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Must know Important Legal Rights in India

Legal Rights in India In Various Cases

  • We all go on holidays right? Have you ever wondered if police officer’s can take holidays or leave?
  • Police officer is never off duty. They are always on duty. Regardless of they are wearing uniform or not.


Legal Rights in This Case

  • A pregnant women cannot be fired during her pregnancy. If any women is absent from work due to pregnancy then she cannot get fired on these grounds.
  • We all have heard about cylinder explosions often right. It results in loss of fire and property. So if any LPG cylinder accidentally gets exploded, so the person can get insurance cover upto 40 lakhs. But many people don’t claim this as they don’t know about this cover.


Legal Rights in This Case

  • You must have heard that Bollywood Actress Sushmita Sen has adopted two daughters?
  • And to adopt her 2nd daughter, permission was granted by Bombay High Court in the year 2010. A single mother in India can adopt a kid of any gender, but a single man can adopt only a a male child.


Legal Rights in Live in relationships

  • Live in relationships are considered a taboo in our country. In many Bollywood movies also they have shown this concept. As per 2005 judgement also, Live in relationships are considered legal and not illegal. Kids born out of such live in relationships have a right also in their parents self acquired property.


Legal Rights

  • Public display Affection is also a problematic thing in our country. Especially on days like valentine day. Because of PDA many couples are harassed also by the police. If PDA is done in limit then it is not illegal. If any couple shows any kind of obscenity while showing PDA then it will be illegal. But obscenity is not defined anywhere. So if PDA is done in limit then it is legal.
  • Shopkeepers cannot sell you anything above the MRP. If any shopkeeper charges you more than the MRP then you can file a case in consumer forum.
  • If any couple wants to take divorce, then they can file for divorce only after one year of marriage and not before that. But under family law there are exceptions for this also, for example Divorce by Mutual Consent.
  • If any male police officer has to arrest any women during the night hours so can he arrest that women? Any male police officer cannot arrest a women after 6 PM and before 6 AM as per Section 46 (4) CrPC. If the arrest has to be done then you need the permission of Magistrate and during the arrest, a lady police officer needs to be there.
  • Only a lady police officer can search or arrest a woman. If a lady police officer is not available, then the women can refuse to go to the police station. In the case of serious offences if a lady police officer is not available, then a male officer after taking permission of Magistrate can arrest that women.
  • We have seen a lot of times that traffic police officers take the keys out of our vehicle so as to make us stop. But as per Motor Vehicle Act, 1932, this is not allowed. This is legally not allowed.  So traffic police officers can’t take the keys out of your vehicle. If for some reason they have to fine you then they should have e-challan or challan book with them. If any officer stops you, then do stop and don’t try to fled the scene. If you try to fled, Sub inspector or any person above the rank can seize your driving license or vehicle documents.
  • If forcefully they try to remove your vehicle keys, or to take way your documents or license then you can complain to the traffic commissioner, Deputy Commissioner.
  • As per the rules of Directorate General of Civil Aviation, if you reach airport on time and do timely check in but if due to airlines fault the flight is delayed by 2-5 hrs then you can ask the airlines free meals and refreshment.
  • If the flight is delayed for 6 hours or more then you can ask the airlines for ticket refund or alternate flight arrangement.
  • If airlines does not provide you with any of this, then you can file a complaint with the airlines or airport operator on which they have to take an action within 30 days.
  • If still matter is not resolved then you can file a complaint with DGCA
  • As per the notification of Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, till 31st March 2026 if you take any accident victim to hospital within one hour of accident then you will get cash prize of Rs. 5000 plus you will be called as a good Samaritan because you saved somebody’s life.
  • The concept of good Samaritan was brought in as per Section 134A of Motor vehicles Act, 2019.



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