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Global Diplomacy Ranking 2024, India Holds 11th Position Globally

The recently released “2024 Global Diplomacy Index” by the Lowy Institute has provided valuable insights into the evolving landscape of global diplomacy, highlighting significant trends and shifts in international relations. This index, which assesses the diplomatic capabilities and networks of nations worldwide, offers a comprehensive view of how countries are positioning themselves in an increasingly interconnected world.

Global Diplomacy Ranking 2024

The 2024 Global Diplomacy Index by the Lowy Institute reveals China maintaining its top spot, followed closely by the United States. Türkiye rises to third place, surpassing Japan and France. India climbs to 11th, bolstered by significant diplomatic expansions, particularly in Africa. Regional strengths show China leading in Asia and the Pacific, while the US dominates in the Americas and Europe. The index highlights the evolving strategies nations employ to enhance global influence and navigate geopolitical complexities.

Global Diplomacy Ranking 2024 List

Rank Country Key Highlights
1 China Leading in Africa, East Asia, and the Pacific
2 United States Dominant in the Americas, Europe, and South Asia
3 Türkiye (Turkey) Rapid expansion in the Middle East and Africa
4 Japan Strong diplomatic presence globally
5 France Prominent role in European and global diplomacy
6 Russia Impact of Conflicts Affecting Global Reach
7 Germany Key diplomatic hub in Europe
8 United Kingdom Significant diplomatic influence worldwide
9 Italy Hosts major diplomatic events; active in global diplomacy
10 South Korea Strategic presence in Asia and beyond
11 India Expanded network, particularly in Africa

India’s Ranking in Global Diplomacy Ranking 2024

In the 2024 Global Diplomacy Index, India holds the 11th position globally. This ranking reflects India’s expanding diplomatic footprint and increased engagement on the global stage under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. India has strategically enhanced its presence by establishing new diplomatic posts, particularly in Africa, demonstrating its proactive approach to international relations. This advancement underscores India’s growing influence and its efforts to address global challenges through diplomacy and strategic partnerships.

Key Findings of Global Diplomacy Ranking 2024

Here are the key findings and trends from the 2024 Global Diplomacy Index:

  1. Superpowers’ Competition: China and the United States continue to vie for top positions, each dominating different global regions—China in Africa, East Asia, and the Pacific, and the US in the Americas, Europe, and South Asia.
  2. Rise of Türkiye: Türkiye has surged to the 3rd rank, surpassing traditional powers like Japan and France, with a notable expansion in the Middle East and Africa.
  3. India’s Advancement: India has risen to the 11th position globally, emphasizing significant growth in its diplomatic network, particularly expanding its presence in Africa.
  4. Regional Specialization: Countries exhibit specialized diplomatic engagements based on regional strengths, enhancing their influence and strategic objectives globally.
  5. Impact of Global Events: Geopolitical conflicts, such as Russia’s actions in Ukraine, have reshaped global diplomatic strategies and influenced rankings.
  6. Diplomatic Capitals: European cities remain pivotal as diplomatic hubs, facilitating international negotiations and diplomatic missions.

Challenges and Opportunities

Despite the rankings and successes noted in the index, countries face several challenges in navigating contemporary diplomatic landscapes. Rising geopolitical tensions, economic uncertainties, and evolving security threats require agile and nuanced diplomatic strategies. Moreover, digital diplomacy’s impact and non-state actors’ role in shaping global discourse present new challenges and opportunities for diplomatic engagement.

For nations like India and Türkiye, maintaining diplomatic agility and adaptability will be crucial in harnessing their newfound global influence effectively. Building alliances, addressing global challenges such as climate change and economic disparities, and promoting peace and security remain central objectives in their diplomatic agendas.


The “2024 Global Diplomacy Index” provides a comprehensive assessment of global diplomatic capabilities, highlighting the evolving dynamics of international relations in a multipolar world. As countries vie for influence and leadership on the global stage, effective diplomacy emerges as a critical tool for navigating complexities and advancing national interests.

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Global Diplomacy Ranking 2024 FAQs

Which country has the best diplomats?

China has the most expansive diplomatic network in the world, closely followed by the United States, the Lowy Institute's 2024 Global Diplomacy Index has revealed.

What is the Global diplomacy Index?

The Global Diplomacy Index, a project by the Lowy Institute, is a tool developed to map and compare the diplomatic networks of countries worldwide.

What are the best countries to be an ambassador to?

The swankiest gigs, according to former ambassadors, are the Scandinavian countries—Norway, Sweden, Finland—as well as Luxembourg and the Caribbean islands.

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