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Ukraine Peace Summit in Switzerland

Context: The Summit on Peace in Ukraine at the Bürgenstock resort in Switzerland ended with participants hoping for an end to the war between Russia and Ukraine.

About the Ukraine Peace Summit

  • Venue: Bürgenstock resort in Switzerland
  • Objective: Inspire a future peace process for Ukraine.
  • Based on: Previous discussions that have taken place based on Ukraine’s Peace Formula and other peace proposals which are in line with international law, including the United Nations Charter.
  • Goals:
    • Provide a platform for dialogue to achieve a comprehensive, just, and lasting peace for Ukraine, based on international law and the UN Charter.
    • Promote a shared understanding of a possible framework for peace.
    • Jointly define a roadmap for involving both parties in a future peace process.
  • Participants: 100 delegations, Mostly from Western Countries.
    • Russia was not invited.
    • China declined the invitation.

Joint Communique on a Peace Framework

  • The communiqué emphasised enhancing high-level dialogue towards a comprehensive, just, and lasting peace for Ukraine.
  • Focused on three main themes: nuclear safety, food security, and prisoner exchanges.
  • It supported the “territorial integrity” of Ukraine to be the basis for any peace agreement to end the Russia-Ukraine war.
  • The communique was based on Ukraine’s peace formula and UN principles.

Signatories and Non Signatories

  • Signatories: Nearly 80 countries.
  • Non-Signatories: India, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Thailand, the United Arab Emirates and Brazil (attended as an observer) did not sign the proposal.
    • India’s Stance: India emphasised that only peace proposals acceptable to both Russia and Ukraine could lead to lasting peace.

About Ukraine’s Peace Formula

  • Radiation and Nuclear Safety: Prioritise the restoration of safety measures around the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant in Ukraine, currently under Russian control.
  • Food Security: Ensure the protection and continuation of Ukraine’s grain exports, particularly to the world’s most impoverished countries.
  • Energy Security: Implement price caps on Russian energy exports and support Ukraine in repairing its power infrastructure, which has sustained significant damage from Russian military actions.
  • Release of Detainees: Secure the freedom of all individuals held captive, including war prisoners and children taken to Russia.
  • Territorial Sovereignty: Reinstate Ukraine’s territorial integrity in accordance with the United Nations Charter, necessitating Russia’s recognition and respect for this sovereignty.
  • Ceasefire and Withdrawal: Demand the withdrawal of Russian forces and the halt of military aggression, aiming to restore Ukraine’s internationally recognized borders with Russia.
  • War Crimes Justice: Establish a special tribunal for the prosecution of Russian war crimes committed during the conflict.
  • Environmental Protection: Focus on environmental rehabilitation, including mine clearance and the repair of water purification systems.
  • Conflict De-escalation: Work towards de-escalating the conflict and developing a security framework in the Euro-Atlantic area, with specific security assurances for Ukraine.
  • Conflict Resolution Confirmation: Finalise the conflict’s conclusion through a formally signed agreement by all parties involved.
Related Information
Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is considered a violation of Article 2 (4) of the UN Charter, which requires UN member states to refrain from the use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state.

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