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IAS Salary Grade Pay, Post-wise Salary, After 7th Pay Commission

IAS Officer Salary varies as per post which follows by 7th Pay Commission, and the level of payment is IAS officers starting salary is INR  56,100 per month, this is excluding allowances like TA, DA and HRA and it will reach  up to INR 2,50,000 at the post of Cabinet Secretary which highest post of IAS Officer which is selected by the UPSC. IAS also receive a grade pay, which varies on the position held. It ranges from INR 5,400 for Junior Scale officers to INR 10,000 for the position Cabinet Secretary which is highest post in Civil Services

What is IAS Salary?

Basic overview of IAS Officers Salary in India is provided here with other information. Additional to the IAS Salary, aspirants are drawn to the pride and respect associated with working for the government. Power, responsibility, and the chance to serve nation all play significant roles. Check out the IAS Salary overview below in the table:

IAS Salary Overview
IAS Salary IAS Salary Details
IAS Starting Salary 56100
Salary of IAS Officer During Training Approx. ₹33,000–35,000 varies as per deductions
IAS Salary after 8 years of Service ₹1,31,249 per month or ₹15.75 lakh per year
Highest salary of IAS officer ₹2,50,000
IAS Salary Pay Commission 7th Pay Commission
IAS Salary & Allowances DA, HRA, TA (Travel Allowances)

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UPSC IAS Job Profile

Stage Designation Responsibilities
Training Period Probationary Officer Induction training,  Foundation training,  Field training and exposure
Early Years Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM) Administrative head of a sub-division,  Revenue administration.  Law and order maintenance
5-8 years Additional District Magistrate (ADM) Supervision of developmental work,  Crisis management, Revenue administration
9-12 years District Magistrate (DM) or Deputy Secretary District administration and development,  Law and order maintenance,  Policy implementation
13-16 years Divisional Commissioner or Director  Overseeing multiple districts,  Coordination and policy implementation at divisional level
16-24 years Secretary-cum-Commissioner or Joint Secretary Departmental head,  Formulating and implementing policies at the state level
25-30 years Principal Secretary or Additional Secretary Senior bureaucratic role,  Policy formulation and implementation at the state level
30-33 years Additional Chief Secretary Overseeing entire departments, Advising the government on policy matters
34-36 years Chief Secretary and Secretary Chief executive of the state administration,  Liaison with the central government
37+ years Cabinet Secretary of India Head of the Civil Services,  Advising the Prime Minister and the President

IAS Salary Post wise

IAS Officers salary after clearing Civil Services would be INR 56,100 without the allowances like HRA, TA and DA. The Highest IAS Officer Salary per month is the Cabinet Secretary Salary which is ₹250000 INR. The salary of IAS would be the same at the entry level of all the newly recruited IAS officers, and it would increase with tenure and promotions.

IAS Officers Rank Wise Post Basic Pay Pay Level Total Years of Service
SDM, Undersecretary, Assistant Secretary ₹56100 10 1-4 years
ADM, Deputy Secretary, Undersecretary ₹67,700 11 5-8 years
District Magistrate, Joint Secretary, Deputy Secretary ₹78,800 12 9-12 years
District Magistrate, Deputy Secretary, Director ₹1,18,500 13 13-16 years
Divisional Commissioner, Secretary-cum-Commissioner, Joint Secretary ₹1,44,200 14 16-24 years
Divisional Commissioner, Principal Secretary, Additional Secretary ₹1,82,200 15 25-30 years
Additional Chief Secretary ₹2,05,400 16 30-33 years
Chief Secretary and Secretary ₹2,25,000 17 34-36 years
Cabinet Secretary of India ₹2,50,000 18 37+ years

IAS Officer Salary after 7th Pay Commission

The “Pay Grade for Civil Services” method was previously used to determine IAS officer salaries, however the 7th Central Pay Commission has since implemented “Consolidated Pay Levels.” Therefore, the ‘Basic Pay’ coupled with DA, TA, and HRA will now serve as the only basis for determining the IAS salary in India and the pay scale. Because of this, even at the beginning level, the IAS officer remuneration will be excellent.

The 7th Pay Commission is the most recent pay commission that is used to determine IAS Officer Salary in India. See below for the IAS salary according to the 6th Pay Commission. This was the previous organization that was used.

