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Current Affairs 20th April 2024 for UPSC Prelims Exam


Context: India delivered the first batch of BrahMos supersonic cruise missiles to the Philippines as part of a $375 million deal signed by the two countries in 2022.

About BrahMos

  • Origins and Development:
    • The concept of BrahMos originated from India’s need for cruise missiles, which was identified in the early 1990s after observing their use in the 1991 Gulf War.
    • An Inter-Governmental Agreement was signed in 1998 between India and Russia in Moscow, leading to the creation of BrahMos Aerospace.
      • This joint venture involved DRDO from India and NPO Mashinostroyenia (NPOM) from Russia, with India holding a 50.5% stake and Russia 49.5%.
    • The joint venture was named after the Brahmaputra River in India and the Moskva River in Russia.
    • Development began in 1999 in laboratories of DRDO and NPOM, funded by both governments.
    • The first successful test launch occurred in 2001 from a land-based launcher.

Strategic Significance of BrahMos

  • BrahMos is a supersonic cruise missile that can travel faster than sound with speeds up to three times (Mach 3) the speed of sound in its cruise phase.
  • It features a two-stage propulsion system, starting with a solid propellant booster for initial acceleration and a liquid ramjet for sustained high speed.
  • The missile can follow various trajectories and achieves a cruising altitude of 15 km, descending to as low as 10 metres for terminal approach, which helps in evading radar detection.
  • Low radar signature for stealth.
  • Variety of trajectories and “fire and forget” capability.
  • Cruising altitude of 15 km and terminal altitude as low as 10 m for target acquisition.
  • Standoff range weapon, allowing launch from a distance that minimises counter-fire risk.
  • Three times faster, 2.5 times longer range, and higher payload capacity compared to subsonic cruise missiles.
  • The missile’s versatility allows it to be used against both land and sea targets.

Specific Deployments and Tests

  • Land-Based Systems: Land systems feature mobile autonomous launchers capable of launching multiple missiles almost simultaneously.
    • Deployments have been made along India’s borders for enhanced defence capabilities.
  • Naval Deployments: Since 2005, the Indian Navy has equipped its frontline warships with BrahMos, capable of engaging targets beyond the radar horizon.
  • Air-Launched Version: First tested in 2017 from a Sukhoi-30MKI, it has significantly extended the strategic reach of the Indian Air Force, with plans to integrate BrahMos on 40 Sukhoi jets.
  • Submarine-Launched Version: Tested first in 2013 from a submerged platform, this version enhances the stealth capability, being launchable from beneath the water surface.

Current and Future Developments

  • Upgrades and Tests: Continuous upgrades have enhanced BrahMos’s range and speed. Tests include firing from various platforms, including submarines, ships, and aircraft.
    • The missile system is undergoing enhancements for increased range (up to 800 km), hypersonic speeds, and improved stealth capabilities.
  • Export and Defense Diplomacy: With the ability for international sales, BrahMos is also seen as a vital element in India’s defence diplomacy.

Fossils of Prehistoric Snake Found

Context: Researchers at IIT Roorkee found fossils of a massive snake in Panandhro Lignite Mines  Kutch, Gujarat.

About Fossil of the Snake

  • Species: Named Vasuki Indicus, it belonged to the extinct Madtsoiidae family.
  • Size: Estimated to be 10-15 metres long.
  • Uniqueness: Represents a new lineage of giant snakes from India within the Madtsoiidae family.
  • Significance:
    • Improves understanding of Madtsoiidae evolution and factors enabling large body size (potentially linked to past tropical climates).
    • Provides insights into ancient Indian ecosystems and snake evolution on the subcontinent.
  • Timeline: Lived approximately 47 million years ago during the Middle Eocene epoch.
  • Habitat: Existed when continents like Africa, India, and South America were connected.
  • Physical Characteristics: Likely had a cylindrical body, suggesting a powerful build.
  • Comparison: Similar in size to Titanoboa, another giant snake considered the longest ever discovered.


Context: The UN warned of escalating violence in Myanmar’s Rakhine State, urged international action to protect civilians, especially Rohingyas, from further persecution.

About Rakhine State

May be an image of map and text that says "India angladesh Chittagong gong Myanmar Cox's Cox Bazar Sittwe engal Naypyidaw Rakhine State T"

  • Rakhine State, formerly known as Arakan State, is a state in Myanmar (Burma).
  • Geography and Borders:
    • Rakhine State is situated on the western coast of Myanmar.
    • It is bordered by Chin State to the north, Magway Region, Bago Region, and Ayeyarwady Region to the east.
    • To the west lies the Bay of Bengal, and to the northwest, it shares a border with the Chittagong Division of Bangladesh.
    • The Arakan Mountains (also known as Rakhine Yoma) separate Rakhine State from central Burma.
  • Islands: Off the coast of Rakhine State, there are several fairly large islands, including Ramree, Cheduba, and Myingun.
  • Capital: The capital city is Sittwe (formerly known as Akyab).

Examples, Data And Case Studies For Value Addition

  • Soil Acidification (GS 3): Soil acidification could lead to the depletion of 3.3 billion tonnes of soil inorganic carbon (SIC) from the top 0.3 metres of soil over the next 30 years.
    • It is driven by industrial activities and intense farming.
    • In India, a significant portion (around 30%) of land suitable for farming suffers from acidic soil, with the northeastern region being especially impacted.

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