided insights into the performance benchmarks for different categories. In the Unreserved category, the cut-off stands at 91.67. These cut-off marks are a crucial reference for candidates, indicating the minimum scores required for success in the BPSC 69th Prelims CCE Examination across diverse categories. Check the BPSC 69th CCE Cut-off below:

Category Cut-off Marks
Unreserved 91.67
Unreserved (Female) 84.00
EWS 86.67
EWS (Female) 77.67
SC 75.00
SC (Male) 61.33
ST 79.33
ST (Female) 54.00
EBC 84.67
EBC (Female) 74.67
BC 88.67
BC (Male) 80.67
BCL 77.33
Disabled (VI) 61.33
Disabled (DD) 52.00
Disabled (OH) 72.67
Disabled (MD) 53.67
Grandchild of Ex-Freedom Fighter 76.00

BPSC 69th Prelims Cut Off 2023 PDF

Candidates can download the BPSC 69th Prelims Cut off 2023 PDF For the Various Posts given below in the table.

BPSC 69th Prelims Cut Off
BPSC 69th Prelims Cut Off 2023 for  CCE
BPSC 69th Prelims Cut Off 2023 for FAO 
BPSC 69th Prelims Cut Off 2023 for CDPO
BPSC 69th Prelims Cut Off  2023 for DSP  

Check Out :- 69th BPSC CCE Prelims Result 2023

Next Steps After BPSC 69th Prelims Result

Following the BPSC 69th Result 2023 announcement, successful candidates, identified through their roll numbers in the merit list, progress to the mains exam. The revised BPSC 69th mains exam pattern includes 5 papers, with General Hindi and an optional paper being qualifying. The mains exam, totaling 1100 marks per BPSC’s pattern, is inclusive of qualifying papers.

Candidates’ interview shortlisting depends on mains exam performance in the 69th BPSC result 2023. The final result, combining mains and interview scores, will determine service allotment. BPSC will unveil the BPSC 69th prelims result considering total marks from mains and personality tests, influencing service allocation based on the final 69th BPSC Result 2023.

BPSC Previous Year Cut Off Marks

The applicants preparing for the next BPSC CCE exams can use the BPSC Previous Year Cut-Off Marks as a guide. To help you understand the format and degree of difficulty of the exams, we have included BPSC 68th Cut Off Marks for the prior exams in the section below.

BPSC 68th Prelims Cut Off 2023

The BPSC 68th Prelims exam was conducted on 12th February 2023. Candidates who have appeared for the prelims exam can check the BPSC 68th Cut-Off and result, which BPSC released on 27th March 2023 on its official website. The table mentions the BPSC 68th Cut-Off of the prelims below.

BPSC 68th Cut-Off 2023
Category of Candidates Cut-Off Marks for different categories(Out of 150 Marks)
Males Candidates Females Candidates
Unreserved Candidates 91 84
Economic Weaker Section Candidates 87.25 81.25
Scheduled Caste Candidates 79.25 66.50
Scheduled Tribes Candidates 74 65.75
EBC Candidates 86.50 76.75
Backward Class Candidates 87.75 80
BCL Candidates 78.75
Disabled (VI) Candidates 69.50
Disabled (DD) Candidates 62.75
Disabled (OH)` Candidates 79.25
Disabled (MD) Candidates 54.75
Ex-Freedom Fighter Grandchild’s 80.75

BPSC 67th Prelims Cut Off 2022

The BPSC 67th preliminary examination was retaken on September 30, 2022. Applicants can view the official Bihar Public Service Commission cut-off, which was made public. The difficulty level of the exam, the number of openings, the cut-off scores from previous years, and other factors are considered when determining the BPSC 67th Prelims Cut-off. The BPSC Cut-Off Marks for the BPSC 67th Prelims Exam are below.

