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Namo Drone Didi Scheme, Features, Benefits

Context: The government announced the allocation of ₹500 crores for the ‘Drone Didi Scheme.

About Drone Didi Scheme

The Namo Drone Didi Scheme scheme targets empowering 15,000 Women Self Help Groups (SHGs) by providing them with drones to offer rental services to farmers.

Need of NAMO Drone Didi Scheme

  • Women Empowerment: Empowering women is crucial for national development, particularly when women are economically empowered and contribute to rural prosperity.
  • Modernization of Agriculture: The scheme addresses the need to modernize agricultural practices by providing cutting-edge technology to rural women, making them the backbone of the rural economy.
  • Job Opportunities: It creates opportunities in the emerging field of drone aeronautics, offering roles for rural women as pilots, mechanics, and spare-part dealers.
  • Efficient Fertigation System: The scheme contributes to the development of an efficient fertigation system, utilizing innovative liquid fertilizers and drone technology for time-saving and equitable distribution.
  • Overcoming Fertilizer Challenges: India’s dependence on fertilizer imports necessitates innovative solutions like liquid nano fertilizers, which can be efficiently distributed through drone technology.

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Benefits of Drone Didi Scheme

  • Rural Women Empowerment: The scheme is set to leverage technological innovation to empower rural women, positioning them as central to the rural economy.
    • Women from Self Help Groups (SHGs) will be trained to operate drone technology.
  • Agricultural Modernization: Addresses the necessity of modernising agricultural practices.
    • Aims to elevate agricultural productivity by providing rural women with access to advanced technological tools.
    • Represents a progressive step towards an agricultural revolution.
  • Employment Creation: The scheme is anticipated to open up new job prospects in the burgeoning sector of drone aeronautics.
    • Opportunities will emerge for rural women as drone pilots, mechanics, and spare-part dealers.
  • Fertigation System Development:
    • Introduces innovative liquid fertilizers like Nano Urea and Nano DAP for foliar application.
    • ‘Fertigation’ involves the delivery of dissolved fertilizers to crops via irrigation systems.
  • Time Efficiency: Automation through agri-drones offers a time-efficient solution for spraying systems.
  • Agrarian Family Support: Aims to create a more equitable and robust agrarian family culture.

Implementation and Impact

  • The scheme provides drones to SHGs, enabling them to rent these drones to farmers for agricultural purposes, thus enhancing productivity and income generation.
  • Rural women trained as drone pilots and mechanics will play a crucial role in operating and maintaining the drones, creating a sustainable ecosystem of employment and empowerment.

Challenges and Solutions

  • India’s fertilizer challenges, including dependence on imports and price volatility, are addressed through indigenous research and development of alternative fertilizers.
  • The efficient fertigation system facilitated by drone technology mitigates challenges in fertilizer distribution and application, contributing to agricultural sustainability.


  • The NAMO Drone Didi Scheme represents a transformative initiative aimed at empowering rural women, modernizing agriculture, and overcoming fertilizer challenges.
  • By leveraging drone technology and promoting women’s participation in agriculture, the scheme is poised to usher in a new era of prosperity and development in rural India.

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Namo Drone Didi Scheme

What is the primary focus of the Namo drone Didi initiative?

The NAMO Drone Didi Initiative is a groundbreaking effort to revitalize farming practices and uplift rural women in India. By providing drones to 15,000 women-led Self Help Groups (SHGs), the initiative seeks to revolutionize agriculture and empower women as key players in the rural economy.

What is the Lakhpati Didi scheme?

The primary goal of this scheme is to support economically disadvantaged women providing them with a loan of INR 5 lakh without interest.

What is the main objective of drone?

They are mostly used for surveillance in areas and terrains where troops are unable to safely go.

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