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Comprehensive Immunisation Schedule for Women

Context: The Federation of Obstetric and Gynaecological Societies of India (FOGSI), in collaboration with MSD Pharma, has released a comprehensive immunisation schedule for adult women and new mothers in India.

Comprehensive Immunisation Schedule for Women

  • This Comprehensive Immunisation Schedule for Women is part of a collaborative effort to raise awareness about women’s immunisation and to help prevent vaccine-preventable diseases in women across India.
  • Aim: To provide a detailed list of essential vaccines for adult women, along with the recommended frequency for each vaccine.
  • Significance: It helps protect women against vaccine-preventable diseases.
    • It contributes to an improved quality of life for women.
    • It reduces the burden of these diseases in India.
    • It provides a clear and actionable roadmap for both women and healthcare providers, leading to increased awareness and uptake of vaccinations.

What is the Need?

  • Health Disparity: Women spend 25% more time in poor health compared to men, according to a report by the World Economic Forum and McKinsey titled “Closing the Women’s Health Gap: A $1 Trillion Opportunity to Improve Lives and Economies.”
  • Increased Infection Risk for Postpartum Women: Postpartum women undergo significant changes in their immunity and hormonal systems, which elevate their risk of infections.
    • For example: 31% of women are highly susceptible to HPV infection after childbirth. Consequently, vaccination is essential for the health of new mothers.
      • The updated immunisation schedule highlights the importance of specific vaccinations critical for protecting new mothers’ health.
  • Negligible Coverage: The adult vaccine coverage in India is minimal, underscoring the need for increased awareness among the public and healthcare providers.
    • A recent study reveals that over two-thirds of Indian adults are not informed about adult vaccination, with many believing that vaccines are solely for children.

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