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List of Military Operations of India, Name, Location, Year

Military Operations of India

Military Operations of India has always worked for regional security and world peace. It is clear from history that the Indian Military have carried out a number of military operations that have helped in eradicating unrest and terrorism. One of the most renowned armed forces in the world, the Indian Armed Forces always offers its services free of charge to quell unrest. Whether it is in any friendly country, UN Peace Operations, or our own nation. Read this article to check out List of Military Operations of India.

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List of Military Operations of India

Operation Polo 1948

The goal of the Indian Armed Forces’ operation was to formally incorporate the State of Hyderabad into the Indian Union. From September 13 through September 18, 1948, it happened. The Nizam Army of Hyderabad State and the Dominion of India were the combatants in this action. Hyderabad was freed in India as a consequence of India’s resounding victory in this operation.

Operation Vijay 1961

The goal of Operation Vijay was to free Goa, which was under Portuguese control in the Republic of India. The dates of this procedure were December 18 and 19, 1961. Portugal and the Republic of India were the combatants. Indian forces won the battle and annexed Goa, Daman, and Diu into India as a consequence. Check here all about Goa Liberation Day in detail.

Operation Cactus Lilly 1971

Indian Air Force primarily carried out this mission in East Pakistan (currently Bangladesh). The period of this exercise was December 3–16, 1971. Additionally, the action was carried out to advance the Bangladeshi liberation struggle. The mission ended in a resounding Indian victory, which led to Bangladesh’s establishment as a new nation in 1971.

Operation Trident 1971

India’s first naval assault against Pakistan was called Operation Trident. Essentially, the action took place on December 4th and 5th, 1971, as a part of the Bangladesh Liberation War. In Karachi Harbor Port, the Indian Navy significantly reduced the fleet of the Pakistani Navy during this mission. The operation ended in a resounding Indian victory, so we commemorate it by celebrating Navy Day on December 4th.

Operation Meghdoot 1984

The Indian Armed Forces primarily carried out the mission to seize the Siachen Glacier in the Kashmir region. This military operation, which began on April 13th, 1984, was special because it was the initial attack on the highest battlefield in the world. Additionally, the operation gave the Indians the uppermost battlefield win. The entire Siachen Glacier and its subsidiary glaciers are located in India.

Operation Blue Star 1984

The then-prime minister, Indira Gandhi, essentially started the operation to quell the turmoil in the Punjab state. In June 1984, the mission was in charge. The Sikh Militants working out of the Golden Temple and calling for a separate country called Khalistan were to blame for the unrest in Punjab. In the end, all of the militants were killed as a consequence of the operation.

Operation Cactus 1988

In November 1988, the Indian Armed Forces began a mission. The operation’s goal was to safeguard and defend Maldives President M.A. Gayoon, who was in danger from mercenaries. The combined efforts of the Indian Army, Navy, and Air Force during the mission led to the termination of the mercenaries. Check here all about Operation Cactus in Maldives in detail.

Operation Rajeev 1987

The Indian Army essentially carried out the operation in Siachen, J&K, to seize the Qaid post that was under Pakistani control. PVC Honorary Captain Bana Singh, a living icon, served as the captain of one of the operations teams. The operation eventually led to an Indian victory and the capture of the Qaid post, which was later renamed to “Bana post,” honouring the valiant Bana Singh.

Operation Pawan 1987

The Indian Peace Keeping Force carried out the operation to put a stop to LTTE disturbance in Sri Lanka. The Operation happened between October 11 and October 25, 1987. Rajeev Gandhi was the Prime Minister when the mission began. Operation yields a win for the IPKF.

Operation Vijay 1999

Operation Vijay is a common name for the 1999 war between India and Pakistan. Between May and July of 1999, it happened. The invasion of Pakistani forces into Indian posts is what started the conflict. Indian forces decisively won the battle, allowing them to retake the intruded positions.

Operation Safed Sagar 1999

During the 1999 Kargil conflict, the Indian Air Force conducted this mission. This mission’s primary goal was to support the ground forces during Operation Vijay. The Air Forces ensured supplies and provided the required support by bombing key locations.

Operation Talwar 1999

During the 1999 Kargil conflict, naval fleets were stationed in the North Arabian Sea as part of this mission. The purpose of this operation was to support Operation Vijay and demonstrate naval strength. The undertaking was essential to Indian Victory.

Operation Parakram 2001

This procedure began on December 13th, 2001. In essence, the mission began following the attacks on the Indian Parliament. The Indo-Pak frontier was guarded by thousands of Indian soldiers. It is the biggest military drill that any Asian nation has ever conducted.

Operation Black Tornado 2008

The NSG commandos began the mission during the 26/11 attacks in Mumbai in 2008. It was a mission that involved both killing terrorists and rescuing hostages. All nine terrorists were killed as a consequence of the operation. The NSG’s 51 and 52 Special Action Groups are given credit for the mission.

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Military Operations of India by Armed Forces

Here is the list of all the military operations of the Indian Armed Forces.  Indian Army, Indian Navy, and Indian Air Force are all part of the combined troops known as the Indian Armed Troops. The President of India is the Indian military forces’ Supreme Commander. Under the direction of India’s Ministry of Defence (MoD), our nation’s armed forces have taken part in several significant military missions. maintains the second-largest armed forces in the globe, with an estimated 1,325,000 personnel total.

