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Case Study of the Day: Yantradoot Village Scheme in Madhya Pradesh

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Context: An effort to increase the rate of agricultural mechanization for enhancing agricultural productivity is being carried out in Madhya Pradesh under Yantradoot Village Scheme.

About Yantradoot Scheme

  • The need for such a scheme:
    • Manual conducting of agricultural operations resulted in delay and yield loss across the state. There was a need to improve use of agricultural machinery.
  • Key objectives of the scheme:
    • To increase agricultural productivity in Madhya Pradesh through dissemination of information and know-how on improved agricultural technologies among farmers.
    • To create farmers’ access to such improved technologies.
  • Implementation:
    • Under the scheme, villages were taken as Mission Village by agriculture officers across the state, which were also known as ‘Yantradoot Villages’.
    • In these villages, district level officers provided information related to the use of machines in agricultural operations to farmers, while demonstrating the use of the same and making the machines available for use by farmers at a nominal rate.
  • The impact of the scheme:
    • Mechanization is reducing the drudgery faced by farmers under traditional manual practices and also is quickening agricultural processes, saving time and costs, while enhancing agricultural productivity.
    • Farmers’ income has seen an increase, thereby empowering them.
  • Achieving SDGs:
    • Goal 1: No Poverty
    • Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production
    • Goal 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure


  • Thus, given the importance and challenges the Agricultural sector faces in India, there is a need for the Government to realize the potential of Farming Mechanization, to launch a ‘National Mission on Agricultural Mechanization’ in near future.

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