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National Parks in Madhya Pradesh, Check 11 National park in MP

Economic Survey of Madhya Pradesh 2020- 2021 has announced that in MP, there are 12 National Park, 24 Wildlife sanctuaries, 7 Tiger reserves, 2 Kharmour Sanctuary, 2 Son Bird Sanctuary, 3 Alligator sanctuaries, and 2 national Fossil Parks, three Biosphere Reserves present.

  • Madhya Pradesh enacted the Wildlife (Protection) Act 1973, which was modeled on the Wildlife (Protection) Act 1972. 
  • The formal efforts to conserve Madhya Pradesh’s wildlife began with the establishment of the Kanha Sanctuary in 1933. 

Later, in the post-independence era, the state enacted the Madhya Pradesh National Park Act in 1955; later, the Wildlife Protection Act of 1973 superseded the above act.


National Parks in Madhya Pradesh Map

The state of Madhya Pradesh is known for its rich biodiversity and is home to some of the most popular national parks in India. These national parks are spread across the state and can be easily located on the Madhya Pradesh map.

National Parks in Madhya Pradesh

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List of National Parks in Madhya Pradesh

Here is the complete List of National Parks in Madhya Pradesh given below:

S.N. National Park Area 

(in sq Km)

District  About 
1 Kanha National Park


940 Mandala, Balaghat It is the biggest National Park in Madhya Pradesh.

Brief History

  • In 1933 it was declared a wildlife sanctuary
  • In 1955 it became a National Park in MP.
  • In 1974 it became the 1st tiger project of MP

Species– tiger, barasingha( stag deer), chinkara, Gaur, hyena, langur, leopard, Fox, wolf, etc

Mascot–  Bhura Singh– the BaraSingha

Stag deer of Bredary Species is exclusively found in this national park in MP, it is called the “jewels of Kanha”. It is also the State animal of Madhya Pradesh.

Important Sites– Hallon Valley, Banjar Valley

Tribes– Gond and Baiga

2 Bandhavgarh National Park


437 Umariya It is surrounded by 32 Hills

Brief History

  • In 1968, It is established as National Park in Madhya Pradesh
  • In 1993, It is included in Project Tiger

Bandhavgarh has the largest density of Tigers in India

  • The White Tiger Mohan was captured in this area

Species– tiger, leopard, spotted deer, sambar, and more than 250 bird species

3 Madhav National Park

( 1958)

337 Shivpuri It is a part of a upper Vindhyan Hills

Brief History

  • This National Park in MP was the hunting ground of Mughal Emperors and Maharaja of Gwalior
  • George castle Palace is situated

Manihari river passes through the park

National Highway 46 (Agra- Mumbai road) passes through the park

Species– leopard, sambar spotted deer,

4 Pench (Priyadarshni) National Park


293 Seoni, Chhindwara
  • It shares boundary with Maharashtra and lies on the southern part of MP.
  • It consists of Priyadarshini National Park and Mowgli Pench sanctuary
  • Pench river passes through the park and divides it into almost equal halves
  • This National Park in Madhya Pradesh is covered under the Sanctuary conservation project of World Bank
  • It is being developed as Mowgli land (Rudyard Kipling novel The Jungle Book is based on this forest.)
  • Species– tiger, leopard, spotted deer, sambar
5 Satpura National Park


525 Hoshangabad
  • In 2000, it is declared as Tiger Reserve
  • It consists of Satpura National Park Pachmarhi sanctuary and Bori sanctuary
  • Pachmarhi biosphere reserve is also a part of this Park
  • Tawa river flows through the park
  • The highest peak of MP Dhupgarh is situated here
  • It is rich in biodiversity. the main animals are the tiger, leopard, sambar, chital, bear, Antilope, And blackbuck
6 Panna National Park


543 Panna, Chhatarpur
  • It is declared as a tiger reserve in 1993
  • It was designated as a biosphere reserve on 25 August 2011
  • It has the only Reptile Park of state
  • It also has Vulture protection center
  • Major animals are tiger, leopard, chital, nilgai, sambar
  • Recently it is in news because of the construction of the Ken-Betwa river linking project, due to which 4300 ha of forest land will be destroyed.
7 Sanjay Gandhi- Dhubri National Park

( 1981)

467 Sidhi, Singrauli
  • A large part of the National Park in MP has gone to Chhattisgarh after the bifurcation of Madhya Pradesh
  • In 2008, it was included in the tiger project
  • It falls under the water catchment area of Gopad, Banaras Son river
  • Largest number of spotted deer were found
  • Mara Caves are inside the park
  • It falls under the dry deciduous forest Eco- region.

