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Child cuddling is now being replaced by mobile phones. Discuss its impact on the socialization of children.

Q10) Child cuddling is now being replaced by mobile phones. Discuss its impact on the socialization of children. (10m) – Society

बच्चे को दुलारने की जगह अब मोबाइल फोन ने ले ली है। बच्चों के समाजीकरण पर इसके प्रभाव की चर्चा कीजिए।


Socialization is the process whereby an individual learns to adjust to her group (society) and behave in a manner approved by the group (or society). 

Parental warmth plays a key role in promoting children’s psychosocial development. However, the amount of attention parents devote to their children has diminished as they increasingly provide their children with smartphones.

Impacts on Socialization of Children:


    • Nurturing connection with the child: Engagement with phone instead of the child affects the development of bond between a parent and her child.
  • Value transmission: Children tend to absorb a greater amount of influence from their peers as opposed to their parents.
  • Delayed Emotional development: Lacking parental engagement may result in a child struggling to develop emotional intelligence.
  • Low cognitive development of their children: The lack of parental attention make children over relying on their mobile phones for activities that they could do well on their own. 
    • Ex.: Using Mobile Calculator for basic calculations.
  • Reducing Physical Activity: Decreased parental engagement with their children lead to a situation where 4 out 8 children are more likely to stay indoors and use their phones to kill time. 
  • Susceptibility to Cyberbullying: Insufficient parental engagement renders their children more susceptible to cyberbullying, resulting in enduring effects on their ability to socialize.
  • Difficulty in establishing real-world relationships: Lack of parental engagement may make it challenging for a child to develop and maintain real-world relationships.
  • Exposure to Inappropriate Content: Inadequate parental engagement may expose a child to harmful language, images, or ideas, negatively impacts their social behaviour. 
  1. Ex.: Bois Locker room.


  • Mobile phones open Doors to Various Educational Resources
    • Can be particularly useful for children with learning disabilities, such as dyslexia or ADHD. 
  • Developing essential tech-driven skills like using Note-taking apps.
    • Ex.: Goodnotes.
  • Instant mode of Connection during Emergency: Between a child and her parents, enhancing a child’s sense of security.
  • Box of Entertainment: Mobile phones can assist parents in helping their children alleviate stress through music and games, allowing them to take short breaks from their studies.

In a 2019 Pew Survey, nearly 3/5th and 3/4th of Indians considered mobile phone usage is good for society including their children and themselves personally. 


Thus, parental vigilance is essential to ensure that their child benefits from phone usage without being hampered by its disadvantages. 



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