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Important Mountain Passes In India, Map, State wise List 2023

Important Mountain Passes in India

Important Mountain Passes in India: Throughout history, passes have played an important role in trade, war, and both human and animal migration. Let’s take a look at some of India’s most important passes. Every mountain pass may have different characteristics; they may have high slopes, be incredibly brief passes, or extend for miles. To determine the highest terminus of any mountain pass in India, proper surveys are carried out. Over the course of its plains, the nation has had a total of 68 passes. India’s passes show a route that connects remote areas of the country with adjacent countries for a variety of purposes. India’s mountain passes have played a key part in historical conflict, trade, and animal and human migration.

What is a Mountain Pass?

A Mountain pass is a route that connects the mountain run. It serves as a link between different parts of the country as well as neighbouring countries for a variety of purposes. Mountain passes are often found just above a river’s headwaters, forming a drainage divide.

A pass may be very short, with steep slopes to the top, or it may be a valley many kilometres long, with the highest point only identifiable by surveying. Zoji La (Pass), Banihal Pass, Shipki La (Pass), Bara-Lacha Pass, Rohtang Pass, Mana Pass, Niti Pass, Nathu La (Pass), and Jalap La are some of the most important passes in the country (Pass).

Important Mountain Passes in India

Following are the Important Mountain Passes in India 2023:

Name of the Pass               Region Description
Umling La  










         Leh & Ladakh

It is the country’s highest motorable pass. It connects Leh to Pangong Lake.
Khardung La It is the country’s second-highest motorable pass. It connects the glaciers of Leh and Siachen. During the winter, this pass is closed.


Aghil Pass It is located in the Karakoram Mountains to the north of Mount Godwin-Austen. It connects Ladakh to China’s Xinjiang province. It is closed from November to May for the winter season.


Chang-La It is a high mountain pass in the Himalayan range. It links Ladakh and Tibet.


Lanak La This is in the Ladakh region, in the Aksai Chin. It links Ladakh and Lhasa. The Chinese government has constructed a road connecting Xinjiang and Tibet.
Imis La The pass’s geographical terrain is difficult, with steep slopes. During the winter, this pass remains closed. It links Ladakh and Tibet.
Bara-La/ Bara- Lacha La It is located on the National Highway in Jammu and Kashmir. It links Manali and Leh.

Lipu Lekh








It is situated in the state of Uttarakhand. It links Uttarakhand to Tibet. This pass is a vital border crossing point for trade with China. Pilgrims on their way to Manasarovar pass through this pass.



Traill’s Pass It’s in Uttarakhand. It connects the Pindari and Milam valleys and is located at the end of the Pindari glacier. This pass is extremely steep and rocky.
Mana Pass: Uttarakhand-Tibet It connects Tibet and Uttarakhand and is located in the Greater Himalayas. During the winter, it is covered in snow for six months.
Muling La It is located in the Great Himalayas, 5669 metres above sea level, to the north of Gangotri. During the winter, this seasonal pass connecting Uttarakhand and Tibet remains snow-covered.

Mangsha Dhura Pass

The pass that connects Uttarakhand and Tibet is notorious for landslides. Pilgrims on their way to Manasarovar use this route. It is found in the Kuthi Valley.
Niti Pass This pass connects Uttarakhand and Tibet. During the winter, this is also snow-covered.



Debsa Pass



It connects the Spiti and Parvati valleys. It is a high mountain pass in Himachal Pradesh that connects the districts of Kullu and Spiti. It is a Pin-Parvati Pass bypass route.
Rohtang Pass



This is situated in the Himachal Pradesh state. Excellent road transportation is available. This pass links Lahul, Spiti, and Kullu.
Banihal Pass (Jawahar Tunnel)  



        Jammu & Kashmir

In Jammu and Kashmir, Banihal Pass is a well-known pass. The Pir-Panjal Range is where it is located. It links Qazigund with Banihal.


