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Civil Services – An Introspection of Journey Within

Civil Services Day

This day offers an opportunity, a fresh reminder, to introspect and reshape what should be our guiding mantra of our civil service career, or whatever time span we are left with. It is always a good time to re-start on good things, and new goals in life!

As young civil servants it is important to develop an attitude and ask ourselves basic questions like how efficient, how innovative we are. How vigilant and regular can be our monitoring and feedback mechanisms, how truthful has been our impact analysis, and how well have the target groups been served by our actions. Well this exercise in a way defines our Dharmic fulfilment.

This approach also makes a difference between an average an excellent performer. To be an excellent performer one requires just a little effort, little extra focus and little extra commitment. Much of it comes from our intent, and re-look at our time management.

Why not start with the last man in the society? It is indeed a complete philosophy for the civil servants, for the activists wherever they are. There isn’t any difference between dharma and karma. When your beliefs and convictions merge into action, it results into a state of happy fulfilment. And particularly that should be our guiding goal as civil servants, as servants of society.

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Some Important Thoughts Which We Could Ponder Over and Imbibe or Our Working

  • Follow, and encourage, a culture of preparing and going by an action plan at multiple levels. This ensures that each one delivers the best.
  • Creative monitoring, which is regular and benign, produces quality performance and unfailing results.
  • Walk the ground, go to the field and interact with the last mile to know where the shoe will feel more comfortable.
  • Train, re-train and refresh yourself and your team. This helps build capacities and recharge motivation.
  • Do your homework. Be prepared, take head on, take full responsibility.
  • Always remember to pat, recognize and incentivize good work.
  • Be immaculate and demand a sense of urgency.
  • Have empathy for the left out, the disabled, senior citizens, aggrieved ones, transgender, women and children.
  • Organize public awareness programs (online and off-line) on government schemes and programs to help people avail their due. And enable and encourage beneficiaries to offer feedback and inputs, which can help course correction. It will also help encourage the common man to live by the spirit of fundamental duties, and play a part in good governance processes.

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