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Mount Etna’s Volcanic Vortex Rings

Context: Mount Etna, the largest volcano in Europe, and among the world’s most active and iconic volcanoes, has been sending up almost perfect rings of smoke into the air.

About Mount Etna
Location: Mount Etna, located on the east coast of Sicily in Italy.

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  • Etna’s peak is the highest in Italy south of the Alps.
  • Craters: The volcano has several craters, with the central crater known as Bocca Nuova, and the other notable ones being Voragine, Northeast Crater, and Southeast Crater. These craters are the primary sites for eruptive activity.
  • Cultural and Historical Significance: Etna holds significant cultural importance in Sicily and Italy and has been the subject of myths, folklore, and artistic inspiration.
  • UNESCO World Heritage Site: In 2013, Mount Etna was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its geological importance and frequent volcanic activity.

Introduction to Volcanic Vortex Rings

  • Volcanic vortex rings are formed when gas, mainly water vapour, is expelled rapidly through a vent in a volcano’s crater.
  • The shape of the vent influences the shape of the rings; a nearly circular vent leads to circular rings.
  • The rings can remain visible for up to 10 minutes unless dispersed by windy and turbulent conditions.
  • First observed in 1724 at Mount Etna and Vesuvius in Italy.

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Recent sightings have been documented at various volcanoes worldwide, including Redoubt (Alaska), Tungurahua (Ecuador), Pacaya (Guatemala), several in Iceland, Stromboli (Italy), Aso and Sakurajima (Japan), Yasur (Vanuatu), Whakaari (New Zealand), and Momotombo (Nicaragua).

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