Burzail pass: Srinagar- Kishan Ganga Valley







The Deosai Plains in Ladakh and the Astore Valley in Kashmir are connected by this pass.

Pir-Panjal Pass It is a customary pass between Jammu and Srinagar. The partition resulted in the closure of this pass. From Jammu, it offers the quickest access via road to Kashmir Valley.

Pensi La


The Pensi La links Kargil and the Kashmir valley. The Greater Himalayas are where it is located.
Qara Tagh Pass The Karakoram Mountains are where you can find it. It was a branch of the old Silk Road.
Dihang pass




















Mountain Passes in the Northeastern States

It is situated in the Arunachal Pradesh region of the Northeast. This pass links Myanmar with Arunachal Pradesh (Mandalay). It allows travel at a height of more than 4,000 metres.
Pangsau Pass It is situated in the Arunachal Pradesh state. This pass links Myanmar with Arunachal Pradesh.

Diphu pass



A mountain pass known as Diphu Pass circles the region of the India, China, and Myanmar tripoint border dispute. Another key route into eastern Arunachal Pradesh is via Diphu Pass. The McMahon Line passes beside it.
Bomdi-La Arunachal Pradesh and Lhasa, the capital city of Tibet, are connected by the Bomdi-La pass. It is situated in Bhutan’s eastern region.


Nathu La Pass





It is situated in the Sikkim state. This well-known pass, which is on the boundary between India and China, was reopened in 2006. It is a portion of a branch of the old silk route. One of the trading border crossings between China and India is there.
Jelep La Pass The Chumbi valley is traversed by this pass. It links Sikkim and Lhasa, the Tibetan capital.


Bhor Ghat













          Southern India

On the summit of the Western Ghats, in Maharashtra, India, there is a mountain pass known as Bhor Ghat, Bor Ghat, or Bhore Ghaut that runs between Palasdari and Khandala by rail and between Khopoli and Khandala by road. Four hundred and forty-one metres above sea level is where it is situated.
Thal Ghat Thal Ghat is a ghat segment (mountain inclination or slope) in the Western Ghats close to the town of Kasara in Maharashtra. It is also known as Thul Ghat or Kasara Ghat.


Pal Ghat





Between the states of Tamil Nadu and Kerala, in the Western Ghats, sits the Palakkad Gap. India at a height of roughly 140 metres. The mountain pass links Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu with Palakkad in Kerala. It is situated between the Nilgiri Hills in the north and the Anaimalai Hills in the south.
Shencottah Gap The Western Ghats are where it is situated. It connects the Kottayam district in Kerala with the Tamil Nadu city of Madurai.

Important Mountain Passes in India Map

Here is the map of important passes in India.

Important Mountain Passes In India, Map, State wise List_4.1

Important Mountain Passes In India, Map, State wise List_5.1

Important Mountain Passes In India, Map, State wise List_6.1


Important Mountain Passes in India FAQ

Q. Which Indian mountain pass has the highest motorable elevation?

Ans. Having been opened in August 2021, Umling La is currently India’s highest motorable pass.

Q. Which Indian pass is the highest?

Ans. The highest motorable pass in the world is located in the state of Jammu & Kashmir, close to the border between India and China.

Q. How many passes are there in India?

Ans. In India, there are a total of 68 mountain passes. India is covered in numerous mountain ranges. As a result, there are several mountain passes throughout the nation.

Q. Which is the smallest pass in India?

Ans. Shipkila pass- Along with Nathu La in Sikkim and Lipulekh in Uttarakhand, the pass serves as one of India’s border crossing sites with Tibet. The settlement of Khab is not far from the pass. The route at the pass is currently solely utilised for small-scale cross-border local trade.

Q. Which pass is known as the gateway of Kashmir?

Ans. Banihal pass-Known as the crossing point between Jammu and Srinagar, Banihal Pass.

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Which Indian mountain pass has the highest motorable elevation?

Having been opened in August 2021, Umling La is currently India's highest motorable pass.


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