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Case Study of the Day: Green Schools Gujarat – Towards Environmental Awareness and Sustainability

Background: The Government of Gujarat has initiated Green & Sustainable School Programme in 2013, to help meet the objectives of Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA).

About Green Schools in Gujarat

  • Green & Sustainable School Programme focuses on sustainable development, along with maintaining Green in the context of ecological balance through active participation of students, teachers and the community.
  • The aspect of ‘Green’ in the programme is about the present generation’s responsibility to improve the future generation’s life, by restoring the previous ecosystem and resisting contributing to future ecosystem damage.
  • The goal of the programme is to sensitize and mobilize schools to become sustainable ecosystems and let children be the torch-bearer of the movement, with following objectives:
    • To learn importance and benefit of green schools
    • To develop creativity and better understanding among the children
    • To learn the concepts of science, mathematics, social science and language in the world around the children
    • To create innovative ideas for the society
  • The components of program:
    • Rain water harvesting system and Management of Water
    • Plantation
    • Solar energy and solar cooking
    • Energy conservation practices
    • Waste management
    • School safety plan and overall School augmentation & modification
  • The Outcomes of the initiative:
    • It has sensitized children and community towards environment
    • It has created favorable learning and teaching conditions
    • Enabled involvement of community to sustain and maintain the good practices as well as properties
    • It has resulted in a healthy and pleasant environment around school in the village/neighbourhood.
    • It has brought in rise of trust and faith of parents towards school
    • It has caused increased enrolment and retention
    • There is improvement in student’s fitness level due to improved environment and reduced pollution is also evident.


  • Thus, there is a need for such sustainable solutions, so that schools invites, attracts and retains children to improve enrolment and retention.

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What is the full form of SSA?

Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan

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