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IPS Officer Salary 2024, In Hand, Pay Scale and Allowances

The Indian Police Service (IPS) is one of the All India Services, primarily responsible for maintaining public peace and order, crime prevention and investigation, and enforcement of the law. The salary of an IPS officer is structured according to the recommendations of the 7th Central Pay Commission. Check out IPS Salary in detail in this article.

IPS Officer Salary 2024

In 2024, an IPS officer’s starting salary is INR 56,100 per month, reaching up to INR 2,25,000 per month. The in-hand salary is around INR 54,000 after deductions. IPS officers receive various allowances like House Rent Allowance, Dearness Allowance, and Transport Allowance. They also enjoy perks such as official vehicles, security, subsidized electricity and phone bills, and household staff. Post-retirement benefits include a lifelong pension, medical coverage, and gratuity.

IPS Salary Per Month

At the start of their career, an IPS officer’s salary is INR 56,100 per month, potentially rising to INR 2,25,000 per month with experience. While the appealing salary is significant, it should not be the only reason to pursue a career in the UPSC. IPS officers play crucial roles in maintaining law and order, combating crime, and ensuring national security, making it a prestigious and rewarding career choice.

IPS Officers Salary Structure in India

The IPS salary structure in India is determined by the 7th Pay Commission and varies based on rank, experience, and location.

Starting Salary

At the beginning of their career, an IPS officer’s salary starts at INR 56,100 per month. This salary increases significantly with promotions and years of service, potentially reaching up to INR 2,25,000 per month.

Salary Components

  1. Basic Pay: The foundation of an IPS officer’s salary.
  2. Grade Pay: Additional pay based on the officer’s rank and experience.
  3. Dearness Allowance (DA): A cost-of-living adjustment allowance.
  4. House Rent Allowance (HRA): Assistance with accommodation costs.
  5. Transport Allowance (TA): Coverage of travel expenses.
  6. Other Allowances: Various other allowances based on specific roles and responsibilities.

IPS Salary Structure after 7th Pay Commission

IPS Rank Starting Salary (INR) Maximum Salary (INR)
Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) 56,100 1,77,500
Additional Superintendent of Police 67,700 1,82,200
Superintendent of Police (SP) 78,800 2,05,400
Deputy Inspector General of Police 1,31,100 2,16,600
Inspector General of Police 1,44,200 2,18,200
Director General of Police (DGP) 2,05,400 2,25,000

IPS In-Hand Salary

After deductions such as Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS), National Pension Scheme (NPS), insurance, and taxes, the in-hand salary of an IPS officer is approximately INR 54,000 to INR 2,00,000 per month, depending on their rank and experience.

Perks and Benefits

Indian Police Service (IPS) officers enjoy a range of perks and benefits that make their career both rewarding and fulfilling. Here’s a glimpse into the advantages that come with serving in the IPS:

Perks and Benefits Description
Accommodation Rent-free housing or substantial House Rent Allowance (HRA) provided for comfortable living arrangements
Official Vehicles Official vehicles with dedicated drivers for convenient transportation during official duties
Medical Facilities Comprehensive health coverage extended to officers and their families for quality healthcare services
Security Personal security guards and residence security measures provided to ensure safety and well-being
Phone and Electricity Bills Subsidized or fully covered expenses for phone bills and electricity bills
Travel Concessions Discounts on official travel expenses, including accommodations and transportation
Study Leave Opportunities for further education and skill development with paid leave allowances
Post-Retirement Benefits Pension along with medical coverage and additional benefits upon retirement
Recognition and Respect Immense respect and recognition from society for serving in one of India’s esteemed civil services
Challenging and Rewarding Work Fulfilling responsibilities contributing to maintaining law and order, justice, and national security

IAS vs IPS Salary

Both IPS and IAS officers salary of INR 56,100. However, an IAS officer can earn up to INR 2,50,000 at the highest level, while an IPS officer’s maximum pay is INR 2,25,000. This difference in pay is due to the varying tasks and responsibilities, with IAS officers having more extensive and diverse roles.

Scale IAS Salary (INR) IPS Salary (INR)
Junior Scale Salary Rs. 56,100 Rs. 56,100
Senior Time Scale Salary Rs. 67,700 Rs. 67,700
Junior Administrative Grade Rs. 78,800 Rs. 78,800
Selection Grade Salary Rs. 1,18,500 Rs. 1,18,500
Super Time Scale Salary Rs. 1,31,100 Rs. 1,31,100
Above Super Time Scale Rs. 1,44,200 Rs. 1,44,200
Apex Scale Salary Rs. 2,50,000 Rs. 2,25,000
Cabinet Secretary Grade Not Available Not Available

IPS Officer Job Profile

Responsibilities Description
Upholding Law and Order Enforcing laws, preventing crimes, and maintaining public order within assigned jurisdictions.
Apprehending Wrongdoers Identifying, apprehending, and prosecuting individuals involved in criminal activities.
Addressing Accidents Responding to accidents, emergencies, and disasters to provide assistance, maintain order, and ensure public safety.
Combating Human and Drug Trafficking Implementing strategies to detect, prevent, and combat human trafficking and illegal drug trade.
Curbing Smuggling Activities Investigating and preventing the smuggling of contraband goods, including drugs, weapons, and counterfeit items.
Overseeing Railway Security Ensuring the safety and security of railway infrastructure, passengers, and cargo against criminal activities.
Ensuring Border Integrity Monitoring and safeguarding national borders to prevent illegal immigration, smuggling, and terrorist infiltration.
Countering Terrorism Developing and implementing counter-terrorism measures to mitigate threats and respond effectively to terrorist acts.
Monitoring Cybercrime Investigating and combating cybercrimes, including hacking, identity theft, online fraud, and cyber-terrorism.

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IPS Salary FAQs

What is IPS salary per month?

The in-hand salary of an IPS officer is determined based on the guidelines set by the 7th Pay Commission. For UPSC IPS 2023, the entry-level basic pay is Rs 56,100. This IPS salary in India per month encompasses various allowances and perks, resulting in a gross salary range of approximately Rs 71,000 to Rs 72,000.

Is IPS a good job?

Being an IPS officer is the most noble profession that you can opt for in India. The job comes with a good salary and lots of respect in society. You also get a chance to make change in society.

Is the IPS exam difficult?

The UPSC conducts a three-stage examination to select candidates for both IAS as well as IPS officers, known as the Civil Services Examination.

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