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“Corruption is the manifestation of the failure of core values in the society.” In your opinion what measures can be adopted to uplift the core values in the society?

2(a) “Corruption is the manifestation of the failure of core values in the society.” In your opinion what measures can be adopted to uplift the core values in the society? (10m) Theory


According to Transparency International, Corruption is the blatant abuse of entrusted power for private gain. It can be done by an elected politician, civil servant, journalist, administrator of a school, or anyone in authority. India was ranked 85 out of 180 countries in the Corruption Perception Index 2022.


Values are fundamental beliefs and principles that guide the behaviour, decisions, and actions of individuals and groups within a society. These values serve as a foundation for a society’s culture and can vary from one culture or society to another. Some of the core values of Indian society and consequences of their failure are mentioned below:

Core values of Indian Society Manifestation of Corruption due to failure of core value Example
Honesty Corruption weakens honesty leading to Bribery Bribes offered to Public officials to avoid challans, or get work done
Trust Breaking trust of customer by Adulteration of food Fake sweets, ghee during Diwali season
Empathy Hoarding of Money for self, not giving back to society Black money deposits in Swiss account, high real estate prices
Social Justice Misuse of public resources Rich people using subsidies considering it just
Responsibility Not performing legal duties properly Selling votes during elections for petty gifts (breaking the Social Contract)
Humanity Using Human beings as means not end Women and child trafficking, drug abuse

Measures that can be adopted to uplift core values in society:

At an Individual level-

    • Responsible Parenting- Parents are the first social interface for a child. In most cases, the values practised by parents are adopted by children.
  • Moral Education- Moral education at the school level, equal respect to other gender, castes, religion etc., Inculcating values such as tolerance, empathy and generosity. New Education Policy, 2020 also highlights its importance.
  • Promote civic engagement- Parents and schools should encourage engagement with community from a younger age to instil a sense of responsibility and social awareness. Ex.- National Service Scheme (NSS) to promote volunteerism and social service. 

At government level-

  • Address socio-economic disparities- economic hardships and inequality undermines core values.
  • Legislation and policies-  Also government institutions (including courts) should be transparent, impartial and accountable to maintain public trust. Prevention of Corruption Act, Whistleblowers act and E-Governance must be strengthened. 

Role of Media-

  • Responsible media and entertainment-  promote positive values and discourage negative stereotypes, accurate and balanced reporting. ExampleAvoiding Paid news and media management
  • Public Awareness campaigns- to promote positive values and behaviours like tolerance, respect and diversity. 

Role of Society-

  • Role Models and Leadership- celebrities should act as role models to spread positive core values in society.
  • Cultural and Religious Institutions- Encourage religious leaders and organisations to promote tolerance, compassion, and unity.


To effectively tackle corruption in public life, the above measures along with standards in public life as suggested by the Nolan Committee (UK) – Selflessness, Objectivity, Integrity, Openness, Accountability, Leadership, and Honesty – needs to be followed in its letter and spirit.


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