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Garima Lohia UPSC Topper 2023 Rank 2, Biography, Age, Caste

Garima Lohia UPSC Topper AIR 2

One of the most difficult competitive tests in India is considered to be the UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) exam. Every year, thousands of hopefuls put in extensive preparation work in an effort to land a desired post in the illustrious public services of the nation.

Female contenders Ishita Kishore, Garima Lohia, Uma Harathin N and Smriti Mishra are in the top four. Garima Lohia, a student from Buchar, has earned the respect of Bihar by placing second in the highly competitive Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) test 2022. Garima Lohia (roll no. 1506175) received the AIR 2 and a final score of 1063. Read the post for all the information on the Garima Lohia UPSC Topper 2023.

Garima Lohia Biography

Garima Lohia is a native of Buxar, Bihar, and was nurtured in a business family. She enjoys self-improvement podcasts, among other things. Garima enrolled at Delhi University’s Kirori Mal College, where she received a degree in accounting in 2020 and secured second rank in the UPSC CSE 2022. She, however, was unable to pass this important test on her first try. In addition, she achieved second place on her second attempt in the 2022 UPSC test. Unfortunately, Garima’s father passed away eight years ago.

Garima Lohia UPSC Topper
Particulars  Details
Name Garima Lohia
Degree of Graduation Delhi University’s Kirori Mal College
Exam Cleared UPSC Civil Services Examination
Rank 2nd Rank
Attempts 2nd Attempt
Optional Subject Commerce and Accountancy
Education Qualification Graduate in Commerce

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Garima Lohia Journey Towards UPSC

Garima decided she wanted to change society, therefore she decided to pursue a job in the civil service. She began her career in UPSC preparation with a great deal of determination and attention. Garima spent a lot of time studying, going over test questions from the previous year, and engaging in insightful discussions with mentors and other candidates.

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Garima Lohia Struggles and Challenges

The path of Garima wasn’t without its share of hardships. The UPSC test necessitates tenacity, mental toughness, and constant diligence. Garima experienced self-doubt and setbacks, but she never let them stop her from achieving her ultimate objective. She persisted, taking lessons from mistakes, and adjusting her strategy continuously.

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Garima Lohia Preparation & Strategy

Garima adopted a comprehensive study plan that included thorough knowledge of the UPSC syllabus. Until the results from the prior year were made public, Garima Lohia was preparing for the UPSC prelims 2023, according to her. She gave an account of how she prepared for the UPSC, adding, “I used to study for 8 to 9 hours someday.”

Garima rigorously adhered to a schedule, splitting her time between reading the newspaper, learning the fundamental subjects, and honing her essay-writing skills. When asked how she would support women’s empowerment in Bihar, Garima emphasized the need of self-help organizations during her mock interview. She continued by outlining how educating women about the programmes that are already in place may give them more economic power.

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Garima Lohia Cracking UPSC Examination

Garima and her family experienced great happiness and fulfilment on the day the UPSC exam results were announced. In a statement to the media, she added, “During the Covid-19 lockdown, I decided to start preparing for the civil services in 2020. I started self-studying after I got home and also used online study resources. I was unable to pass the preliminary exam on my first try. I redoubled my efforts and passed the exam on my second try. I anticipated passing the exam, but I did not anticipate receiving a second rank. Garima Lohia’s outstanding performance in the UPSC exam has served as a ray of hope for numerous hopefuls throughout the country.

Garima Lohia Future Aspirations

Garima Lohia has gained the chance to participate in the nation’s governance and policymaking because to her exceptional achievement on the UPSC exam. She is a potential asset to the administrative machinery because of her commitment to and love of the public good. Garima seeks to improve the lives of disadvantaged groups in society by implementing constructive reforms at the local level.

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Garima Lohia UPSC Topper FAQs

How many marks are secure by Garima Lohia UPSC Topper 2023 AIR 2?

Garima Lohia UPSC Topper 2023 secured a total marks of 1063 and grabbed the AIR 2.

Who is Garima Lohia?

Garima Lohia, the IAS (Indian Administrative Service) candidate is the Second ranker of year 2022.

How many attempts did Garima Lohia give in UPSC?

Garima Lohia, after first unfortunate attempt cleared as UPSC second ranker in second attempt.

Where is garima lohia from?

Garima Lohia UPSC 2nd Rank, was raised in Bihar and her hometown is in the Buxar city.

What is the age of Garima Lohia?

Garima Lohia's is 24-year-old.


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