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International Big Cat Alliance (IBCA), Purpose, Members, Significance

International Big Cat Alliance

The International Big Cat Alliance (IBCA) stands as a powerful symbol of global cooperation and conservation efforts aimed at protecting some of the world’s most majestic and endangered species. With a mission that transcends borders and unites various organizations, researchers, and governments, this alliance strives to secure a sustainable future for the big cat populations inhabiting our planet.

Amidst the challenges posed by habitat loss, poaching, and human-wildlife conflicts, the International Big Cat Alliance emerges as a beacon of hope, working tirelessly to ensure the survival and thriving existence of these iconic predators. In this article, we will delve into the profound impact and endeavours of this remarkable alliance, shedding light on its accomplishments and ongoing endeavours in safeguarding the big cats and their ecosystems.

Purpose of International Big Cat Alliance 

The International Big Cat Alliance (IBCA) is a recent initiative launched by India with the primary objective of conserving seven major big cat species found on Earth. These species include:

  • Tiger
  • Lion
  • Leopard
  • Snow Leopard
  • Puma
  • Jaguar, and
  • Cheetah.

Inspired by the success of India’s Project Tiger, which has contributed significantly to the conservation of tigers and made India the home of 70% of the world’s tiger population, the IBCA extends its focus to safeguarding these key big cat species.

The concept of the alliance originated in July 2019 when Prime Minister Modi proposed the idea of a global coalition to combat poaching and illegal wildlife trade in Asia on International Tiger Day. The formation of the International Big Cat Alliance demonstrates a firm commitment to the principles of this initiative.

The main aim of the alliance is to engage with 97 range countries that encompass the natural habitats of these big cats. Through enhanced global cooperation and joint efforts, the IBCA seeks to conserve and protect these wild denizens, thereby ensuring their long-term survival and well-being. The alliance is expected to mobilize financial and technical resources to support the conservation of the entire ecosystem associated with big cats, amplifying their conservation impact.

International Big Cat Alliance Members 

The International Big Cat Alliance (IBCA) is a collaborative initiative launched by India with the aim of conserving seven major big cat species on Earth, namely Tiger, Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Cheetah, Jaguar, and Puma. The alliance seeks to engage with 97 range countries that cover the natural habitats of these big cats to strengthen global cooperation and efforts for their conservation.

Significance of International Big Cat Alliance (IBCA)

The International Big Cat Alliance (IBCA) holds significant importance in the conservation and protection of major big cat species on Earth. By bringing together 97 range countries covering the natural habitats of these iconic predators, the alliance fosters global cooperation and collaboration in their conservation efforts. This unified approach ensures that collective actions are taken to protect these species and their habitats on a global scale, leading to the preservation of entire ecosystems.

The IBCA’s conservation efforts extend beyond the individual species it focuses on. By safeguarding big cats, which are keystone predators, the alliance indirectly protects a vast array of other plant and animal species that coexist in their habitats. Healthy ecosystems act as carbon sinks, aiding in climate change mitigation, while also contributing to biodiversity conservation.

Moreover, the alliance’s commitment to species recovery and reintroduction programs, such as the Cheetah, offers hope for bringing back extinct big cat species to their natural habitats. India’s leadership in launching the IBCA inspires other nations to take similar initiatives for wildlife protection, reinforcing the significance of this alliance in preserving the world’s big cat species for future generations and the health of our planet.

International Big Cat Alliance Headquarters 

IBCA is currently in the developmental phase, and as a result, its headquarters is yet to be established. Discussions regarding the governing structure of the alliance are underway, and the organization is expected to take shape soon. Once all the necessary arrangements are in place, including the headquarters location, the information will be made available on the official website of IBCA.

International Big Cat Alliance UPSC 

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International Big Cat Alliance FAQs

Which country launched International Big Cat Alliance?

India launched the International Big Cat Alliance (IBCA).

When was the International Big Cat Alliance established?

The International Big Cat Alliance was established on 9th April 2023.

What is the International Big Cat Alliance initiative?

The International Big Cat Alliance aims to conserve seven major big cat species on Earth.

Which country launched IBCA in April 2023?

India launched IBCA in April 2023.

Is India part of Global Tiger Initiative?

Yes, India is part of the Global Tiger Initiative.

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