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Case Study of the Day: Mission ‘Skilled in Odisha – Will Go Global’

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The Government of Odisha has taken some innovative measures to improve the overall quality of training and delivery in the area of skill development, with the launch of the Mission ‘Skilled in Odisha – will Go Global’ by the Odisha Skill Development Authority.

Skilled in Odisha
Skilled in Odisha

About Mission ‘Skilled in Odisha – Will Go Global’

  • The interventions in the Mission include:
    • Improving discipline and punctuality of staff and students through the introduction of a Biometric machine-based attendance system in Government it is.
    • Role Model interaction programmes were organised for trainees regularly to improve their aspirations.
    • Organising regular visits of girls to ITIs and Polytechnics for improving their enrolment.
    • Career Counselling camps are also organised at High Schools for more enrolment of ST, SC, PwD candidates for inclusiveness.
    • World Youth Skills Day (15th July) is also celebrated as Girls Trainee Day.
    • Also, Media Campaigns, Plantation Programmes, Make in Odisha Conclave, and State Level Quiz Competition on Biju Centenary are also observed for improving social perception.
    • A monthly academic audit of ITIs is conducted by 35 officers of Polytechnics to ensure and guide quality training.
    • Monthly Internal Examination System with updated entries in the progress chart is being implemented in ITIs for improving the knowledge of students.
    • The Institutes have been supported with an IT lab, Communication Lab etc. with internet facilities for extensive use of YouTube educational videos.
    • Scholarship to the children of Building and Other Construction (BOC) workers has been provided for pursuing ITI/Polytechnic Education at Government Institutes.
  • The impact of these small yet innovative interventions has been manifold ranging from inculcating accountability in the training providers as well bringing about an attitudinal change in trainees and the public in general.
  • Thus, with the present Skill Development schemes in other states, using biometric attendance, audit of ITIs, special drive for girl students, special ITIs for PwDs etc. are other interventions that all State Governments can easily include to catalyse the process.

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Who launch the Mission 'Skilled in Odisha - will Go Global'?

The launch of the Mission 'Skilled in Odisha - will Go Global' by the Odisha Skill Development Authority.

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