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UPSC Selection Process 2024 For Prelims, Mains and Interview

The rigorous and demanding UPSC Selection Process seeks to identify the top candidates for the IAS. To make sure that chosen candidates have the abilities and aptitude to work as civil officials in India, there are numerous examination, appraisal, and interview phases involved. The Preliminary Exam, Main Exam, and Interview are the three stages of the UPSC Selection Process for IAS Exam 2024. Each phase is meant to examine various facets of the candidate’s personality and knowledge. Candidates must put forth a lot of effort, be disciplined, and be dedicated to the UPSC selection process. Candidates will be better able to assess their strengths and shortcomings and concentrate on areas that require development if they have a thorough understanding of the IAS Selection Process.

UPSC Selection Process

Exams for the preliminary round, the main round, and the interview. The preliminary examination is a preliminary assessment that gauges a candidate’s fundamental knowledge and comprehension of a range of topics. The Mains Examination is a written test that judges a candidate’s breadth of knowledge in a range of disciplines as well as their capacity for clear and cogent thought. The interview is a one-on-one discussion that evaluates the applicant’s personality, interpersonal abilities, and suitability for the civil service. Check the overview of UPSC IAS Selection Process 2024 below:

UPSC IAS Selection Process Overview
Particulars Details
Exam Name UPSC Civil Services Examination
Exam Conducted By Union Public Service Commission (UPSC)
Stages of Exam
  • Preliminary Examination
  • Mains Examination
  • Personal Interview
Official Website https://www.upsc.gov.in

IAS Exam 2024 Stages

It is important for candidates to understand the Stages of IAS Exam and the requirements for each stage to develop a successful strategy and increase their chances of success in the examination. The Stages of IAS Exam is divided into 3 phases Prelims, Mains and the Personal Interview Stage which has been discussed below in details.

UPSC Prelims Selection Process

Prelims, the initial step of the selection process of the UPSC civil services exam, is a screening test to evaluate applicants’ fundamental knowledge and comprehension. There are two exams in this exam: General Studies Paper 1 and Civil Services Aptitude Test. Both examinations are given on the same day and last for two hours each. The candidate’s performance in the preliminary examination is determined by adding the combined totals of the two papers. In Paper 1 of the UPSC Prelims, questions about Current Affairs, Indian history, geography, politics, the economy, the environment, and general science are asked. Paper 2 checks the candidate’s analytical and reasoning capabilities as well as their capacity for making decisions and comprehension. However, it is crucial to remember that Paper 2 is of a qualifying nature, and applicants must get at least 33% in order to advance to the exam’s second stage. Paper 2 marks won’t be counted toward the merit list.

IAS Selection Process for Prelims
Name of the Paper Paper Type Marks Allotted Number of Questions Duration
GS Paper 1 Objective Type 200 100 2 Hours
GS Paper 2 (CSAT) Objective Type 200 80 2 Hours

UPSC Mains Selection Process

The second round of the UPSC selection process is the Mains exam. It is a written exam that gauges a candidate’s breadth of knowledge across a range of topics as well as their capacity for cohesive and clear thought. Nine papers make up the Mains exam, seven of which are required and two of which are optional. The candidate selects the optional papers in accordance with their skills and areas of interest. Every optional paper is worth 250 points. A total of 26 subjects, including literature, history, political science, economics, geography, philosophy, and others are available for the candidate to select from. With two papers per day, the UPSC Mains test is given over the course of five days. The first two days are dedicated to the Indian language and English language exams, which are then followed by the general studies exams and the optional exams. Each paper lasts for three hours. The interview stage, which is the last step in the UPSC selection process, is open to candidates who pass the Mains examination. Candidates can look at the table below to see how many points each paper received in the UPSC Mains:

UPSC Selection Process for Mains
Paper of Mains Examination Marks Allotted 
Indian Language Paper 300 Marks
English Language Paper 300 Marks
Paper 1 – Essay 250 Marks
Paper 2 – General Studies 1 250 Marks
Paper 3 – General Studies 2 250 Marks
Paper 4 – General Studies 3 250 Marks
Paper 5 – General Studies 4 250 Marks
Paper 6 – Optional Subject Paper 1 250 Marks
Paper 7 – Optional Subject Paper 2 250 Marks

UPSC Interview Selection Procedure

The IAS Selection Process concludes with an interview or personality test. Candidates are contacted for the interview phase if they advance to the Main Exam. A group of knowledgeable and objective observers conducts the interview to evaluate the candidates’ intellectual prowess, social skills, and moral character. The interview panel is made up of professionals from a variety of disciplines, including academics, civil officers, and subject matter experts. Typically, the board members are chosen based on their knowledge and experience in a given industry. A variety of questions about the candidate’s educational history, interests, hobbies, current events, and opinions on various social and political problems are posed throughout the 30- to 1-hour-long IAS Interview phase.

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IAS Selection Procedure FAQs

How are the candidates selected in the IAS Selection Process?

The final selection of candidates is based on the marks obtained in the Main Examination and Interview. The Preliminary Examination is only a screening test, and the marks obtained in this exam are not considered for final selection.

What is the importance of the IAS Selection Process?

UPSC Civil Services Selection Process is crucial in selecting the best candidates who can serve the country in various administrative positions with intelligence, dedication, and integrity.

What is the weightage of the Interview in the IAS selection process?

The Interview or Personality Test is the final stage of the IAS selection process, carrying a weightage of 275 marks

What is the weightage of the Preliminary examination in the IAS Selection Process?

The Preliminary examination serves as the first stage of the UPSC Selection Process, consisting of two objective-type papers of 200 marks each.

What are the 3 stages of IAS exam?

here are 3 stages in the UPSC Civil Services Exam is Preliminary Exam (Objective Test), Main Exam (Written Test), Personality Test (Interview).


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