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Case Study of the Day: Enrolment Drives and Improvement in Schools with Community Support in Border Area


  • This case study focuses on the successful implementation of enrolment drives and the subsequent improvement in schools with community support in the Baramulla district, located in the Jammu and Kashmir border area.
  • The region has witnessed persistent socio-political unrest, which has adversely affected education. Additionally, limited infrastructure, lack of awareness about the importance of education, and economic constraints contributed to low enrolment rates in schools.

Objectives of the Programme

  • Increase enrolment rates and reduce dropout rates in schools in Baramulla.
  • Improve the overall quality of education and learning outcomes.
  • Foster community engagement and support in the education system.

Strategies and Implementation

  • Community Mobilization: Through awareness campaigns, meetings, and interactive sessions, the community was educated about the benefits of education and the importance of enrolment.
  • Stakeholder Collaboration: Government authorities, educational institutions, civil society organizations, and local leaders collaborated to identify barriers and develop targeted strategies.
  • Infrastructure Development: Dilapidated buildings were repaired, classrooms were furnished with essential amenities, and libraries were established to enhance students’ access to learning resources.
  • Teacher Training and Capacity Building: Recognizing the critical role of teachers, comprehensive training programs were conducted to enhance their pedagogical skills and understanding of innovative teaching methods.
  • Scholarships and Incentives: To incentivize enrolment and reduce financial barriers, scholarships were introduced for economically disadvantaged students.

Outcomes and Impact

  • Enrolment of the school increased from 200 to 698.
  • Infrastructure of the school has improved with the establishment of science laboratory, library, additional classrooms, separate toilets for boys and girls and a herbal garden in the school campus.
  • ICT lab was also granted by Ministry of Education and an additional computer lab of 13 computers was established locally.
  • Sports infrastructure was made functional, as a result of which the school participated in various sports competitions at district and zonal levels.
  • Parent-teacher meetings were made mandatory, which led to an improvement in the results.


  • Through collaborative efforts and a multi-faceted approach, the initiative has increased enrolment rates, reduced dropout rates, and improved the quality of education.
  • The case study of Baramulla serves as a testament to the transformative power of community engagement and collaborative initiatives in overcoming educational challenges and fostering sustainable change.

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