Changes in IAS Salary Structure
Total years required in service Officers Grade Position of the Officer Pay Scale
Junior or Lower Time Scale Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM), SDO, or Sub-Collector (after 2 years of probation) 15600 – 39100
5 Senior Time Scale District Magistrate (DM) or Collector or a Joint Secretary of a Government Ministry 15600 – 39100
9 Junior Administrative Special Secretary or the Head of Various Government Departments 15600 – 39100
12 – 15 Selection Grade Secretary to a Ministry 37400 – 67000
17 – 20 Super Time Scale Principal Secretary of a Very Important Department of the Government 37400 – 67000
Varies Above Super Time Scale Varies 37400 – 67000
Varies Apex Scale Chief Secretary of States, Union Secretaries in charge of various ministries of the Government of India 80000 (Fixed)
Varies Cabinet Secretary Grade Cabinet Secretary of India 90000 (Fixed)

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IAS Officer Grade Pay

In IAS salary in India per month is been classified into 8 grades with varied pay scales and grade pay. Each level also has a specified number of years of service.

Post Grade Pay of IAS Officer
Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM), SDO, or Sub-Collector (after 2 years of probation) 5400
District Magistrate (DM) or Collector or a Joint Secretary of a Government Ministry 6600
Special Secretary or the Head of Various Government Departments 7600
Secretary to a Ministry 8700
Principal Secretary of a Very Important Department of the Government 8700
Varies 12000
Chief Secretary of States, Union Secretaries in charge of various ministries of the Government of India NA
Cabinet Secretary of India NA
  • IAS junior scale pay scale is from 50,000 to 1,50,000 with a grade pay of 16,500. No prior experience is necessary for this entry-level position.
  • Senior Time Scale: 50,000-1,50,000 Pay Scale with a 20,000 Rupee Grade Pay. There should be 5 years of service.
  • Junior Administrative Grade: Rs. 50,000–1,50,02 pay range with a Rs. 23,000 grade pay. Nine years of service are necessary.

Highest salary of IAS officer  is at post of Cabinet Secretary, with a pay scale of 250,000 (Fixed) and a range of years of service.

IAS Officer Salary Video Explanation

IAS Salary Perks

In addition to the basic UPSC IAS salary and allowances, IAS officers enjoy a range of additional perks as part of their overall compensation package. Here are some common benefits:

  • Official Residence: IAS officers are either provided with an official accommodation or receive a house rent allowance if no official residence is available.
  • Domestic Help: IAS officers are entitled to domestic help services, including a cook, gardener, and attendant.
  • Medical Facilities: IAS officers and their dependents receive medical benefits at government hospitals and dispensaries.
  • Travel Allowances: IAS officers are granted travel allowances for official tours and deputations.
  • Study Leave: IAS officers have the option to take study leave to pursue higher education or training programs.
  • Retirement Benefits: Upon retirement, IAS officers are entitled to pension and other retirement benefits.
  • Security: Depending on the perceived threat level, IAS officers are provided with security personnel.
  • Office Facilities: IAS officers receive office facilities, including a computer, printer, and internet connection.
  • Telephone Bill Reimbursement: IAS officers are eligible for the reimbursement of their telephone bills.
  • Leave Travel Concession: IAS officers can avail of leave travel concession for travel within India.

IAS Officer Salary per Month 2023

According to the most recent 7th Pay Commission, the starting and entry-level IAS Officer Salary is 56100, which increases to 56100 – 132000 each month. The monthly IAS salary in India rises with experience and with each promotion. The Cabinet Secretary, the top position in India, earns about RS 250,000 per month. This comes after serving as an IAS official for more than 37 years. The monthly IAS salary also includes DA, which is 9%, for a total of Rs 2.5 lakh + 9% per month, or around Rs 32.7 lakh annually.

IAS Officer Salary and Allowances

There are a number of additional allowances and components in addition to the basic salary in the IAS salary for 2023. According to 7th Pay Commission guidelines, the HRA allowance is 24%, 16%, and 8%. The city to which you are posted determines the HRA. Additionally, HRA will be enhanced when DA surpasses 50% and 100% in accordance with the 7th Pay Commission. However, the IAS officer wage structure does not include a raise for the Transport Allowance. The DA, which is 125%, and the TA have been combined.

