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List of Neighbouring Countries of India and their Capitals

India, the second-most populous country in the world, is situated close to the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal. Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, Maldives, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka are the countries that bordered India. Myanmar and Sri Lanka share the coastal border with India. India’s land border is 15,106.7 km long, and its coastline is 7,516.6 km long. The only union territory, Ladakh, shares three international borders with China, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. We are providing a list of neighbouring countries bordering India in this article.

After China and Russia, India has the third-largest international border in the world. It is also the most vulnerable border in the world, with vulnerabilities ranging from extreme climate conditions to infiltration.

9 Neighbouring Countries of India

S.No Country Bordering States
1 Afghanistan Jammu and Kashmir (POK Part)
2 Bangladesh
West Bengal, Mizoram, Meghalaya, Tripura, and Assam
3 Bhutan
Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Sikkim, and West Bengal
4 China
Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttrakhand, Sikkim, and Arunachal Pradesh
5 Myanmar
Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Mizoram, and Nagaland
6 Nepal
Sikkim, West Bengal, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, and Uttrakhand
7 Pakistan
Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab, Gujarat, and Rajasthan
8 Sri Lanka Separated from India by Gulf of Mannar
9 Maldives
The south-west part of the Indian Ocean below the Lakshadweep Island

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Neighbouring Countries of India and their Capitals

Here is the complete List of Neighbouring Countries of India and their Capitals:

 Country Capital Length of Border with India
Afghanistan Kabul 106 km
Bhutan Thimphu 699 km
Bangladesh Dhaka 4156 km
China Beijing 3488 km
Myanmar Naypyidaw 1643 km
Nepal Kathmandu 1751 km
Pakistan Islamabad 3233 km
Sri Lanka Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte (Legislative Capital) and Columbo (Executive Capital) Separated by the Gulf of Mannar

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Neighbouring Countries of India in Detail

 Country Important Facts Important Information
  • Bordering States: Jammu and Kashmir (Pakistan-occupied Kashmir region)
  • Official Languages – Dari, Pashto
  • Currency – Afghan Afghani
  • States/ Provinces – 34 Provinces
Afghanistan is a landlocked, multiethnic country in south-central Asia. It is situated along important trade routes between southern and eastern Asia to Europe and the Middle East.
  • Bordering States: Assam, Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh and West Bengal
  • Official Language – Dzongkha
  • Currency – Ngultrum
  • States/ Provinces – 20 States
Bhutan is a country in south-central Asia that is situated in the eastern Himalayan ranges.
  • Bordering States: Mizoram, West Bengal, Meghalaya, Assam and Tripura
  • Official Language – Bengali
  • Currency – Bangladeshi Taka
  • States/ Provinces – 8 Provinces
Bangladesh is a country in South Asia that is situated in the Padma (Ganges) and Jamuna (Brahmaputra) river delta in the northeastern region of the Indian subcontinent. Bangladesh, a riverine country known as the “Land of the Bengals,” is one of the world’s most densely inhabited countries.
  • Bordering States: Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Uttarakhand, Sikkim, and Arunachal Pradesh
  • Official Language – Mandarin
  • Currency – Chinese Yuan
  • States/ Provinces – 26 Provinces
China has the largest population of any nation in the world and is the largest of all Asian countries. it covers almost the entire area of East Asia. Only Russia and Canada are larger countries than China, and it is nearly as big as all of Europe.
  • Bordering States: Manipur, Mizoram, Arunachal Pradesh, and Nagaland
  • Official Language – Burmese
  • Currency – Burmese Kyat
Myanmar is situated in the western part of mainland Southeast Asia. The Union of Burma, which had been the nation’s official English name since 1885, was changed to the Union of Myanmar in 1989.
  • Bordering States: West Bengal, Sikkim, Bihar, Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh
  • Official Language – Nepali
  • Currency – Nepalese Rupee
  • States/ Provinces – 7 Provinces
Nepal is located along the southern Himalayan mountain ranges. It is a landlocked country bordered to the east, south, and west by India and to the north by China’s Tibet Autonomous Region.
  • Bordering States:  Punjab, Jammu and Kashmir, Gujarat, and Rajasthan
  • Official Language – Urdu
  • Currency – Pakistani Rupee
  • States/ Provinces – 4 Provinces
Pakistan is a populous, ethnically diverse country in South Asia. Pakistan has historically and culturally been linked to its neighbours Iran, Afghanistan, and India due to its predominantly Indo-Iranian-speaking people.
Sri Lanka
  • Bordering States: Separated from India by the Gulf of Mannar
  • Official Language – Sinhala, Tamil
  • Currency – Sri Lankan Rupee
  • States/ Provinces – 9 States
The island nation of Sri Lanka is located in the Indian Ocean and is separated from peninsular India by the Palk Strait.

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Neighbouring Countries of India FAQs

What are the Neighbouring countries of India in 2022?

Afghanistan, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Maldives, China, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka are the countries that bordering India.

How many Neighbouring states are there in India?

The countries that share land borders with India are Bangladesh to the east, Myanmar to the far east, China, Bhutan, Nepal to the north, Pakistan, Afghanistan to the north-west and Sri Lanka shared coastal line with India.

What are the capitals of the Neighbouring countries of India?

Capitals of India's Neighbours are: Afghanistan-Kabul, Bangladesh-Dhaka, Bhutan-Thimpu, China-Beijing, Myanmar-Naypyidaw, Nepal-Kathmandu, Pakistan-Islamabad and Sri Lanka-Colombo & Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte.

What is called India Pakistan border?

The geopolitical border is the the Radcliffe Line that divides India and Pakistan.

What is India China border called?

India China border is called as McMahon Line.

Which Indian state has longest border with Pakistan?

Jammu and Kashmir has the longest border with Pakistan at 1222 kilometres, followed by Rajasthan at 1179 kilometres. Punjab has 425 kilometres, compare to 506 km for Gujarat.

Which Indian states border China?

The border with China is shared by Jammu Kashmir, Sikkim, and Arunachal Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand.

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