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Pro-Tem Speaker of Lok Sabha, Meaning, Appointment, Oath, Functions

Pro-Tem Speaker

Latin words that indicate “for the time being” are pro-tem. According to Article 95(1), a pro-tem speaker is appointed for a brief period of time to preside over the proceedings of the Lower House of Parliament (Lok Sabha) following the General Elections. The Pro-Tem Speaker is an important part of Indian Polity which is an important subject in the UPSC Syllabus. Students can also go for UPSC Mock Test to get more accuracy in their preparations..

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Pro-Tem Speaker Meaning

The Legislative Section of Parliament creates a list of the most seasoned Lok Sabha members following a general election and the establishment of a new administration. The Minister of Parliamentary Affairs receives the list and submits it together with a letter asking the President to approve the appointment of the interim Speaker.

The Pro-tem Speaker presides over the first meeting following the election during which the Speaker and Deputy Speaker are chosen by the members of the Parliament. The Deputy Speaker serves in the Speaker’s absence, and in the event of their absence, a committee of six members chosen by the Speaker will take over as Speaker in accordance with their order of seniority.

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Pro-Tem Speaker Appointment

The President/Governor appoints the pro-tem speaker to preside over meetings of the freshly elected house. The most senior member of the house is typically the pro-tem speaker.

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Pro-Tem Speaker Duties

The first Lok Sabha session is presided over by the Pro-tem Speaker, who also swears in the newly elected MPs. The pro tem speaker’s responsibility is to oversee the speaker and deputy speaker elections. The pro tem speaker’s position is abolished with the election of a new Speaker. Additionally, he conducts the floor test.

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Pro-Tem Speaker UPSC

The pro-tem speaker shares all of the Speaker’s rights and privileges. Therefore, the experts argue that in order to avoid tarnishing the reputation of democracy, there needs to be more clarity regarding the choice of the pro-tem speaker.  A speaker who is chosen on a temporary basis is known as a pro tem Speaker. Just prior to the first meeting of the newly elected house, the Lok Sabha’s or legislative assembly’s Speaker steps down, forcing the appointment of a pro-tem speaker. Students can read all the details related to UPSC by visiting the official website of StudyIQ UPSC Online Coaching.

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Pro-Tem Speaker FAQs

Who is the 1st Protem Speaker of Lok Sabha?

Ganesh Vasudev Mavalankar is the 1st Protem Speaker of Lok Sabha.

Who was pro tem speaker of constituent assembly?

Mavalankar was elected to the office of speaker of the Constituent Assembly (Legislative) on 17 November 1947.

Who is the Protem speaker of 17th Lok Sabha?

BJP MP Dr Virendra Kumar to be protem speaker of 17th Lok Sabha

Who is known as Protem Speaker?

The duties of the Speaker are to be performed by a Member of the House appointed for this purpose by the President as Speaker pro tem.

Who is the first female speaker of Lok Sabha?

Meira Kumar was the first female speaker of Lok Sabha.

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