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Drafting Committee of Indian Constitution, Members, Chairman

Drafting Committee

The drafting committee was the most important committee compared to the other committees of the Constituent Assembly. It was set up on 29th August 1947, by the constituent assembly to scrutinize the draft of the text of the Constitution of India prepared by the Constitutional Adviser in order to give effect to the decision taken by the Constituent Assembly and to submit to the assembly for consideration.

The Drafting Committee had seven members that included, Alladi Krishnaswami Ayyar, N. Gopalaswami; B.R. Ambedkar, K.M Munshi, Mohammad Saadulla, B.L. Mitter and D.P. Khaitan. At the first meeting that took place on 30th August 1947, B.R Ambedkar was elected as the Chairman of the Drafting Committee.

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Members of the Drafting Committee

The Drafting Committee had seven members that are described below:

Members of the Drafting Committee Important Facts
Alladi Krishnaswami Iyer He was an Indian barrister who served in the Constituent Assembly, which drafted the Indian Constitution. According to B.R. Ambedkar, Alladi Krishnaswamy Iyer was the chief architect of the Constitution of India and chairperson of the committee.
N. Gopalaswami He was elected in 1946 to serve in the Constituent Assembly of India, which met in 1946 and was presided over by Jawaharlal Nehru. He was chosen to serve on the Indian Constitution’s thirteen-person Drafting Committee.

He was a Minister without Portfolio in Jawaharlal Nehru’s 1st cabinet from 1947 to 1948. Then, from 1948 to 1952, he worked as Minister of Railways and Transport, and then from 1952 to 1953, he was Minister of Defense.

B.R. Ambedkar He was the first Minister of Law and Justice of independent India, the chief draftsman of the Constitution of India, and a founding father of the Republic of India.
K.M Munshi He has a reputable literary reputation in Gujarati. In 1938, he established the educational trust Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan.

He served on a number of committees of the Constituent Assembly, including the Drafting Committee, Advisory Committee, and Sub-Committee on Fundamental Rights. In his draft on fundamental rights, he argued that progressive rights should be included.

Mohammad Saadulla Saadulla was elected to the Constituent Assembly from Assam, out of 28 Muslim League members who attended the proceedings of the Assembly, he was one of them and he was the only Muslim League member to sit in the Drafting Committee. His interventions in the Assembly mostly revolved around securing financial stability, and minority rights of Assam.
B.L. Mitter Due to their bad health, he was replaced by N Madhav Rao as a member of the Drafting Committee.
D.P. Khaitan He was the prominent statesman DP Khaitan was being one of the architects of the Indian Constitution. During the assembly proceedings, he intervened on the issue of freedom of speech. After his death, TT Krishnamachari became a member of the drafting committee.

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Drafting Committee Purpose

The Task of preparing the new Indian Constitution was assigned to the Drafting Committee. The drafting committee published their first draft of the Constitution on 21st February 1948. It was then scrutinized by the citizens of India for about eight months. Further amendments were also proposed by the citizens.

After receiving feedback from the public about the draft constitution, the necessary amendments were made by the drafting committee and the following draft of the constitution was published in October 1948.

Since its establishment in 1947, the drafting committee took 2 years, 11 months and 18 days to frame the full Constitution of India. The Constituent Assembly took around 11 sessions over the course of 165 days in total, out of these, 114 days were spent on the deliberations of the drafting committee and the draft Constitution.

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Drafting Committee Final Draft of the Constitution

Each member of the Constituent Assembly has signed two copies of the newly made Indian Constitution, one in Hindi and the other in English. The original constitution is hand-written, with each page decorated by renowned artists from Shantiniketan including Beohar Rammanohar Sinha and Nandalal Bose. Its calligrapher was Prem Behari Narain Raizada.

The Constitution of India was published in Dehradun and photolithography was done at the Survey of India. Production of the original Indian Constitution took nearly five years. The estimated cost of the Constituent Assembly was ₹6.3 crore. The constitution has had more than 100 amendments since has been enacted.

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Who drafted Indian Constitution?

The Drafting Committee under Dr BR Ambedkar drafted the constitution.

Who was the Chairman of drafting committee?

Dr BR Ambedkar

When was the Drafting Committee established?

August 29, 1947

How many members were there in the Drafting Committee?

Drafting Committee has 7 member including Dr BR Ambedkar.

How many days the Drafting Committee took to prepare the draft?

It took 141 days; and this draft became the basis of discussion which later transformed into various provisions of the Constitution of India.

Who replace B.L. Mitter in the Drafting Committee after his death?

N Madhav Rao

What was the name Muslim League members who attended the proceedings of the Assembly and was also the part of Drafting Committee?

Mohammad Saadulla

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