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UPSC CAPF AC Salary 2024, Structure, Rank Wise Salary and Job Profile

The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) will conduct the UPSC CAPF AC exam on August 04, 2024. For candidates aspiring to join the Central Armed Police Force as Assistant Commandants, understanding the UPSC CAPF AC Salary 2024 structure is crucial. This article provides comprehensive details on the salary structure, allowances, rank-wise pay scales, job profiles, and career growth opportunities for CAPF ACs.

UPSC CAPF AC Salary 2024

The UPSC CAPF Assistant Commandant (AC) role offers a rewarding career with a competitive salary structure and numerous benefits. In 2024, candidates selected for this prestigious position can look forward to a robust pay package that includes basic pay, grade pay, dearness allowance, and other perks.

UPSC CAPF AC Salary 2024 Per Month

The initial salary of a CAPF Assistant Commandant is Rs. 56,100/-, which is attractive for many aspiring candidates. This initial salary can rise significantly with promotions and increased experience. The salary structure consists of various components, including basic pay, grade pay, and dearness allowance. Here’s a detailed breakdown:

  • Basic Pay: Rs. 15,600/-
  • Grade Pay: Rs. 5,400/-
  • Dearness Allowance: Rs. 26,250/-
  • Initial In-Hand Salary: Rs. 49,135/-
  • Total Salary: Rs. 56,100/-

The grade pay for an Assistant Commandant is Rs. 5400/-, contributing significantly to the overall salary. Additionally, the dearness allowance (DA) is a substantial part of the in-hand salary, ensuring that the employees’ pay keeps pace with inflation.

UPSC CAPF AC Salary 2024 Structure

UPSC Central Armed Police Forces (CAPF) Assistant Commandant (AC) role offers a rewarding career with a competitive salary structure, attractive allowances, and numerous benefits. The 2024 salary structure for CAPF ACs is designed to provide financial stability and growth opportunities.

Particulars Total Amount
Basic Pay 61,300
Dearness Allowance 20,842
HRA 5517
FAA 10,500
TPT 3600
DA on TPT 1224
RMA 3965
Gross CAPF AC Salary 1,06,948

UPSC CAPF AC Salary 2024 After 7th Pay Commission

The UPSC CAPF AC salary after the 7th Pay Commission are listed below. Please note that these figures may change based on government policies. Here are the salary ranges for different ranks:

UPSC CAPF ACs Salary 2024 Post Wise
Rank Pay Scale Pay Band
Director-General INR 2,25,000/- Apex Fixed
Additional Director-General INR 1,82,000/- – INR 2,24,100/- Pay Band – 4
Inspector General INR 1,44,000/- – INR 2,18,000/- Pay Band – 4
Deputy Inspector General INR 1,31,000/- – INR 2,16,600/- Pay Band – 4
Sr. Commandant INR 1,23,000/- – INR 2,15,900/- Pay Band – 4
Commandant INR 78,800/- – INR 2,09,200/- Pay Band – 3
Deputy Commandant INR 67,700/- – INR 2,08,700/- Pay Band – 3
Assistant Commandant INR 56,100/- – INR 1,77,500/- Pay Band – 3

Rank-Wise Pay Scales

Promotions and career progression in the CAPF come with significant increases in salary. The table below details the pay scales for various ranks:

Rank Pay Scale (INR) Pay Band
Assistant Commandant Rs. 56,100/- to Rs. 1,77,500/- Pay Band 3
Deputy Commandant Rs. 67,700/- to Rs. 2,08,700/-
Commandant Rs. 78,800/- to Rs. 2,09,200/-
Senior Commandant Rs. 1,23,100/- to Rs. 2,15,900/- Pay Band 4
Deputy Inspector General Rs. 1,31,000/- to Rs. 2,16,600/-
Inspector General Rs. 1,44,200/- to Rs. 2,18,200/-
Additional Director-General Rs. 1,82,200/- to Rs. 2,24,100/-
Director-General Rs. 2,25,000/- (Fixed) Apex Fixed

Allowances and Perks

CAPF Assistant Commandants receive various allowances and perks in addition to their basic salary:

Allowance Details
House Rent Allowance (HRA) Provided based on the city of posting
Medical Allowance (MA) Covers health-related expenses
Special Duty Allowance (SDA) For duties in challenging locations
Hardship Allowance (HA) For postings in difficult terrains
Transport Allowance (TA) For daily commuting expenses
Ration Money Allowance For food provisions

CAPF AC Salary Slip

A salary slip is issued to CAPF AC employees monthly once their salary is credited to their accounts. This slip includes a complete breakdown of incomes and deductions, including basic pay, various allowances, and any overtime earned. It provides transparency and helps employees keep track of their earnings and deductions.

Job Profile of CAPF Assistant Commandant

Assistant Commandants in CAPF have a wide range of responsibilities, including:

  • Ensuring security for various organizations, infrastructure projects, and industrial locations.
  • Safeguarding against internal threats and preventing terrorist activities.
  • Managing riots, crowd control, operations against militant groups, and negotiations with extremists.
  • Protecting VIPs and critical infrastructure.
  • Combating smuggling and preventing unauthorized entries or exits from Indian territory.

These duties require rigorous training and the ability to handle challenging situations effectively.

Career Growth

Career growth for a CAPF Assistant Commandant is structured and progressive. The promotional hierarchy is as follows:

  • Assistant Commandant
  • Deputy Commandant
  • Commandant
  • Senior Commandant
  • Deputy Inspector General
  • Inspector General
  • Additional Director-General
  • Director-General

Promotions depend on performance, tenure, and specific criteria set by the authorities. An Assistant Commandant can rise to the rank of Director-General, achieving the apex position in the CAPF.

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UPSC CAPF AC Salary 2024 FAQs

What is the salary of CAPF AC 2024?

Applicants selected for the UPSC CAPF AC 2024 will be paid very well. The UPSC CAPF Salary 2024 ranges between INR 56,100/- and INR 1,77,500/.

What is the age limit for CAPF AC 2024?

The minimum age required for UPSC CAPF AC 2024 is 20 years and the maximum age limit for the same is 25 years.

Who is eligible for CAPF 2024?

UPSC CAPF Eligibility Criteria 2024, Qualification, Age Limit As per the CAPF Eligibility Criteria, candidates need to meet the following criteria: Age Limit: The candidate must be between 20 to 25 years old. Nationality: The applicant must be a citizen of India, Nepal, or Bhutan. Education: A bachelor's degree in any discipline is required.

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