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Uma Harathi N UPSC 2022 Topper, Biography, Age, Education

Uma Harathi N 

Uma Harathi N: Uma Harathi N, who has secured third place in the UPSC 2022, was born in a small Indian town. She pursued a profession in civil services because of her intense desire for having a positive effect. She has a strong academic background and is unwaveringly committed to her goals, which accounts for her exceptional achievement in the UPSC exam.

Uma gained a solid foundation in the discipline after completing her B.Tech in civil engineering at IIT-Hyderabad.

Uma Harathi N UPSC Topper

The Civil Service Examination 2022 results were released by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) today, May 23, 2023. In the UPSC 2022, four women – Ishita Kishore, Garima Lohia, Uma Harathi N, and Smirti Mishra—won the top spots. Uma Harathi N performed brilliantly in the UPSC 2022–23 exam, getting the third place. Her optional subject of anthropology helped her pass the test. After finishing her degree, she spent six months working sporadically online at Civil Services Coaching Institute. Check the basic information about her in the table below:

Uma Harathi N UPSC Topper
Particulars Details
Name Uma Harathi N
Age 28
Roll Number 1019872
Number of Attempts 5
Optional Subject Anthropology
Hometown/City Telangana
Marital Status unknown
Education Qualification B. Tech Civil Engineering (IIT Hyderabad)

Uma Harathi N Biography

Uma Harathi N, a native of Telangana, placed third in the 2019 UPSC Civil Service Examinations. Telangana native Uma Harathi N graduated with a degree in civil engineering. Her narrative wouldn’t be complete without mentioning her family, who stood behind her like a rock. The superintendent of police for the Narayanpet district is currently her father. Her mother is a stay-at-home mom. Her father supports her decision to join the civil service.

Her optional subject of anthropology helped her pass the UPSC. After completing her education, she began working for the online Civil Services Coaching Institute for about six months. Later on, she spent 15 days in Japan as part of a cultural exchange programme.

Uma Harathi N UPSC Strategy

Uma Harathi’s journey to achieve Rank 3 in the UPSC examination was characterised by consistency, meticulous planning, and a constant focus on her goal. The UPSC civil services exam has stringent requirements of consistency and discipline. Additionally, you need to keep reviewing your plan if you want to be successful.

  • Through her preparation, she encouraged a thorough understanding of the topics and subpoints while ensuring complete inclusion.
  • Progress in the UPSC assessment depends on being informed of ongoing tasks.
  • Maintained a balanced approach to all areas and made sure the syllabus was sufficiently covered
  • Time management is made easier by completing practise tests.

Uma Harathi N Tips for UPSC Aspirants

If you’re going to make the important decision to sit for the civil services examination, you must put in the hours and work, regardless of how good your academic performance is. The civil services test requires significant and diligent preparation to pass. The trip was pretty drawn out. One of the most important factors and tools for a candidate to succeed in this exam are consistency and discipline. One must also periodically review their study strategy at predetermined intervals.

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Uma Harathi N UPSC Topper 2022 FAQs

Is UPSC 2023 result declared?

The result of UPSC 2023 has been Declared on 23rd May 2023.

Who is air 1 in UPSC 2023?

Ishita Kishore Is AIR 1, Women Candidates Secure Top 3 Positions

What was the optional of Uma Harathi N?

The optional of Uma Harathi N is Anthropology.

How many attempts Uma Harathi N gave?

She gave five attempts, in her 5th attempts she secured 3rd rank.

What is Uma Harathi N education qualification

Uma Harathi N is a Civil Engineer from IIT Hyderabad.

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