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Malabar River Festival 2024, Objectives, Key Features and Significance

Kerala’s Kozhikode is all set to host the Malabar River Festival 2024, featuring the prestigious International White Water Kayaking Championship from July 25 to 28. This highly anticipated event aims to showcase and promote white-water kayaking in the region, drawing attention from both local and international adventurers.

What is Malabar River Festival?

The Malabar River Festival is an annual adventure tourism event in Kozhikode, Kerala, held from July 25-28, 2024. Organized by the Kerala Adventure Tourism Promotion Society, it features the International White Water Kayaking Championship, including events like Extreme Race, Boater Cross, and Giant Slalom. The festival also hosts activities such as MTB water rallies and water polo. It attracts over 100 national and international kayakers, aiming to boost tourism and showcase Kerala’s adventure sports potential.

Malabar River Festival 2024

The Malabar River Festival 2024 is organized by the Kerala Adventure Tourism Promotion Society (ATPS) in collaboration with the Department of Tourism, the District Tourism Promotion Council, and the Kozhikode District Panchayat. The Indian Kayaking and Canoeing Association is providing essential technical support for this grand event. This collaborative effort underscores Kerala’s commitment to fostering adventure tourism and elevating its global appeal.

Event Details
Festival Name Malabar River Festival 2024
Dates July 25 to 28, 2024
Location Thusharagiri, Chalipuzha, and Iruvazhinjipuzha, Kozhikode, Kerala
Organizers Kerala Adventure Tourism Promotion Society (ATPS), Department of Tourism, District Tourism Promotion Council, Kozhikode District Panchayat
Technical Support Indian Kayaking and Canoeing Association
Main Competitions
  • The Extreme Race
  • Boater Cross
  • Giant Slalom
Pre-Event Activities
  • MTB (Mountain Bike) Water Rally
  • Water Polo Matches
  • State and National Level Swimming Competitions
  • Fishing-Bait Contests
  • Rugby Matches
  • Off-Road Rallies
Participants Over 100 national-level kayakers from India and kayaking professionals from more than 20 countries
Previous Winners (2023)
  • Rapid Raja: Amith Thapa (India)
  • Rapid Rani: Ava Christensen (USA)
Festival Goals
  • Promote Kerala’s rivers as world-class kayaking destinations
  • Inspire professional and local kayakers
  • Boost adventure tourism in Kerala

Objectives of Malabar River Festival

  • Promote Adventure Tourism: By showcasing Kerala’s rivers as world-class kayaking destinations, the festival aims to attract adventure tourists from around the globe.
  • Inspire Kayakers: The festival encourages both professional and local kayakers to participate and excel in the sport.
  • Economic and Environmental Impact: The festival aims to boost local economies through increased tourism and promote environmental conservation by highlighting the natural beauty of Kerala’s rivers.

Malabar River Festival: Key Features

  • Location: The festival takes place in the picturesque locations of Thusharagiri, Chalipuzha, and Iruvazhinjipuzha in Kozhikode, Kerala.
  • Duration: The festival typically spans four days and includes a variety of adventure sports and activities.
  • Organizers:
    • Kerala Adventure Tourism Promotion Society (ATPS)
    • Department of Tourism
    • District Tourism Promotion Council
    • Kozhikode District Panchayat
    • Technical support is provided by the Indian Kayaking and Canoeing Association.

Main Attractions

  • International White Water Kayaking Championship: The centerpiece of the festival, featuring competitions such as:
    • The Extreme Race: A high-speed race through challenging rapids.
    • Boater Cross: A head-to-head race where multiple kayakers compete simultaneously.
    • Giant Slalom: A technical race where kayakers navigate through a series of gates on a rapid-filled course.
  • Pre-Event Activities: The festival also includes a variety of pre-event activities to engage a broader audience, such as:
    • MTB (Mountain Bike) Water Rally
    • Water Polo Matches
    • State and National Level Swimming Competitions
    • Fishing-Bait Contests
    • Rugby Matches
    • Off-Road Rallies


  • National and International Competitors: The event attracts over 100 national-level kayakers from India and professional kayakers from more than 20 countries.

Malabar River Festival Significance

The Malabar River Festival holds significant importance as a premier event promoting adventure tourism in Kerala, particularly in Kozhikode. It showcases the region’s scenic rivers as ideal for white-water kayaking, drawing participants from around the world. Organized by the Kerala Adventure Tourism Promotion Society, it not only boosts local tourism but also enhances Kerala’s global appeal as an adventure sports destination. The festival’s activities foster community engagement and economic growth while highlighting environmental conservation efforts along Kerala’s riverbanks.

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Malabar River Festival 2024 FAQs

Which is the famous river festival?

Pushkaram is an Indian festival dedicated to worshiping of rivers. It is also known as Pushkaralu (in Telugu), Pushkara (in Kannada) or Pushkar.

What is the biggest water festival in the world?

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What are the five famous festivals of India?

Famous Festivals of India- Check out the list of famous festivals Some prominent festivals include Diwali (Festival of Lights), Holi (Festival of Colors), Eid, Christmas, Navratri, Durga Puja, and Makar Sankranti.

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