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Case Study of the Day: Mainstreaming Gender in Gram Panchayat Development Plans

Background: The story of Morjim and Camorlim Gram Panchayats in Goa show how mainstreaming gender in Gram Panchayat Development Plans can result in inclusive development.

About the Case

  • The strategy for development in the Morjim and Camorlim Gram Panchayat:
    • Target to strive for greater and active participation of women in Gram Sabhas for gender-inclusive GPDPs, was set.
    • Awareness drives were held for removing all harmful discriminatory practices against women and girls.
    • Active leadership of elected women representatives were promoted, through training and mentoring support.
    • Women were involved as behaviour change agents for cleanliness, sanitation and healthcare campaigns.
    • Women SHGs were activated with skill training for economic self-reliance and through bank and market linkages.
    • Quality services in schools and anganwadis for education, sports and healthcare were ensured.
  • The impact: Impact of panchayat’s efforts is evidenced by aware, assertive and active women leaders in panchayats and SHGs of Goa.
  • Lessons for other Gram Panchayats in the country:
    • Enhanced participation of women and their inclusion of their development needs make Gram Sabhas gender-inclusive and vibrant.
    • Panchayats can eliminate all forms of gender discriminatory practices, with support of SHGs and women functionaries of line departments.
    • Ensuring active role of women elected representatives in the panchayat will help to bring needs of women to the forefront.
    • With such Gender awareness, Panchayats can focus on improved healthcare, education, livelihoods with equal opportunities to women and girls for inclusive development.
Gram Panchayat Development Plans
Gram Panchayat Development Plans

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Morjim and Camorlim Gram Panchayats related to which state?

Morjim and Camorlim Gram Panchayats related to Goa

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