Species– the Bengal tiger, leopard, spotted deer, sambar, nilgai, chinkara, civet, and 309 species of birds.

8 Van Vihar National Park

( 1979)

4.45 Bhopal
  • It is an Ex-situ conservation center
  • It is established as a modern Zoological Park.

Brief History

  1. 1979- establishment
  2. 1983- national park
  3. 1993- established as a zoo by Central zoo authority
  • It has the unique distinction of being a combination of a National Park, a zoo, a rescue Centre for wild animals, and conservation breeding Centre for selected vital species
  • It is the second smallest National Park in MP
  • It is the only National Park in Madhya Pradesh situated in the urban area
  • State’s only Snake Park is located here.
  • It is also designated coordinating zoo and conservation breeding Centre for the hard ground barasingha and two species of vultures
9 Fossil National Park

( 1983)

0.27 Dindori
  • It is the smallest national park in MP.
  • It is one among the four Fossil national parks in India
  • It contains a large number of fossils
  • It has oldest botanical fossils present in Deccan trap
  • Hyphenate Fossil recovered from Ghooghwa
10 Dinosaur Fossil National Park

( 2010)

108 Dhar
  • It is the 2nd Fossil national park in Madhya Pradesh
  • It is located at the bank of Bagh-Jobat river
  • It also has a Research Centre and a museum
  • It has approximately 125 dinosaur eggs which were found in nearby areas, along with teeth of meat-eating dinosaur fossils
  • It also has fossils of plants, large trees, and barks, and Lava rocks dating back 70 million years.
11 Palpur- Kuno National Park


748 Sheopur, Morena
  • Kuno river Flows through it
  • It includes the area of Karera wildlife sanctuary and parts of Son Chiraiya Bird Sanctuary, Ghatigaon wildlife sanctuary
  • it is in news due to reintroduction of African Cheetah in the park. Cheetahs were brought from Namibia 
  • It is also chosen as an Asian Gir lion relocation site
  • Habitat of the Sahariya tribe.

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Wildlife Sanctuary in Madhya Pradesh

MP has 24 Wildlife sanctuaries, which the state government established for the conservation of specific animals. The smallest is the Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary in Indore, whereas the biggest is the Nauradehi Wildlife Sanctuary in Sagar.

