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NCERT Books for UPSC, Important NCERT Books for UPSC Exam

NCERT Books for UPSC

NCERT Books for UPSC are a crucial component of Civil Services Exam preparation since they assist in laying a solid fundamental basis before moving on to more difficult UPSC books. NCERT books cover some of the most crucial topics on the UPSC syllabus for both the prelims and the main exams, despite being written for school students. Both exam gurus and top scorers highly recommend the UPSC NCERT Books for IAS preparation for the majority of the courses.

Which NCERT Books to Read for UPSC

The NCERT books’ strongest feature is their straightforward language, which is simple to memorise and provides a wealth of information on numerous important subjects. Candidates who are starting their preparation of UPSC can the important NCERT books to read for UPSC Exam. The complete list of new and used NCERT books to finish the exam’s required subjects is provided below.

NCERT Books for UPSC Preparation

Finding the appropriate sources for the enormous UPSC Syllabus might be very difficult. The most pertinent NCERT Book List for UPSC, however, has been assembled by us according to subject. You could start off your preparation for the UPSC Prelims and Mains exams by reading these books.

The majority of the IAS syllabus is covered by the prepared list of NCERT 6th to 12th Books. It is important to note that all NCERT books for UPSC can be downloaded by class if the applicants are preparing. The Important NCERT Books for UPSC Preparation has been mentioned below

Important NCERT Books for UPSC Preparation
NCERT Book of Class NCERT 6th to 12th Books for UPSC
NCERT Book of Class 6th History: Our Past, Science: Class VI

Geography: The Earth Our Habitat

Social Science: Social & Political Life I

NCERT Book of Class 7th History: Our Past – II, Science: Science – Class VII

Geography: Our Environment

Social Science: Social & Political Life II

NCERT Book of Class 8th History: Our Past III – Part I & II, Science: Science – Class VIII

Geography: Resource and Development

Social Science: Social & Political Life III

NCERT Book of Class 9th History: India and the Contemporary World-I, Science: Class IX

Geography: Contemporary India – I

Political Science: Democratic Politics Part – I

Economics: Economics

NCERT Book of Class 10th History: India and the Contemporary World–II, Geography: Contemporary India – II

Political Science: Democratic Politics Part – II

Science: Class X

Economics: Understanding Economic Development

NCERT Book of Class 11th History: Themes in World History, Geography: Fundamentals Of Physical Geography

India- Physical Environment

Science: Chemistry: Unit 14, Biology: Unit 4 & 5

Economics: Indian Economic Development

Sociology: Understanding Society

Political Science: Indian Constitution at Work

Indian Culture: An Introduction to Indian Art, Living Craft Traditions of India (Chapters 9 & 10

NCERT Book of Class 12th History: Themes in Indian History, Science: Chemistry: Unit 16, Biology: Unit 8, 9 & 10

Political Science: Contemporary World Politics

Geography: Fundamentals Of Human Geography, India – People & Economy

Economics: Introductory Macroeconomics

Sociology: Indian Society, Social Change and Development in India

Important NCERT Books for UPSC Download

One of the best resources for every UPSC aspirant is NCERT Books For UPSC Preparation. This is due to the fact that these IAS NCERT Books provide a clear explanation of the fundamental ideas. The legitimacy of the content in these publications, which is supplied by government organisations, is another important reason why hopefuls consult them. So IAS aspirants should consult NCERT Books for UPSC. Download the Important NCERT Books for UPSC from the links provided below:

Important NCERT Books for UPSC 
Subject Class Book
History Class VI Our Past I
Class VII Our Past II
Class VIII Our Past III – Part 1
Class IX India and the Contemporary World I
Class X India and Contemporary World II
Class XI Themes in World History
Class XII Themes in Indian History – Part I
Themes in Indian History – Part II
Themes in Indian History – Part III
Indian Polity Class IX Politics Part – I
Class X Politics Part – II
Class XI Indian Constitution at work
Political Theory
Class XII Contemporary World Politics
Politics in India Since Independence
Geography Class VII The Earth Our Habitat
Our Environment
Class VIII Resources and Development
Class IX Contemporary India – I
Class X Contemporary India – II
Class XI Fundamental of Physical Geography
Physical Environment
Class XII Fundamental of Human Geography
People and Economy
Economics Class IX Economics
Class X Understanding Economic Development
Class XI Indian Economic Development
Class XII Introductory Microeconomics
Introductory Macroeconomics
Indian Society Class VI Social and Political Life – I
Class VII Social and Political Life – II
Class VIII Social and Political Life – III
Class XI Understanding Society
Class XII Indian Society
Social Change and Development In India
Art and Culture Class XI An Introduction to Indian Art – Part I
Class XII Living Craft Traditions of India
Science Class VI Science – Textbook for Class VI
Class VII Science – Textbook for Class VII
Class VIII Science – Textbook for Class VIII
Class IX Science – Textbook for Class IX
Class X Science – Textbook for Class X

NCERT Books for UPSC Prelims

The NCERTs are essential reading for the UPSC Prelims examination, at the very least. This is due to:

  • Because they are written for schoolchildren, the NCERTs employ simple, straightforward language to teach fundamental ideas.
  • Since the data in these publications is supplied by governmental organisations, they are accurate. You can trust the material provided in the NCERTs to be accurate when there are questionable facts regarding a certain subject (when numerous sources provide conflicting information).
  • They provide knowledge that has been thoroughly researched.
  • You can proceed to more advanced textbooks using the foundational ideas presented in these volumes.

The List of NCERT Books mentioned above in the table should be gone through by the candidates in their course of preparation for UPSC Examination.

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Is NCERT 6 to 12 enough for UPSC?

Covering these books would give you a headstart in preparing for UPSC Prelims and Mains exams.

Is UPSC clear without coaching?

Yes, candidates have already made it with self-study.

Can I skip NCERT for UPSC?

It is recommended that candidates go through the NCERT books as the information available is not just comprehensive but also reliable.

Is NCERT needed for UPSC?

Ideally, it would help if you worked your way through all UPSC-related books from class 6 to class 12.

Which NCERT book is best for UPSC preparation?

NCERT books from class 6 to 12 should be referred at the initial stage of UPSC preparation.


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