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A society that has more justice is a society that needs less charity

A society that has more justice is a society that needs less charity


  • Meaning/Context  : A just society is one that strives to eliminate the root causes of inequality and suffering, thereby reducing the need for charitable assistance.
  • Idea of Justice
  • Historical dimension
  • Interplay of Justice and Charity through multiple layers of society
  • Significance of charity in today’s society 
  • Conclusion

Historical Dimension 

  • Primitive tribal societies  are just societies (with equal distribution of wealth and opportunities)  and thus have no concept of charity.
    • Concept of charity started when social justice took a backseat with caste and gender divisions–charity in fact shows the inequalities in society (where rich are able to donate to poor).

Different Dimensions of Society

  • Individual:  Justice ensures equal access to basic amenities and opportunities–to become an empowered individual–and hence need no charity.
    • Ex: Stephen Hawking’s disability did not let him to depend on charity.
  • Community :  Historically Disadvantaged sections of Indian society like SC/STs- were ensured with  social justice through affirmative action in the constitution.
  • Subnational level: Hilly and tribal regions are provided with special provisions  in the constitution. (Fifth and Six Schedule )
  • National level: Atmanirbhar Bharat/ Self-reliant India to become self-reliant in every sphere. We do not want to depend on the charity of developed nations – and also asserting cultural supremacy through the theme of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam.
    • Social Justice has no room for freebies in elections , farm loan waivers etc. 
  • World :  Inclusion of African Union to G20–African nations need no charity but chances for opportunities for growth.
  • Family : Gender Justice  ensures women empowerment –and they will not have to depend on the male members throughout their lifecycle.
  • LGBTQ:  Inclusion. acceptance and equal opportunities ensures they live dignified life.
    • Ex: A cafe in Kerala run by transgenders (previously begging at lights is the only option) 
  • Religious Minorities: Better socio-economic indicators are possible only with social justice.
    • Ex: Recent NFHS-5 shows decline in TFR among Muslim community.

Significance of  Charity in Current Times 

  • Historical injustices have perpetuated inequalities in the society in the form of caste class, gender , religion etc.— constitution ensures social justice to these sections– but it will take a long time to correct these (even though progress has been significant) -hence charity (from individuals. Corporates and institutions) provide support to the desired sections of population to a certain extent.
  • Global North vs Global South
  • Impact of Climate Change – Common but Differentiated Responsibilities (CBDR) 
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) – balancing profits with the social needs.

Conclusion: The ultimate goal of society is to reduce  the need for charity.

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