  • HRA in Class X- Only 8 Cities has- 24% HRA Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, (Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, and Pune)
  • HRA in Class Y- Approximately 100 Towns has (With a Population above 5 Lakhs) – 16% HRA
  • HRA in Class Z- In Rural Areas – It is 8% HRA

IAS Officer Salary and Facilities

The powers and facilities within the Job of an Officer IAS are unmatched by any other profession. The list of benefits obtained by an IAS officer is shown below, in addition to the excellent IAS income per month in hand:

  • Security: An officer is given a security guard for himself and his family due to the high profile and frequently dangerous nature of the job. They also receive STF commandos when there is a threat to their lives.
  • Residence: IAS officers are given housing with either very low or no rent. Additionally, they offered the services of butlers, cooks, maids, gardeners, and security personnel.
  • Transport: For formal purposes, they are given access to automobiles with a driver.
  • Subsidized Bills: Officers typically receive heavily discounted rates on gas, water, and  electricity.
  • Trips: When officers travel to Delhi, they can stay at Government guest homes for a reduced rate. They might utilize the lodging offered in the relevant state Bhavan.
  • Job security: IAS officers have a secure position because it is difficult to terminate an officer and the procedure necessitates a thorough investigation as required by the constitution.
  • Study leaves: IAS officers are granted a formal 2–4-year study leave, which is a fantastic perk. They can also enroll in programs at reputable international universities; the government will cover the costs. An officer must have served a minimum of seven years in the military in order to be able to use this facility, and they must also sign a bond stipulating that they will return to the government and serve for a set period of time.
  • Post-retirement benefits: IAS officers may be appointed to commissions and tribunals as post-retirement benefits. A lot of officers are also sought after by private consulting firms due to their priceless administrative experience.

IAS Salary Slip

ias salary slip

Highest Salary of IAS Officer

The highest salary for an IAS officer is ₹2,50,000 per month. This is for the post of Cabinet Secretary, which is level 18 on the pay scale. The Cabinet Secretary position requires at least 37 years of service.
The salary for an entry-level IAS officer is ₹56,100 per month. This is for level 10 on the pay scale. IAS officers also receive grade pay, which ranges from ₹5,400 for Junior Scale officers to ₹10,000 for the Cabinet Secretary. The monthly IAS salary also includes a 9% DA. This adds up to about ₹32.7 lakh per year.

IAS Promotion

IAS promotions are contingent upon both the duration of service and performance assessments. The following table outlines the typical progression timeline for IAS officers:

Years in Service Designation
5-8 years Additional District Magistrate (ADM)
9-12 years District Magistrate (DM) or Deputy Secretary
13-16 years Divisional Commissioner or Director
16-24 years Secretary-cum-Commissioner or Joint Secretary
25-30 years Principal Secretary or Additional Secretary
30-33 years Additional Chief Secretary
34-36 years Chief Secretary and Secretary
37+ years Cabinet Secretary of India

In this progression, officers move through various administrative roles, gaining responsibilities and authority as they advance in their careers.

IAS vs IPS Salary

Most of the time, the salaries for IAS and IPS are identical. INR 56,100 is the starting wage for both IAS and IPS officers, before TA, DA, and HRA. A Cabinet Secretary may receive the highest monthly salary of an IAS officer, which is up to INR 2,50,000. Similar to a DGP, an IPS can earn up to INR 2,50,000 as their highest salary. As you can see, the pay is the same, but it also depends on the position and seniority.

IFS vs IAS Salary

Depending on seniority, the IAS compensation ranges from 56,100 to 2,50,000. However, an IFS officer’s pay range ranges from 15,600 to 39,100. And a Cabinet Secretary may earn up to INR 90,000 annually as an IFS officer in India. Not to mention, the country in which IFS officers are deployed determines their pay. IFS personnel stationed outside of India receive a foreign allowance, which significantly alters the entire wage structure. However, in India, the IAS remuneration unquestionably exceeds that of an IFS officer.


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IAS Salary FAQs

What is the IAS Officer Salary in India?

The entry-level IAS Salary is 56,100 INR as per the 7th Pay Commission, and it can go on to reach 2,50,000 INR for a cabinet secretary.

What is the IAS Salary during training?

IAS officer gets a salary during 02-year training at LBSNAA, and sometimes people call the IAS salary during a training session as ‘stipended’.

Who pays the IAS Officer Salary?

One of the most important things about the IAS salary is that it is decided by the Union Government of India, but it is paid from state funds.

Is the Salary of IAS Officer in India higher than the IPS Salary?

Yes, when it comes to pay scale the IAS officer salary is a little higher than the IPS salary.

What are the allowances given to an IAS Officer?

Apart from salary, an IAS officer gets Dearness Allowance, House Rent Allowance, Travel Allowance, and other benefits as well. The allowances are added over the basic pay of the salary.


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