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List of Chief Ministers of Madhya Pradesh From 1950-2023

Nestled in the heart of India, Madhya Pradesh has evolved into a state rich in history and culture, its political landscape shaped by visionary leaders who have left an indelible mark on its trajectory of progress. Since its inception on November 1, 1956, this central state has witnessed a tapestry of Chief Ministers, each contributing to its socio-economic development.

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Current Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh in 2023

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has chosen Ujjain South MLA Mohan Yadav as their new Chief Minister-elect. This announcement was made at a meeting of the BJP legislative party held on 11 December 2023 at their headquarters in Bhopal. Union Minister Narendra Singh Tomar has been elected to the assembly and will now serve as the new Speaker.

Jagdish Devda and Rajendra Shukla have been chosen as Deputy Chief Ministers. Jagdish Devda, a two-term MLA from Mandsaur, previously held the Finance Minister position. Rajendra Shukla, an MLA from Rewa, served as the outgoing Public Relations Minister.

This reshuffle marks a significant change in leadership for the BJP in the Madhya Pradesh state. It remains to be seen how the new team will handle the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

Chief Ministers of Madhya Pradesh (1950-2023): A Historical Journey

Madhya Pradesh, a state with a profound cultural heritage and historical significance, has been shaped by a succession of visionary leaders who have left an indelible mark on its political landscape. From its establishment in 1956, the leaders of Madhya Pradesh have steered the state through challenges and opportunities, aiming for comprehensive betterment. Let’s delve into the detailed information about the Chief Ministers of Madhya Pradesh over the years.

Chief Ministers’ Chronology

Since its inception, Madhya Pradesh has seen a tapestry of leaders bearing the mantle of governance. The Chief Minister, at the helm of the state’s executive machinery, orchestrates the workings of the government, overseeing a myriad of responsibilities. Ravishankar Shukla, the inaugural Chief Minister, set the stage with a remarkable tenure of 6 years and 340 days. Presently, the baton of leadership is held by Shivraj Singh Chouhan, guiding the state for an uninterrupted 13-year span.

Leadership Dynamics

In the annals of Madhya Pradesh’s political legacy, leaders like Kailash Nath Katju, Dwarka Prasad Mishra, and Shyama Charan Shukla have played pivotal roles. The list of Chief Ministers reflects the evolution of governance, policies, and progress in the heartland of India.

List of Chief Ministers of Madhya Pradesh From 1950-2023

S.No. Name Period Party
1 Shri Ravishankar Shukla 01.11.1956 to 31.12.1956 Indian National Congress
2 Shri Bhagwantrao Mandloi 01.01.1957 to 30.01.1957 Indian National Congress
3 Dr. Kailashnath Katju 31.01.1957 to 14.04.1957 Indian National Congress
4 Dr. Kailashnath Katju 15.04.1957 to 11.03.1962 Indian National Congress
5 Shri Bhagwantrao Mandloi 12.03.1962 to 29.09.1963 Indian National Congress
6 Shri Dwarka Prasad Mishra 30.09.1963 to 08.03.1967 Indian National Congress
7 Shri Dwarka Prasad Mishra 09.03.1967 to 29.07.1967 Indian National Congress
8 Shri Govindnarayan Singh 30.07.1967 to 12.03.1969 Samyukta Vidhayak Dal
9 Shri Naresh Chandra Singh 13.03.1969 to 25.03.1969 Samyukta Vidhayak Dal
10 Shri Shyamacharan Shukla 26.03.1969 to 28.01.1972 Indian National Congress
11 Shri Prakash Chandra Sethi 29.01.1972 to 22.03.1972 Indian National Congress
12 Shri Prakash Chandra Sethi 23.03.1972 to 22.12.1975 Indian National Congress
13 Shri Shyamacharan Shukla 23.12.1975 to 29.04.1977 Indian National Congress
14 President’s Rule 30.04.1977 to 25.06.1977
15 Shri Kailash Chandra Joshi 26.06.1977 to 17.01.1978 Janata Party
16 Shri Virendra Kumar Sakhlecha 18.01.1978 to 19.01.1980 Janata Party
17 Shri Sunderlal Patwa 20.01.1980 to 17.02.1980 Janata Party
18 President’s Rule 18.02.1980 to 08.06.1980
19 Shri Arjun Singh 09.06.1980 to 10.03.1985 Indian National Congress
20 Shri Arjun Singh 11.03.1985 to 12.03.1985 Indian National Congress
21 Shri Motilal Vora 13.03.1985 to 13.02.1988 Indian National Congress
22 Shri Arjun Singh 14.02.1988 to 24.01.1989 Indian National Congress
23 Shri Motilal Vora 25.01.1989 to 08.12.1989 Indian National Congress
24 Shri Shyamacharan Shukla 09.12.1989 to 04.03.1990 Indian National Congress
25 Shri Sunderlal Patwa 05.03.1990 to 15.12.1992 BJP
26 President’s Rule 16.12.1992 to 06.12.1993
27 Shri Digvijay Singh 07.12.1993 to 01.12.1998 Indian National Congress
28 Shri Digvijay Singh 01.12.1998 to 08.12.2003 Indian National Congress
29 Sushri Uma Bharti 08.12.2003 to 23.08.2004 BJP
30 Shri Babulal Gaur 23.08.2004 to 29.11.2005 BJP
31 Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan 29.11.2005 to 12.12.2008 BJP
32 Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan 12.12.2008 to 13.12.2014 BJP
33 Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan 14.12.2013 to 16.12.2018 BJP
34 Shri Kamalnath 17.12.2018 to 20 March 2020 Indian National Congress
35 Shivraj Singh Chouhan 23.3.2020 to 2023 BJP
36 Dr. Mohan Yadav 2023 – Present BJP

List of Chief Ministers of Madhya Pradesh UPSC

The importance of the List of Chief Ministers of Madhya Pradesh for exams can vary depending on the specific exam you are preparing for. Knowing the list is crucial for an in-depth understanding of Madhya Pradesh’s political landscape and evolution. This information is especially important for state exams related to political science, history, and current affairs. For exams like the UPSC Civil Services Examination, knowing the list is valuable for understanding governance and policy-making in Madhya Pradesh.

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List of Chief Ministers of Madhya Pradesh FAQs

Who was the inaugural Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh?

Ravishankar Shukla served as the first Chief Minister from January 26, 1950, to March 30, 1952.

Who is the current Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh?

BJP has chosen Ujjain South MLA Mohan Yadav as their new Chief Minister-elect on 11 December 2023.

How long did Ravishankar Shukla's tenure last?

Ravishankar Shukla held office for an impressive 6 years and 340 days.

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