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UPSC Malayalam Literature Syllabus For IAS Mains 2023, Download PDF

UPSC Malayalam Syllabus

The UPSC Civil Services Examination is divided into three stages: preliminary, mains, and interview. For the UPSC IAS mains exam, candidates must select one optional topic. It is very important in determining an aspirant’s ranking in the IAS Examination. Current statistics indicate that the success rate of Literature disciplines is increasing with time.

Malayalam belongs to the Dravidian language family. It is popular in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka. It’s also used in the Lakshadweep islands and Mahe, which is part of the Union Territory of Pondicherry.  UPSC Malayalam literature Syllabus is one of the UPSC Mains exam’s optional subject list. Before going through the syllabus, IAS aspirants should learn about the benefits of Malayalam literature as an optional subject in the attached article.

This article provides you with full information regarding the UPSC Malayalam syllabus that’s required to prepare for the UPSC Syllabus.

UPSC Malayalam Literature Syllabus 

Malayalam is the language offered as a Literature Optional, and it focuses on the applicants’ mastery of basic literary themes. Students who have studied Malayalam literature are eligible to take it as an optional subject in the IAS (UPSC CSE) Mains Examination. Previous papers contain analytical and unusual questions, thus students should maintain the IAS Mains Malayalam Syllabus and previous papers for reference while preparing. Aspirants who are fluent in Malayalam and understand the grammatical features of the language can easily earn good marks in this optional.

UPSC Malayalam Literature Optional Syllabus

Malayalam is one of the optional subjects available for the two optional papers of the IAS (UPSC CSE) Main Exam. Each Malayalam optional paper is worth 250 marks. Each Malayalam mains paper lasts three hours. You can easily score well in Malayalam literature if you use well-planned techniques. The first criterion for selecting any optional should be interest. The applicants must respond to questions from both examinations in Malayalam.

Paper Topics Included
Paper- 1 Early phase of Malayalam Language

Linguistic features

Standardisation of Malayalam

Ancient and Medieval Literature

Poetry and Prose from Modern Literature

Paper- 2 Poetry


Collection of selected readings

UPSC Malayalam Literature Syllabus Paper 1 PDF

The UPSC Malayalam Literary Syllabus for Paper-1 covers the fundamentals of the Malayalam language, as well as its linguistic characteristics and standardisation. It also contains literature from the ancient, mediaeval, and modern periods.

UPSC Malayalam Literature Syllabus For IAS Mains 2023, Download PDF_4.1

UPSC Malayalam Literature Syllabus Paper 2 PDF

Paper 2 of the UPSC Malayalam Optional Syllabus is aimed to assess the candidate’s critical thinking abilities.

UPSC Malayalam Literature Syllabus For IAS Mains 2023, Download PDF_5.1


This article discusses the complete UPSC Malayalam Syllabus for UPSC/IAS. Candidates can download the PDF in this article. For more details related to UPSC Examination; students can visit the official website of StudyIQ UPSC Online Coaching.

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Is Malayalam a good optional for UPSC?

Most of the stories and poetry on the curriculum would have been taught to you in school if Malayalam was one of your subjects. This would dramatically shorten the time it takes you to finish the syllabus, leaving you more time for GS and revision.

Can I write UPSC in Malayalam language?

Apart from the English paper, you can write the UPSC CSE Mains in Malayalam or another language of your choice.

Can I use Malayalam in UPSC interview?

Candidates can choose between English, Hindi, and any other regional language. Those candidates who have been exempted from taking the mandatory Indian language paper should attend the interview in either English or Hindi.

Which language is easy for UPSC exam?

English is the most commonly used language among UPSC hopefuls for both written exams and personality tests.

Can I crack UPSC without English?

To excel in the UPSC IAS Examination, you only need a fundamental understanding of the English language, proper grammar usage, and a basic level of vocabulary.

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