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UPSC Statistics Syllabus for IAS Mains 2023, Download Paper 1 & 2 PDF

UPSC Statistics Syllabus

Statistics is one of the optional subjects comprising two papers in the UPSC Civil Services Mains Examination (Optional Paper I and Paper II). The UPSC Statistics syllabus for Optional is provided in this article.

Statistics for UPSC requires a thorough comprehension of the topic as well as the application of its concepts. The UPSC IAS examination syllabus for this topic includes, among other things, probability theory, inferences, sampling theory, and quantitative economics. The curriculum also concentrates on a large number of subtopics in comparison to other papers, hence the predictability of the sort of questions in this examination is low.

You can find the optional UPSC Statistics Syllabus in this article. This article provides you with full information regarding the UPSC Statistics syllabus for those who opted as an optional subject for the IAS mains exam and want to prepare along with the UPSC Syllabus.

UPSC Statistics Optional Syllabus

UPSC Statistics Syllabus includes topics such as probability theory, sampling theory, conclusions, and quantitative economics. Aspirants who want to choose Statistics as an optional for the UPSC Mains must familiarise themselves with the UPSC Statistics curriculum.

By combining excellent methods with hard study, aspirants will be able to easily cover the Statistics Optional syllabus. Many applicants believe that statistics are identical to mathematics, however, this is not the case. UPSC Statistics Syllabus can be highly interesting if properly studied.

Statistics Optional for UPSC Mains Syllabus 

In UPSC Mains, the UPSC Statistics Optional Syllabus is divided into two papers, Paper 1 and Paper 2. Papers 1 and 2 each carry 250 marks, for a total of 500 marks. You must first pass the UPSC Prelims before proceeding to the Mains Examination.

UPSC Statistics Syllabus Paper 1 PDF

Paper 1 of the UPSC Statistics optional syllabus is divided into four topics.

  • Probability
  • Statistical Inference
  • Linear Inference and Multivariate Analysis
  • Sampling

Furthermore, these topics are subdivided into the subtopics listed in the below PDF.

UPSC Statistics Syllabus for IAS Mains 2023, Download PDF_4.1

UPSC Statistics Syllabus Paper 2 PDF

Paper 2 of the UPSC Statistics optional syllabus is divided into four topics.

  • Industrial Statistics 
  • Optimization Techniques
  • Quantitative Economics and Official Statistics
  • Demography and Psychometry

Furthermore, these topics are subdivided into the subtopics listed in the below PDF:

UPSC Statistics Syllabus for IAS Mains 2023, Download PDF_5.1


This article discusses the complete UPSC Statistics syllabus for UPSC/IAS. candidates can download the PDF in this article. For more details related to UPSC Examination; students can visit the official website of StudyIQ UPSC Online Coaching.

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What is the syllabus of statistics in UPSC?

Here is the syllabus of Statistics for UPSC.
Paper 1 - Probability, Statistical Inference, Linear Inference and Multivariate Analysis, Sampling.
Paper 2- Industrial Statistics, Optimization Techniques, Quantitative Economics and Official Statistics, Demography and Psychometry. The detailed syllabus is given in the above PDF.

Is statistics a good optional for IAS?

Certain statistical ideas are critical to every discipline of study, including geography, economics, science, sociology, anthropology, and so on. You can also utilise this knowledge in your GS responses. If you are interested, you can also take the Indian Statistical Service exam.

Is statistics useful for UPSC?

Statistics is one of the 48 optional papers of the UPSC IAS Mains examination. The Statistics optional paper syllabus is published on the official website. Aspirants with a background in statistics can easily study and comprehend the fundamentals of the course.

What is static syllabus of UPSC?

Static GK is particularly significant in the UPSC Civil Services Test, both in the UPSC Prelims and the UPSC Mains. In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about Static GK for UPSC CSE 2023. We will discuss Indian history, geography, politics, economics, and other things.

Is statistics a difficult subject?

Statistics is difficult for pupils since it is taught in isolation. Most students do not truly understand and apply statistics until they begin examining data in their own studies. Cooking is the only method to learn how to cook. Similarly, the only way to understand statistics is to conduct your own data analysis.

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