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List of Districts of India State-wise, Name, Population

India, with its vast geographical expanse and diverse population, is administratively divided into states and union territories. These states and union territories are further subdivided into districts, which serve as the primary units of administration. As of March 30, 2024, India comprises a total of 806 districts. These districts play a crucial role in governance, administration, revenue collection, and law enforcement.

Districts of India

The term “Districts of India” refers to the administrative subdivisions of the Indian states and union territories. These districts further divide the larger states into smaller, manageable units for better governance and development. In this article, you will get all about the List of Number of Districts of India State-wise.

Districts act as the bridge between the state government and the grassroots level. They oversee local administration, implementing state policies and programs within their boundaries. Each district is headed by a District Collector, also known as the District Magistrate, who is the chief executive officer responsible for overall administration.

Division of Districts in India

  • The district is further divided into sub-divisions, each led by a Sub-divisional Magistrate.
  • These sub-divisions are then composed of tehsils or talukas, smaller administrative units governed by Tehsildars or Talukdars.
  • At the village level, Gram Panchayats represent the smallest tier of local governance.

How Many Districts in India in 2024?

Currently, there are 806 districts in India. This number has been steadily increasing in recent years due to the creation of new districts for better administration and development. These districts are spread across 28 states and 8 union territories. The number of districts in India can change over time. For example, Madhya Pradesh will add three new districts, increasing the total number from 52 to 55.

List of Number of Districts of India State-wise

Number of districts in each state or UT
S.No. State/Union Territory No. of districts Population
1 Andhra Pradesh 26 49,577,103
2 Arunachal Pradesh 26 1,383,727
3 Assam 35 31,205,576
4 Bihar 38 104,099,452
5 Chhattisgarh 33 25,545,198
6 Goa 2 1,458,545
7 Gujarat 33 60,439,692
8 Haryana 22 25,351,462
9 Himachal Pradesh 13 6,864,602
10 Jharkhand 24 32,988,134
11 Karnataka 31 61,095,297
12 Kerala 14 33,406,061
13 Madhya Pradesh 57 72,626,809
14 Maharashtra 36 112,374,333
15 Manipur 16 2,570,390
16 Meghalaya 12 2,966,889
17 Mizoram 11 1,097,206
18 Nagaland 16 1,978,502
19 Odisha 30 41,974,218
20 Punjab 23 27,743,338
21 Rajasthan 55 68,548,437
22 Sikkim 6 610,577
23 Tamil Nadu 38 72,147,030
24 Telangana 33 35,003,674
25 Tripura 8 3,673,917
26 Uttar Pradesh 76 199,812,341
27 Uttarakhand 17 10,086,292
28 West Bengal 30 91,276,115

List of Number of Districts of India in Union Territory

Number of districts in each Union Territory
#  Union Territory No. of districts Population
1 Andaman and Nicobar Islands 3 380,581
2 Chandigarh 1 1,055,450
3 Dadra and Nagar Haveli and Daman and Diu 3 586,956
4 Jammu and Kashmir 20 12,258,093
5 Ladakh 4 290,492
6 Lakshadweep 1 64,473
7 Delhi 11 16,787,941
8 Puducherry 4 1,247,953

Largest and Smallest District in India

Here are some of the largest and smallest districts in India: 
  • Largest district: Kutch, Gujarat, with an area of 45,652 km2
  • Smallest district: Mahé, Puducherry, with an area of 8.69 km2
  • Most populated district: North 24 Parganas, West Bengal, with a population of 10,082,852
  • Least populated district: Dibang Valley, Arunachal Pradesh, with a population of 8,004

Largest District in India

Gujarat’s Kachchh district is the largest in India. Pakistan borders it to the north and northwest, while Rajasthan State borders it to the northeast. The district’s overall area is 45,674 square kilometers, or 23.27% of Gujarat’s entire geographic area.

Smallest District in India

One of the four districts in the Indian union territory of Puducherry is Mahe. It encompasses the entire Mahé region. Mahé is India’s tiniest district in terms of area. North Malabar in Kerala State encircles the entire Mahé district.

Most Populated District in India

As of the 2011 census, the most populated district in India was Thane, Maharashtra with a population of 11,060,148. The least populated district was Dibang Valley, Arunachal Pradesh with a population of 8,004. The most populated states in India are Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Bihar. Here are the top 10 most populous districts in India as of December 19, 2023, based on provisional population estimates for Q2 FY 2023-24:

S.No. District State
Population (lakhs)**
1 Thane Maharashtra 180.55
2 North 24 Parganas West Bengal 160.9
3 Bangalore Karnataka 126.7
4 Delhi East Delhi 120.12
5 Delhi North Delhi 118.34
6 Mumbai Suburban Maharashtra 115.06
7 Kolkata West Bengal 112.09
8 Hyderabad Telangana 95.7
9 Pune Maharashtra 94.27
10 Ahmedabad Gujarat 87.79

The State governments are in charge of creating new districts, altering current districts, or eradicating existing districts. Either an executive order or a bill passed by the State Assembly can establish a new district. Numerous States favour the executive method, which involves merely publishing a notification in the official gazette.

In the modification or formation of new districts, the Center has no involvement. The choice is up to the state. When a State wants to modify the name of a district or a railroad station, the Home Ministry is involved. The state government’s request is approved by the departments including the Ministry of Earth Sciences, Intelligence Bureau, Department of Posts, Geographical Survey of India Sciences, and the Railway Ministry. After reviewing their responses, the state government is given a certificate of no objection.

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Which is the largest district in India?

The largest district in India by area is Kutch district in Gujarat.

Which is Indias largest district?

Gujarat's Kachchh district is India's biggest district. Pakistan borders it to the north and northwest, while Rajasthan State borders it to the northeast. The district's overall area is 45,674 square kilometres, or 23.27% of Gujarat's entire geographic area.

Which is the smallest district in India?

Mahé is India's smallest district in terms of area. North Malabar in Kerala State encircles the entire Mahé district. Kozhikode District is on one side, and the Kannur District is on three sides. Geographically, North Malabar includes the Mahé district.

How many districts are there in India 2024?

There are 806 districts in India at present.

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