List of Military Operations of India by Indian Army

Military Operations of India have significant importance in India’s war and win against the enemies, here are the details in the list about the military operations in India:

Military Operation Year Location
Operation Polo 1948 Hyderabad
Golden Temple Raid I 1955 Punjab
Operation Vijay 1961 Goa, Daman & Diu
Operation Steeplechase 1971 Red Corridor
Amalgamation of Sikkim Sikkim
Operation Blue Star 1984 Punjab
Operation Woodrose 1984 Punjab
Operation Red Rose 1984 Punjab
Operation Shivalik 1985 Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh (mainly Terai Regions)
Operation Black Thunder I 1986 Punjab
Operation Pacification 1986 Punjab
Operation Mand 1986 Punjab
Operation Bluebird 1987 Manipur
Golden Temple Raid II 1987 Punjab
Operation Pawan 1987 Sri Lanka
Operation Black Thunder II 1988 Punjab
Operation Night Dominance 1990-1994 Punjab
Operation Rakshak I 1990 Punjab
Operation Vadhi Pahar 1991 Punjab
Operation Election 1992 Punjab
Golden Temple Raid III 1992 Punjab
Operation Sarp Vinash 2003 Jammu and Kashmir
Operation Black Tornado 2008 Mumbai, Maharashtra
Operation All Out 1990
2015 Indian counter-insurgency operation in Myanmar 2015 Myanmar
Operation Calm Down 2016 Jammu and Kashmir
Operation Randori Behak 2020 Jammu and Kashmir
Operation Devi Shakti 2021 Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, Afghanistan
Operation Ganga 2022 Ukraine

Military Operations of India by Indian Navy

  • Operation Vijay (1961): Annexation of Goa
  • Operation Trident (1971): During the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971, an offensive operation was initiated against Pakistan’s port city of Karachi.
  • Operation Python (1971): Operation Trident, a 1971 attack on Karachi, Pakistan’s port metropolis, was followed up on.
  • Operation Cactus (1988): Against the attempt intended to topple the Maldives government.
  • During Operation Restore Hope (1992–2003)
  • Operation Talwar (1999): Blockage of Karachi Port
  • Operation Parakram (2001)
  • During Operation Enduring Freedom (2001)
  • During 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake (Operation Madath, Operation Sea Waves, Operation Castor, Operation Rainbow, Operation Gambhir& Operation Rahat-II)
  • Operation Sukoon (2006): a relief effort during the 2006 Lebanon War to remove Indian, Sri Lankan, Nepalese, and Lebanese citizens with Indian wives from the conflict zone.
  • Operation Searchlight (2014): The Indian Navy is conducting a search operation to locate the Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 M.H 17 that has vanished.
  • Operation Raahat (2015): During Saudi Arabia’s and its allies’ 2015 military involvement in Yemen during the Yemeni Crisis, an operation by the Indian Armed Forces to evacuate Indian citizens and other foreign nationals from Yemen took place.
  • Operation Nistar (India) (2018): Operation by the Indian Navy to rescue Indian residents trapped by Cyclone Mekenu on the Yemeni island of Socotra using the INS Sunayna.
  • Operation Madad (2018): Operation Madad, a significant rescue and relief mission in flood-stricken Kerala, had been started by the Indian Navy. Due to flooding in many areas of Kerala, the operation was started to aid state government and carry out disaster relief operations.
  • Operation Samudra Setu (2020): This mission was started to repatriate Indian citizens who have been harmed abroad during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Military Operations of India by Air Force

  • Military Operation During World War II (1939–1945)
  • Military Operation During First Kashmir War (1947)
  • Military Operation During Congo Crisis (1961)
  • Military Operation During Sino-Indian War (1962)
  • Military Operation During Second Kashmir War (1965)
  • Military Operation During Bangladesh Liberation War (Operation Meghna Heli Bridge) (1971)
  • Meghna Heli Bridge (1971)
  • Tangail Airdrop (1971)
  • Operation Meghdoot (1984)
  • Operation Poomalai (1987)
  • Operation Cactus (1988)
  • Operation Safed Sagar (1999)
  • Atlantique incident (1999)
  • Operation Rahat (2013) in Uttarakhand floods
  • Operation Maitri (2015) Indian Military’s rescue and relief mission in quake-hit Nepal
  • Operation Sankat Mochan (India) (2016) During the South Sudanese Civil War, the Indian Air Force conducted an evacuation of Indian citizens as well as other foreign residents from South Sudan in light of the 2016 Juba clashes.
  • Operation Insaniyat (2017): A humanitarian effort sought to send Bangladeshi migrant Muslims from Rohingya with rescue supplies.
  • Operation Bandar (2019): To exact revenge for the terror attack in Pulwama, the IAF began an operation to bomb the largest Jaish-e-Mohammed terror camp in Balakot. In this action, 45 terrorists suffered serious injuries and between 17 and 200 terrorists were killed.
  • Operation Ganga (2022): With the aid of the Indian Air Force and a few commercial airlines, the Government of India will conduct an operation to evacuate its citizens—mostly students—from Ukraine if Russia invades that country in 2022.
  • Operation Dost (2023): Turkey and Syria earthquake.

Military Operations of India UPSC

A military operation is a state’s or a non-state actor’s coordinated use of military force in response to an evolving circumstance. These measures are intended as a combat strategy to influence the outcome in the state’s or actor’s favour. Students can read all the details related to UPSC by visiting the official website of StudyIQ UPSC Online Coaching.

The UPSC Syllabus includes the Military Operation of India as a significant topic of Security subject. The UPSC Mock Test can help candidates prepare for the exam with more precision.

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Military Operations of India FAQs

Which was the biggest military operation in India?

Operation Vijay (1999) was the biggest military operation in India.

What are the military operations of IAF?

Operations undertaken by the IAF include Operation Vijay, Operation Meghdoot, Operation Cactus and Operation Poomalai.

What are the three types of Army operations?

Military operations are categorized as peacetime, conflict, and war.

How many operational are there for the Indian Army?

With strength of over 1.4 million active personnel, it is the world's second-largest military force and has the world's largest volunteer army.

What are the three levels of military operations?

The three levels of military operations are strategic, operational, and tactical.

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