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UPSC Public Administration Syllabus for Optional Paper 1 & 2, Download PDF

UPSC Public Administration Syllabus

Public Administration is one of the optional subjects with two papers in the UPSC Civil Services Mains Exam (Optional Paper I and Paper II). The IAS Exam Mains stage consists of nine papers. Public Administration is one of the 48 subjects available in the UPSC optional list. This article contains the IAS Public Administration syllabus for the UPSC exam.

Each paper carries 250 marks. If one follows the syllabus and consults the appropriate UPSC Public Administration Books, public administration is a scoring topic.

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UPSC Public Administration Optional Syllabus

The UPSC Public Administration Syllabus for both Paper I and Paper II is given below.

UPSC Public Administration Syllabus Paper I

Administration Theory

  1. Introduction
  2. Administrative Thought
  3. Administrative Behaviour
  4. Organisations
  5. Accountability and Control
  6. Administrative Law
  7. Comparative Public Administration
  8. Development Dynamics
  9. Personnel Administration
  10. Public Policy
  11. Techniques of Administrative Improvement
  12. Financial Administration


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UPSC Public Administration Syllabus Paper II

Indian Administration 

  1. Evolution of Indian Administration
  2. Philosophical and Constitutional framework of Government
  3. Public Sector Undertakings
  4. Union Government and Administration
  5. Plans and Priorities
  6. State Government and Administration
  7. District Administration since Independence
  8. Civil Services
  9. Financial Management
  10. Administrative Reforms since Independence
  11. Urban Local Government
  12. Law and Order Administration
  13. Significant issues in Indian Administration

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While Public Administration for UPSC has the potential to be a very high-scoring option, IAS aspirants should keep in mind that thorough preparation is required to score well in this paper. To crack the UPSC Public Administration papers, candidates should solve more questions from previous years’ UPSC question papers and read ARC reports. For a faster and easier preparation for the IAS exam, prepare for Public Administration as well as General Studies. Check out the linked article for more information on similar optional subject syllabi. Understand the detailed IAS syllabus and exam pattern to better understand the examination and plan your preparation accordingly.

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Is public administration easy for UPSC?

The subject is widely regarded as simple and easy to grasp. There is a wealth of study material available for public administration. In general, the questions are straightforward.

Is public administration scoring in IAS?

It is the subject with the highest score. You will easily be able to score 300+ marks in the subject if you study properly and clear all of your concepts with the help of the best teachers.

Which is the shortest optional in UPSC?

Philosophy has the shortest syllabus of any UPSC optional subject. Other options, such as Anthropology, Sociology, and Public Administration, are thought to have a smaller syllabus than the others.

Is sociology better than public administration?

Thus, after debating public administration vs sociology optional, we can conclude that public administration is the best UPSC optional subject. Furthermore, it may improve your UPSC score.

Can I pass UPSC in 6 months?

A 6-month preparation period is neither adequate nor insufficient for UPSC prelims; it all depends on the aspirant's dedication and willingness to put in the effort.

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