S.N. Name  Year Area Districts Important Facts
1 Bori 1977 486 Hoshangabad
  • Fauna– Lion, leopard, spotted deer
  • Tawa river flows through it
  • It is part of Panchmarhi Biosphere reserve
  • Panchmarhi cave painting are also found here
2 Bagdara 1978 478 Sidhi
  • Fauna– Black Buck, Leopard, Nilgai,
  • Gaura hill rock painting found here
3 Phen 1973 110 Mandala
  • Fauna– Lion, leopard, spotted deer
4 Gandhi Sagar 1971 225 Mandsaur
  • It shares boundary with Rajasthan.
  • Fauna– Nilgai, Black Buck, Leopard
  • Nilgai reserve is situated.
  • Important Places- Gandhi Sagar dam Nullah- Chaturbhuj Nala rock paintings, Hingalajgarh Fort
5 Gatigaon 1981 511 Gwalior
  • Fauna– Son Bird, Black Buck, Indian Bustard
  • Son bird conservation center
6 Karera 1981 202 Shivpuri
  • Fauna– Son Bird, Black Buck
  • Son bird conservation center
7 Ken 1981 45 Chhattarpur
  • Fauna– Crocodile, alligator
  • Alligator reserve is located here.
  • Raneh Fall lies in it
  • Ken river flows through it.
8 Kheoni 1956 123 Dewas- Sehore
  • Fauna– Leopard, Alligator, Chamois, Spotted deer
  • It the oldest wildlife sanctuary of MP
  • Shankar-Kho waterfall is here
9 Chambal 1938 435 Morena
  • Fauna– Crocodile, Dolphin, Turtle
  • It is an Important Bird Area (IBA)
  • Ater Fort is located here
  • Alligator reserve was open with the cooperation of MP, UP, and Rajasthan.
10 Nauradehi 1984 1195 Sagar
  • Fauna– Nilgai, spotted deer, Black Buck
  • It is the Largest wildlife sanctuary of the state.
  • Bamner river flows through it.
  • It has Otter, Crocodile, and Nilgai reserves.
  • Cheaola Lake is here
11 Panchmarhi 1977 417 Hoshangabad
  • It is part of Panchmarhi Biosphere reserve.
  • Fauna– Tiger, leopard, Spotted deer, Black Buck, Nilgai, Sambhar
  • Famous tourist places are here such as Bee Fall, Handi-Kho, Dhupgarh, Cave point, etc
12 Panpatha 1983 245 Shahdol
  • Fauna– leopard, spotted deer, Nilgai
13 Pench 1977 118 Seoni
  • Fauna– Lion leopard, spotted deer, black buck, Gour,
  • It is mentioned in Ain-i-Akbari and The Jungle Book of Rudyard Kipling
14 Ratapani 1978 823 Raisen
  • It is also part of Project Tiger
  • Fauna- Lion leopard, spotted deer, black buck, Gour,
  • Barna River flows through it
  • Ratapani dam is here
  • Bhimbetka pre-historic cave paintings are found here
  • It also has Ginnorgarh fort
15 Sanjay 1974 365 Sidhi
  • Fauna– lion, leopard, Chamois, Spotted deer, Nilgai, Chinkara
16 Sindhori 1976 288 Raisen
  • Fauna– Lion leopard, spotted deer, black buck, Chamois, Crocodile, turtle
  • Chaukigarh fort, Bandariya Temple, and Zamgarh cave is also situated here.
17 Son 1974 42 Sidhi-Shahdol
  • Fauna– Crocodile, Alligator, Turtle
  • Located on Son river
18 Sardarpur 1983 348 Dhar
  • Khaimour Bird conservation (sanctuary on the recommendation of Salim Ali)
  • Paradise Flycatcher(Shah Bulbul- The state bird of MP) conservation
  • It is an Important Bird Area (IBA)
19 Sailana 1983 12 Ratlam
  • Paradise Flycatcher(Shah Bulbul- The state bird of MP)
20 Ralamandal 1989 2.34 Indore
  • It is the smallest wildlife sanctuary of the state
  • Fauna– Lion leopard spotted deer, black buck,
  • It has the state’s 1st wild animal awareness center
21 Orchha 1994 45 Niwari
  • Fauna– Spotted deer, Nilgai
  • Betwa and Jamini river flows through it
22 Narsighgarh 1974 60 Rajgarh
  • Fauna– leopard, spotted deer, black buck, Chamois, Gaur, Owl
  • It has Narsinghgarh Fort which is also called “Kashmir of Malwa”
  • Other famous places are Chidikho lake, Haji wali dargah, Bada Mahadev
  • Prehistoric rock and wall painting are found here
23 Rani Durgawati 1997 24 Damoh
  • Fauna – leopard, Spotted deer
24 Gangau 1979 68 Panna
  • It is for conservation of wild water Bafflo reserve.
  • It also has the only Reptile park in the state

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Biosphere Reserves in Madhya Pradesh

UNESCO launched the Biosphere Reserve program in 1973-74, which is known as the Man and Biosphere Program. MP Biosphere reserves are around three in official notification and are included in the UNESCO World Wide Network. 

Biosphere Reserve Year  Area  About
Panchmarhi 3 March 1999 Hoshangabad, Betul, Chhindawara
  • It is the state’s 1st biosphere reserve and the country’s 11th biosphere reserve.
  • It includes Satpura National Park, Panchmarhi Wildlife Sanctuary, and Bori wildlife sanctuary
Amarkantak- Achanakmar 30 March 2005 Dindiri, Anuppur (MP), Bilaspur (CG)
  • It shares an area with Chattisgarh
  • It is the 2nd Biosphere Reserve of the state and India’s 14th reserve
Panna 25 August 2011 Panna, Chhatarpur
  • It is 3rd Biosphere reserve of state and 18th Biosphere reserve of India
  • Ken river flows through the reserve.
  • recently, it was in news due to its induction into the UNESCO World Wide network.

State Board of Wildlife

  • It amended the Wildlife Protection Act of 1972.
  • It is a statutory body under section 6 of the Wildlife (Protection) Amendment act 2002.
  • The Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh is the Chairman and Forest Minister is the Vice-chairman of this body.
  • It is an advisory body.
  • The board meets twice every year.

MP Biodiversity Board

  • It is a statutory body established under the Biodiversity Act 2002.
  • It was established on 11 April 2005
  • The board is chaired by the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh.
  • It is an advisory body.

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National Parks in Madhya Pradesh FAQs

Which is the MP smallest National Park?

Satpura National Park is the smallest national park in Madhya Pradesh.

Which Unesco National Park is in MP?

There is no UNESCO World Heritage Site national park located in Madhya Pradesh.

Which is the famous National Park of Madhya Pradesh?

Bandhavgarh National Park is one of the most famous national parks of Madhya Pradesh.

How many national parks are in Madhya Pradesh?

Madhya Pradesh has 9 national parks in total.

What is the 2nd largest National Park in MP?

Kanha National Park is the second largest national park in Madhya Pradesh.

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