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Thinking is like a game, it does not begin unless there is an opposite team

Thinking is like a game, it does not begin unless there is an opposite team.


  • Thinking as a human nature.
  • Features of thinking as a GAME – connecting thinking to a game.
  • Game is based on competition. 
  • Various dimensions to connect

Thesis – Thinking (like a game)  begins with a competition (it can be opposite views, adversary conditions/Challenges.

Philosophical basis : Hegels idea of dialectics.


  • Thinking  in simple terms is  a  problem-solving activity.
  •  pondering or reflecting on something. 
  • Analysing and evaluating options
  • Goal-directed behaviour. 
  • From choosing a dress to wear to solving a mathematical problem, all activities involve thinking.

Historical Examples:

  • From Pre-historic to Contemporary times,  adversities/ challenges/ necessities determined men’s journey as a hunterer gatherer to sedentary human.  Examples: 
    • Ancient : To protect from animal attacks and other dangers , humans started to live in bands–thats the basis of community/society.
    • Modern: Masses of Indian -sub-continent as a united against the oppressive policies of the British in the National Movement.

Examples from Different Dimensions

  • Individual : In day to day life of individual, its the competition that drives our thinking from simple decisions like chosing a dress to major decisions like deciding on the careers.
  • Societal : Ex: Social reforms in Hindu society were initiated through Arya Samaj due to the fear of westernisation and threat of conversions.
  • Political: Fear of opposition from rival political parties  in the Parliament checks the misuse of  power by the incumbent government. (or) Presence of multiple political parties and their debates during the election campaigns ignites the thinking of the common man towards the major issues.
  • Economical : Competition drives business, innovation and creativity in the Economy.
    • Ex: Presence of multiple competitors in the telecom sector resulted in faster adoption of 4g technology in India.
  • Governance : Competitive fedaralism by NITI Aayog giving best outputs,
  • Environmental: Modern Environmentalism started due to the opposition to industrial revolution.
  • International Relations :  Countries’ goal to  become superpower makes them to adher to the principles of peace.
  • Other examples – Covid, globalization 

Anti-Thesis : Thinking does not always require Competition to begin.

  • Thinking can also happen by chance without any goal –For ex: it can happen through curiosity–Example: Newtons’ discovery of gravity, Human discovery of fire etc.
  • Destructive thinking: Hitler

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