BPSC 67th Prelims Cut Off 2022 
Category of Candidates Cut-Off Marks (Out of 150)
Males Females
Unreserved Candidates 113 109
Economically Weaker Sections Candidates 109 105
Scheduled Class Candidates 104 93
Scheduled Tribes Candidates 100 96
Economically Backward Class Candidates 109 102
Backward Class Candidates 105 105

BPSC 66th Prelims Cut Off 2020

On 27 December 2020 the BPSC 66th Prelims examination was conducted for which the BPSC 66th Prelims Cut-Off has been tabulated below:

BPSC 66th Prelims Cut Off 2020 
Category of Candidates Male Female
Unreserved Category 108 100
Economically Weaker Section Category 103 95
Scheduled Class Category 95 84
Scheduled Tribes Category 98
Economically Backward Class Category 102 93
Backward Class Category 104 97
BCL Category 95
Disabled (VI) Category 89
Disabled (DD) Category 81
Disabled (OH) Category 95
Disabled (MD) Category 61
Ex-Freedom Fighter Grand-Childs Category 97

BPSC 66th Cut-Off – Mains and Interview

BPSC 66th mains was conducted between 29th to 31st July 2021 its result was declared on 13th April 2022 whereas 66th BPSC interview was conducted between 18th May 2022 to 22nd June 2022.

BPSC 66th Cut Off 2020 
Category of Candidates Written Exam Final Exam
Unreserved Category 454 537
Unreserved Category (Female) 442 518
EWS Category 428 532
EWS (Female) Category 412 514
SC Category 384 497
SC (Female) Category 374 473
ST Category 398 475
EBC Category 415 518
EBC (Female) Category 400 501
BC Category 437 537
BC (Female) Category 426 516
BCL Category 413 513
Disabled (VI) Category 345 474
Disabled (DD) Category 335 402
Disabled (OH) Category 397 497
Disabled (MD) Category 294 340
Ex-Freedom Fighter Grandchild’s 435 519

BPSC 65th Cut-Off 2019

BPSC 65th Prelims examination conducted by BPSC its cut-off has been tabulated below:

BPSC 65th Cut Off 2019
Category of Candidates Male Female
Unreserved Category 97 91
BC Category 94 88
ST Category 89 89
EBC Category 92 86
SC Category 89 79
EWS Category 92 87
BCL Category 86 86
Disabled (VI) Category 82 82

64th BPSC Cut Off 2018

64th BPSC Prelims examination conducted by BPSC its cut-off has been tabulated below:

64th BPSC Cut Off 2018
 Category of Candidates Female Male
Unreserved Category 86 97
OBC Category 82 93
ST Category 80 89
SC Category 69 85
EBC Category 76 90
BCL Category 79 79
Disabled (VI) Category 74 74
Ex-Freedom Fighter Grandchild 82 82

63rd BPSC Cut Off 2017

63th BPSC Prelims examination conducted by BPSC its cut-off has been tabulated below:

63rd BPSC Cut Off 2017
Category of Candidates  Male Female
Unreserved Category 96 86
SC Category 84 73
ST Category 89 78
EBC Category 88 77
BC Category 93 84
Disable (VI) Category 74 74
Grandchild Ex-freedom fighter 81 81

BPSC Cut-off Importance

The BPSC cut-off is crucial in selecting candidates for the next round. Cut-offs are an excellent approach to setting objectives while preparing since they give applicants something to shoot toward. Candidates in the BPSC 69th Prelims Exam must wait for the BPSC 69th Cut off 2023. BPSC has released the 69th BPSC Cut-Off on its official website for the candidates who appeared for the 69th BPSC Prelims.

An essential fact for candidates to know when preparing for the exam is the BPSC cut-off. By consulting the cut-off scores from previous years. Significant information with respect to the 69th BPSC Cut-off is

  • The candidates must clear the exam if they obtain equal or more marks than the cut-off.
  • The candidate can be dismissed from the recruitment process even if he clears the cut-off marks if he does not fulfill the BPSC Eligibility Criteria.
  • The BPSC cut-offs vary each year based on various factors.

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69th BPSC Cut Off 2023 FAQs

Will BPSC releases the 69th BPSC in Category-wise manner?

Yes, BPSC releases cut off marks for each category and gender.

What can be the expected cut-off for BPSC Exam?

BPSC 69th Prelims expected Cut off marks can be 96 to 102 for Un-reserved/General category.

From where can we download the 69th BPSC result?

To download the result visit the official website at bpsc.bih.nic.in. and then click on the BPSC 69th Prelims result 2023 download link

When was the 69th BPSC Prelims was conducted?

69th BPSC Prelims Exam 2023 has been conducted on 30th Sep 2023.


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