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Delhi Master Plan 2041

Context: The Lt Governor of Delhi has approved the draft Master Plan for Delhi-2041 (MPD).

About the Master Plan for Delhi 2041

  • Master Plan for Delhi (MPD) 2041 is an instrument that assesses the current status of the National Capital and guides how desired development in various areas can be achieved.
  • This is the fourth master plan developed by Delhi development Authority (DDA).
Master Plan for Delhi 2041
Master Plan for Delhi 2041

Key Focus Areas of MPD 2041


  • Green cover: Even though Delhi is among the greenest cities in the country, the distribution of greenery across the city is uneven and hence inequitable.
    • The MPD 2041 categorizes the Ridge as a regional park and limits development and activities in the area.
    • Agencies will have to promote native species of trees and plants which act as pollution filters.
  • Pollution: Environmental pollution is a significant concern, with the city witnessing poor air quality almost throughout the year. This can be tackled through multi-state efforts, the master plan notes.
    • NCR member states are required to follow directions of the Regional Plan and the Environment Pollution (Prevention and Control) Authority to address pollution and climate change.
    • All development activities have to follow dust mitigation measures while handling construction materials and construction and demolition (C&D) waste.
    • There is a need to improve awareness and provide adequate and reliable information to engage stakeholders as implementation partners.


  • Water availability: The Yamuna River is the most precious water resource of the city.
    • The city also hosts water bodies in the form of lakes, ponds, and tanks, which have been facing encroachment, pollution, and natural drying up, affecting its water resources.
  • Water pollution: The 22-km stretch of Yamuna between Wazirabad and Okhla in Delhi accounts for about 70% of the pollution load in the river.
  • Addressing concerns: The MPD 2041 seeks prevent discharge of untreated wastewater and industrial effluents into water bodies. The plan aims for time-bound removal of existing pollutants using natural non-mechanized systems.
    • There is a provision for periodic monitoring along the entire length of drains by the Delhi Pollution Control Committee (DPCC).

Energy and Waste

  • Delhi is one of the highest power consumers and waste generators in the country, and the MPD seeks to identify potential renewable energy generation areas within the city along with strategies and projects to meet the Renewable Energy targets.
  • The plan proposes several steps, such as mandatory use of modular star-rated electrical appliances and electrical fixtures in buildings for higher energy efficiency.
  • Segregation of waste at source points, empowering local bodies to tackle waste generated at large public gatherings and festivals held in open areas, and mainstreaming reuse and recycling practices are being suggested for better waste management.


  • Due to its huge fleet of private vehicles, the city witnesses congestion and unorganized parking, apart from contributing to air pollution.
  • MPD seeks to improve the mobility of citizens by providing last-mile connectivity and infrastructure for walking and cycling.
  • Encouraging green mobility to tackle climate change will be a priority under MPD.


  • Population increase and migration have created a need for new types of housing in Delhi.
  • The MPD seeks to provide affordable rental housing, etc., and enhanced built environment, safety and quality of life in old and unplanned areas.
  • The plan will address the housing needs of students, single working women and men, migrants and others through affordable housing, rental housing, hostels, studio apartments, serviced apartments, and dormitories

Public Spaces

  • The existing open and public spaces have become inadequate. There is a need to make public spaces more accessible, inclusive, and safer for its residents.
  • The MPD will address issues of safety, encroachment, and lack of infrastructure to ensure a vibrant public realm in the city.

Heritage Sites

  • Delhi being a heritage city, the MPD aims to preserve various heritage sites across the city by building strong economic linkages and creating opportunities for cultural experience, tourism and active public life.
  • Local bodies will be allowed to set up Heritage Cells to manage heritage assets, monitor the status of their upkeep, promote complementary economic/ cultural activities, conduct festivals, facilitate adaptive reuse projects, and set up a heritage fund to support these initiatives.
  • Plans for specific heritage zones of Delhi include promoting Shahjahanabad (walled city) as a cultural enterprise hub, and following development-oriented norms for Lutyens’ bungalow zone.


  • The City of Delhi is vulnerable to damage due to earthquakes, fire outbreaks and flooding.
  • MPD measures include dedicated structural audits, mandatory clearances from the fire department for buildings hosting inflammable materials, obstruction-free natural and engineered drains with regular desilting.

Economic Potential

  • Areas such as specialty health, higher education, tourism, modern logistics, and specialized trade will be focused to realize Delhi’s potential as an economic hub.
  • MPD seeks a balanced economic growth by supporting formal and informal economies (inclusive economy), promoting eco-friendly economies (clean economy) and encouraging economies that provide a unique role for the city in the regional context (niche economy).

Monitoring and Evaluation

  • MPD calls for monitoring and evaluation framework with key performance indicators to ensure growth is in desired direction.
  • This can be implemented through a common database at the city-level with multi-agency coordination and an integrated monitoring protocol.
  • An interdisciplinary team at DDA will be set up to check the progress of the plan.

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Who has approved the draft Master Plan for Delhi-2041 (MPD)?

The Lt Governor of Delhi has approved the draft Master Plan for Delhi-2041 (MPD).

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